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copy control from quotation to sales order

suvina kumar
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HI ,


Though my quoation is incomplete it can be copied into sales order, kindly suggest me a so;ution where in incomplete quotaion cannot be copied into sales order.Kindly explain me teh setting in TCODE (VTAA) STEP BY STEP.




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    Praveen Kumar
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    Configure Log of Incompleteness Procedure for Quotation document as per ur requirement. And keep the Standard copy control settings in VTAA.


    When ever u try to save a quotation without complete relevant data to be entered, the document status will show incompleted. When u enter the proper data in Quotation, then only the document status is complete. Then U can copy the quotation into sales order.


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    Hi Sunaina,


    Why dont u apply Log of incompletion on Quotations where in the incomplete quotations cannot be saved.




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    Siddharth Dabhowale
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    Copying control for sales documents is in Customizing, under Sales and Distribution - Sales - Maintain Copying Control for Sales Documents.


    In this you can change the procedure by not selecting incomplete quotation for sales order, but this can be done only when some of the data in quotation is missing.


    like dont give the validity date in quotation and save it before providing the validity date.


    Maintaining an Incompleteness Procedure

    An automatically-created quotation does not contain a Quotation-valid-to date. The customer's system requires this information for processing; therefore you have to add it to the quotation prior to saving the document, and before generating the message to the customer.


    The incompleteness control is set up in such a way that the quotation is incomplete if this date has not been entered. In Customizing for Sales and Distribution, you choose Sales and Distribution - Basic Functions - Incompleteness Control for Sales and Distribution Documents, to assign sales document type QT (quotation) to incompleteness procedure 10, which contains the field for this check.


    Message Control

    The following message types have been created to Sales and Distribution (SD) in the vendor’s system:


    ·        Message type AN00 for the quotation


    ·        Message types POST and PNST for status inquiries


    ·        Message types BA01 and BA02 for the order  

             confirmation and amendment respectively


    ·        Message type LALE for the delivery


    ·        Message type RD00 for the invoice