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BACS- Payment medium error.

safa tumkaya
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Dear SAP Gurus.



Since we used BACS-Payment method in UK, we haven't had any serious problem.


But recently something happened while creating DME file.


In F110, payment run's been carried out well and posting's ok-16 payment documents generated.


But when i look at DME file, the total amount of DME file is different from that of the payment list.


so i see error log, it says:


"Document KB02 2000001371 2008 either not found or reversed, payment not on payment medium"


Im ensure that this document number posted well and presently exists in payment list now.


I think it seems fail to export all documents to DME file.


Could you tell me how i can troubleshoot this?






p.s: System message advises me like this.


"If, for an update termination, you find it is then possible to post the document, you can subsequently create another payment medium only containing this missing document. To do this, in the dynamic selections select only the reference to document KB0220000013712008."


so try to do follow at FBPM(t_code),  i got this dump error message though. 


(1)Short text.

    A dynamically specified column name is unknown.


(2)What happened.

    Error in the ABAP Application Program


    The current ABAP program "SAPLFPAYM_GB1" had to be terminated because it has

    come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.


(3) Error analysis .

An Open SQL clause was specified dynamically. The contained field name

"DOC1R" does not exist in any of the database tables from the FROM clause.


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    Gaurav Aggarwal
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    Hi Jim,


    Generally it happens when the payment documents created and posted are not same. This you can check in table REGUV (via transaction SE16).


    Please review OSS note 195107 for relevance.


    You need to analyse the update record data to decide what has to be donewith the update records. In order to analyse the record data, use transaction SM13 for terminated updates. By double-clicking on the

    terminated update records, the updates modules are displayed. By double-clicking on the function module 'POST_DOCUMENT' with error status you can see in whick line item the clearing has failed. Please use 'Goto => Display data'. In table T_BKPF and T_BSEG are the data of the entered document. Important are CPU-Date (T_BKPF-CPUDT) and Time (T_BKPF-CPUTM). In table T_AUSZ1 is the the information which line item (BELNR, BUKRS, GJAHR, BUZEI) should be cleared with this update record.


    Afterwards, execute FB03 for this document and determine the clearing document BSEG-AUGBL for this line item. Analysing this clearing documentwith data of the terminated update records you have to decide what has to be done with this update record.


    For repeating the update task it is necessary that the clearing of the open item is reset with transaction FBRA. Without resetting the other clearing you will always get error F1 805 in the function module



    So can you please analyse the data concerning the update termination.


    Depending on the investigation, you have to decide, whether the data has to be re-entered or whether the update task can be deleted or whether the clearing has to be reset and the task has to be repeated.

    In the case of deleting the update task you will have a gap in the document number range.


    Please review notes 211938 and 195107 for further information.


    Please refer to the 'Payment posting and Update terminations' section of note 86578, and check for update terminations related to F110 processing of the original invoice document(s) paid by affected checks

    You may also execute transaction SM13 with date and time set prior to the applicable F110 run, and examine any update terminations (see note 70085).


    Please consider the suggestions provided in note 86578, especially the use of the 'Payment document validation' parameter, to avoid future difficulties.


    Also look for the following points, before running the Payment Run :

    1. Use option 'Payment document validation' in the variant of the payment medium program to create the payment media for the payment run in which the update terminations occurred. As a result, no

    payment media are generated for the payment documents whose update was terminated. The respective items are selected and paid in the next payment run, alternatively you can also carry out a manual



    2. If the payment media have already been generated, manually clear the items for which the payment was supposed to be executed. This prevents the items from being paid again by a following payment run.

    Also please check the following attached Notes :

    - 425373 F110: parallel running payment runs with the same I

    - 165724 F110: Update termination F1805 when clearing

    - 140512 Payment program: termination with F1805


    I hope to help you with this information


    If helps, please assign points.




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      safa tumkaya
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      Dear Gaurav.


      I appreciate your outstanding detailed solution.

      Actually, i troubleshoot this in this simple way.

      May i have your decent opinion one more time?


      (1) At first, I delete "wrongly generated DME file" at data medium overview screen.

      (2)Secondly regenerated DME file at t_code "FBPM" with same rundate and ID.

      (3)thirdly, Check the result at Data mediumm overview screen such as total amount and the number of line items. They look fine as we had wanted.


      But i have "information" system message.


      I think its "ignorable" but like to ask your opinion whether or not my troubleshooting is reasonable.


      What do you think? Mr.Gaurav?


      Best Regards.


      Jim from frankfurt.



      Too many payment mediums created for this payment group Message no. BFIBL02160


      Too many payment media exist for payment group 100. There is a danger that payment or debit memo orders could be executed several times.

      The system has determined that the number of orders generated by the payment program 16 amounts to the number of orders processed by the payment medium program in this run 31.

      System Response



      You must ensure organizationally that the orders are not carried out several times. Alternatively, you can prevent the creation of duplicates by the configurable message 166 (message class BFIBL02).



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