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Little endian instance of AS vs. Big endian instance of AS

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Hi BASE experts - a hard nut to crack for me :o)


after starting of new instances of our productive application server (we are using SAP_BASIS componenet 7.00 - SAP ECC 6.0) we encountered one technical issue:


There are existing now new application server instances which runs on Linux platform with CPU iA64 Itanium. This platform is different from the older HP-UX platform with CPU iA32/EM64T in one aspect named endianness - The iA64 Itanium uses "Big Endian" coding for Unicode characters and the iA32/EM64T uses "Little Endian" coding (for historical reasons).


This endians means that if you have for example one character variable containing 'A' character in ABAP program and this program is running on "Big Endian" instance then the hexadecimal representation of this value is "4100" but on the "Little Endian" instance it will be "0041"!


From my programmer's point of view this could cause some problems in our exiting programs which can sometime use hexadecimal representation of variables and can do some offset operations with this hex strings. Yes, somebody can refer this programming style as ABAP-assambler but for now we just can say that we have some programs doing it because of different reasons (e.g. finding special characters like TAB or NL in strings read from input files and so on)


Our log-on groups are set so that the user is logged either into the Linux or Unix instance and therefore these programs

which use hexadecimal representation can behave in different way randomly because of different byte order used!!!


So the question is: do we have any chance to unify this endianness for all of our instances running on different platforms?


By RSPARAM report I have found parameter install/codepage/appl_server which is set to codepage 4102 (UTF-16 Big Endian) on the one platform and on the second platform there is set 4103 (UTF-16 Little Endian). Do someone of you have some experiance with changing of this parameter? Will it change the byte-order? Can we use this parameter for making the byte-order the same on both platforms?


See a well SAP note 552464.


Thanks a lot in advance for every usefull input...