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HI Partner roles, and functions difference

Madhavi Vallabhaneni
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CRM Guru's Iam new to CRM can any one tell me in detail what is the difference between Partner functions and partner roles?

with Examples, iam really confused of this two functions looking similarly, Please explain with exaples,sold to part ....to payer will comes under both? explain with one example and


what is the neccessity of Partner functions & Partner Processing? when roles are available


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    Shridhar Deshpande
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    BP Role is a setting in the Business Partner master data. Partner Functions viz; Activity partner, Sold- to party, Ship- to party etc are are used in the different CRM Orders like Activities, Tasks, Opportunities.

    Business Partner Role is not involved into the Partner Determination process or Business Transactions. Again, only Partner Functions and Relationships are used instead.


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    sreenivasulareddy eragamreddy
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    Partner functions : A term, such as "sold-to party" or "payer", that describes a person or organization with whom you do business. In transactions, such as sales or service orders, partner functions are carried out by business partners that you have entered in the system.


    Roles : Rights and responsibilities that a business partner can have in various business transactions.




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    Randhir Soni
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    BP role gives a particular view of the Business partner Master Data.

    We use BP roles to maintain business partner master data that depends on the business processes your business partners are involved in. You maintain business partners in BP roles so that you only maintain the attributes you require for each individual role.

    For eg:- You have a customer with the BP role "Sold-to party" who orders and receives products from you. For this business partner, you maintain data parts such as set types Sales and Shipping.

    You have another customer with the BP role "Ship-to party" who does not place orders but who does receive products from you. For this business partner, you maintain set type Shipping but not set type Sales.


    Regarding Partner Functions, you can define your own partner functions very easily. You don't need to define a different view for each of the partner functions. You can define access sequence which basically tells the system how to find out who is the Correct Business partner who is doing that partner function and use these partner functions and access sequence in the partnet determination procedure which automatically fills the partner functions while transacion processing.


    BP Roles can act as Partner functions also, but all Partner Functions cannot act as BP roles.


    Please refer to these two links. I am sure you will get more clarity on these two items.