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INVOIC01/ INVOIC02 and function module

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what I'm trying to do now is upload invoice information from CSV file to SAP via XI. So in XI the CSV file will be convert to IDOC structure and load to SAP. It's for SAP as buyer scenario. There are two IDOC types, INVOIC01 and INVOIC02, are they for inbound invoice and outbound invoice respectively? what's the difference? and which one should be used for this scenario?


Also, noticed there are three function modules related to inbound IDOC processing, IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MM, IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM and IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_FI. What't the difference? and which one should be used to create invoices?


Thank you for your help!

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    Sreekanth Reddy Thipireddy
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    INVOIC01 is Inbound Invoice IDOC type, INVOIC02 is Outbound Invoice IDOC type. You have to use INVOIC01 for your scenario.


    IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MM,  is for Materials and Services' Invoices in older versions below 4.6B and IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM is for 4.6c onwards.


    IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_FI is for FI Invoices.


    Based on your requirement you may have to decide which one you have to use.

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    G S
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    IDOC basic type is the definition of the communication structure. There are different versions as conventions may be changing in time, but if you are working with your partner with a defined structure and you don't want to change it due to new conventions, you can keep older versions.

    Both INVOIC01 and INVOIC02 can be used for processing inbound invoices using logistics IV, Finantial IV, or even SD sales documents or FI sales documents.

    Each funtion module has a set of user exits / methods where you may include custom code for your own verifications, segment adjustment or even change data using your own cross reference custom tables (i.e. You have your plants with a specific naming convention but your vendor has them as different customer ship to, or what ever change you need to perform).


    Now how to decide which is the best choice, it depends on your business needs. If there is no specific tax structure that make you go one way or another, i will suggest to use the newer version.

    Hope this helps,