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ram ram
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Hi, sap gurus,


In pricing procedure determination why we use condition type


example :-


sales area + doc pricing proc+ cus pric pro+ pricing procedure+ (*condition type* )


can any one give me sample business processs my mail id is




Thanks and regards



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    dear nishad


    there is no field called as condition type in PRICING PROCEDURE DETERMINATION


    Pricing proc is determined with the combination of


    Sales Organization + Distribution Channel + Division + Document Pricing Procedure + Customer Pricing Procedure


    regarding usage of condition


    Condition Types with Access Sequence attached to it can store condition Records


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      Sap SD
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      Pricing Procedure :

      It starts with an understanding of the factors that influences the Price. Lets say it depends on Customer and Material. With this understanding now we will start with the Table where we will pass the above parameters. There is a table 5 which already has Customer and Material so we can now copy and rename it or use the same table in our Pricing Procedure. 


      T Code VOK0


      Step 1. Define/Choose your Table (with the requirement parameters that influence the price)

      Step 2. Define your Access Sequence and include the above Table in your Access Sequence

      Step 3. Define your Condition Type (There are four Price Types Basic Price, Discount, Freight and Tax) and include your Access Seq. Its always better to copy the Price Types provided by SAP.

      Step 4. Now comes your Pricing Procedure where you include include Condition Types and format.

      Step 5. Now comes Procedure Determination where you specify the Document Pricing Procedure and Customer Pricing Procedure along with Sales Organisation, Distribution Channel.

      Step 6. Maintain Condition Records for your Condition Types


      I guess you can make it 8 Steps by dividing some of the main steps. Few important things to note is following..


      1. XD01 - Create Customer - Always ensure that you pick the right Customer Pricing Procedure from here.

      2. VA01 - Sales Order - Ensure that you have the right Document Pricing Procedure from here

      3. While Creating Access Sequence, check your Fields and ensure that they appear with any warning (Highlighted in Red)

      4. Do not forget to mention your Access Sequence while defining your Condition Type

      5. Always remember that your Procedure Determination has only Basic Price as Condition Type

      6. Do not forget to mention the Range (From To) while creating your Pricing Procedure. 


      reward if Helps for all ur queries

    lucky venky
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    Dear ram ram,,,


    When u maintaing PP.............It's optional to maintain Condition type.


    If you maintain condition type in Pricing procedure.....While doing the sales order .click on line item ..for that line item you can see the price of the material.


    if you not maintain it won't appear....in sales order line item...


    if have any doubt on this plzz post query





    Sadhu Kishore
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    you can enter the value of that pricing condition in the sales order screen at the item level. If you drag the scroll bar towards the right sid you will find a column amount. Here you can enter the pricing condition value without going to item conditions tab if you mark this conditin type at OVKK.



    sadhu kishore

    kaleeswaran Bhoopathy
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    I think u mean the condition type field in the OVKK (pricing proced. determination) screen. If i am right,


    If u mention a condition type in the particular field available in OVKK, U can see the value of the field in the sales order item overview screen.


    When u scroll the mouse right, after the entry of material name and qty, u will find the value of the condition type and name(order overview screen).


    In general, we can give PR00 at OVKK screen.



    Try to change the condition type at OVKK and enter a new one Ex: K004 in the OVKK screen.


    Miantain the condition record for K004 at VK11.


    Create sales order and goto double line overview screen, u can be able to see the value of the K004 condition type screen.

    Hope it is useful..


    Reward if useful..





    sri nath
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    Hi nishad


    In pricing procedure determination OVKK, we give a condition type. so if you enter that condition type , that condition type appears in the line  item .in the sales order. and

    if you have not maintained conditon record for that condition type , it gives an error message telling " pricing error missing" when you create a sales order. so instead of going to item -> conditons and entering the value for that condition type directly you can enter the value in the line item itself






    sales orgn + dist channel + divn + cuPP + duPP   RVAA01   PR00


    So if you have not maintained condition record for PR00  for any material and if you have entered that material in the sales order it will give a message "pricing error missing" , so instead of going to

    item data - > condtions - > entering the PR00 value, directly you can enter the PR00 value at the line item itself






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    Rakesh Singh Chauhan
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    Dear Ram,


    Please check the link:






    Rajesh Banka
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    Pricing Procedure:


    Determination of Pricing Procedure:In SD, Pricing Procedure is determined based on Sales Area (Sales Organization + Distribution Centre + Division) + Customer Pricing Procedure + Document Pricing Procedure through T.Code: OVKK. Sales Area is determined in Sales Order Header Level. Customer Pricing Procedure is determined from Customer Master. Document Pricing Procedure is determined from Sales Document Type / Billing Type (if configured). Once the pricing procedure is determined, Condition records are fetched. If appropriate condition records are found, the price is determined. If Mandatory pricing condition is missing, system will through an error message.


    Configuration of Pricing Procedure:

    Step 1:

    Condition table (T.Code: V/04): If existing condition table meets the requirement, we need not create a new condition table. Considering the requirement for new condition table, the configuration will be done in spro as follows: IMG --> Sales & Distribution --> Basic Function --> Pricing Control --> Condition Table (select the required fields combination, which will store condition record).

    Step 2:

    Access Sequence (T.Code: V/07): If existing access sequence meets the requirement, we need not create a new access sequence. Considering the requirement for new sequence, the configuration will be done in spro as follows: IMG --> Sales & Distribution --> Basic Function --> Pricing Control --> Access Sequence (Access sequence is made up of Accesses (Tables) & the order of priority in which it is to be accessed. Here we assign the condition table to access sequence.

    Step 3:

    Condition Type (T.Code: V/06): If existing condition type meets the requirement, we need not create a new condition type. Considering the requirement for new condition type, the configuration will be done in spro as follows: IMG --> Sales & Distribution --> Basic Function --> Pricing Control --> Condition Type. It is always recommended to copy an existing similar condition type & make the neccessary changes. Here we assign Access sequence to Condition type.

    Step 4:

    a. Pricing Procedure (T.Code: V/08):  It is recommended to copy a similar pricing procedure & make the neccesary changes in new pricing procedure. Pricing Procedure is a set of condition type & arranged in the sequence in which it has to perform the calculation. Considering the requirement for new Pricing Procedure, the configuration will be done in spro as follows: IMG --> Sales & Distribution --> Basic Function --> Pricing Control --> Pricing Procedure --> Maintain Pricing Procedure.

    b. Pricing Procedure (T.Code: VOK0): After maintaining the pricing procedure the next step will be determination of pricing procedure. Configuration for determining pricing procedure in SPRO is as follows: IMG --> Sales & Distribution --> Basic Function --> Pricing Control --> Pricing Procedure --> Determine Pricing Procedure.

    5. Condition record (T.Code: VK11 / VK12): Condition record is a master data, which is required to be maintained by Core team / person responsible from the client. During new implementation, the condition records can be uploaded using tools like SCAT, LSMW, etc. Condition Record is maintained in T.Code: VK11 / VK12, which are captured in Sales Order & Billing.


    Also check document pricing procedure in Sales Document Type (T.Code: VOV8 - Sales order Type, VOFA: Billing Type (If Required)), customer pricing procedure in Customer Master Data (T.Code: XD02), ... are in place.



    Rajesh Banka


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