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how we can run report in background

praveen kumar
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hi gurus,


how we can run a report in background .




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    subas Bose
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    we can use the submit statement to run report in back ground.


    Here is a various examples of how to use Submit statement.


    Just go through it.


    DATA: seltab type table of rsparams,

          seltab_wa like line of seltab.


      seltab_wa-selname = 'PNPPERNR'.

      seltab_wa-sign    = 'I'.

      seltab_wa-option  = 'EQ'.


    • load each personnel number accessed from the structure into

    • parameters to be used in the report

      loop at pnppernr.

        seltab_wa-low = pnppernr-low.

        append seltab_wa to seltab.


      SUBMIT zreport with selection-table seltab

                                    via selection-screen.



    *Code used to populate 'parameters' & execute report

    SUBMIT zreport with p_param1 = 'value'

                    with p_param2 = 'value'.



    *Submit report and return to current program afterwards

    SUBMIT zreport AND RETURN.


    *Submit report via its own selection screen



    *Submit report using selection screen variant



    *Submit report but export resultant list to memory, rather than

    *it being displayed on screen


    • Once report has finished and control has returned to calling

    • program, use function modules LIST_FROM_MEMORY, WRITE_LIST and

    • DISPLAY_LIST to retrieve and display report.


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    Arpit Shah
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    Hi Praveen,


    u can run report in background by using SM36


    execute that report and there is a option in menu for execute background.




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    abap abap
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    Use sm37 and sm36 transaction or simple way - goto se38 and program->execute-background


    When you execute the report in backgroud output will be store as a spool request in SP01.




    1. Use tcode SM36

    2. Click Job wizard in the button set and Click Continue

    3. Enter Job name and press continue

    4. Select ABAP program and press Continue then enter Program name and press continue

    and again press Continue

    5. Set Schedule type immediately and continue

    6. Select periodic job checkbox, press continue

    7. Select none of the above and click on other periods – give one-minute and then press create

    Press continue and then press complete.


    CHeck this weblog for Displaying ALV Grid in Background Job


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    Sana Shaik
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    plz check this link u can find the solution for ur query.



    You can define and schedule background jobs in two ways from the Job Overview:


    ·         Directly from Transaction SM36. This is best for users already familiar with background job scheduling.


    ·         The Job Scheduling Wizard. This is best for users unfamiliar with SAP background job scheduling. To use the Job Wizard, start from Transaction SM36, and either select Goto ® Wizard version or simply use the Job Wizard button.





           1.      Call Transaction SM36 or choose CCMS ® Jobs ® Definition.


           2.      Assign a job name. Decide on a name for the job you are defining and enter it in the Job Name field.


           3.      Set the job’s priority, or “Job Class”:


    ·         High priority:      Class A


    ·         Medium priority: Class B


    ·         Low priority: Class C


           4.      In the Target server field, indicate whether to use system load balancing.


    ·         For the system to use system load balancing to automatically select the most efficient application server to use at the moment, leave this field empty.


    ·         To use a particular application server to run the job, enter a specific target server.


           5.      If spool requests generated by this job are to be sent to someone as email, specify the email address. Choose the Spool list recipient button.


           6.      Define when the job is to start by choosing Start Condition and completing the appropriate selections. If the job is to repeat, or be periodic, check the box at the bottom of this screen.


           7.      Define the job’s steps by choosing Step, then specify the ABAP program, external command, or external program to be used for each step.


           8.      Save the fully defined job to submit it to the background processing system.


           9.      When you need to modify, reschedule, or otherwise manipulate a job after you've scheduled it the first time, you'll manage jobs from the Job Overview.


    Note: Release the job so that it can run. No job, even those scheduled for immediate processing, can run without first being released.


    For a simple job scheduling procedure, see the Getting Started Guide.





    Reward points for the helpful answers!


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    Radha Vineela Aepuru
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    you can use the transaction code SM36 for Defining the job in Background

    also from SE38,goto SYSTEM>SERVICES>JOBS-->DEFINE JOB.


    by using these you can run the report in background.




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    Jaya Mohan
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       Execute your report, if it has selection-screen then it displays the selection screen, then after press F9 (function key), in the coming window fill the details and save. Goto tcode SM37 there you can check the status.




    You can create a job for your report by using tcode SM36.




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    muralikrishna kaipha
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    You can run program background in 3 ways.


    1.In se38 --> enter program name >Menu bar>Program-->



       Here selection screen will display for inputs.


    2.Programatically you can run by using  FM





    3.In tcode  SM36  you can schedule your job in background.But here no need to run daily.Give the time monthly or weekly or daily.