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Transaction variant not working

Zak Sap
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I am facing with this peculiar problem of transaction variant. I created a transaction variant as desired by my client for VA01 and activated the same. I checked the status in the transaction VA01 and there it showed that the transaction variant has been successfully applied. But when I check for the fields that I wanted to be made non editable or invisible the same was not reflected in the transaction. Now after trying enough like creating new transaction variants, adding new screen variants to the existing transaction variant, somehow it has started working. But now when I change the transaction variant, even after activating it, the changes in the variant are not reflected in the transaction. Old changes are being reflected. Please advise!


The reconstruction steps are as follows:


SHD0 -


Creation of transaction variant - with processing.

Activating it.


Appreciate a quick response. Thanks in advance.



Note: It might be that I am going wrong somewhere, I would really appreciate if someone could send me a file containing screenshots on how to create and use transaction variants. My email ID is






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    Siddharth Dabhowale
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    just check out the following pre-requisites if you have followed them or not:



    You can assign various transaction variants to individual sales document types.


    With the help of transaction variants, you create various variants for the same transaction in order to simplify your transaction flows. You can achieve this by:


    Preassigning fields with values

    Fading out and changing input availability for fields

    Fading out entire screens

    In this way, you can provide your users with screens which are defined according to their specific needs per sales document type.


    When a transaction variant is created, several screen variants are created for each individual screen for the transaction chosen for the variant. The system accesses this screen variant when a transaction variant is applied.


    PrerequisitesIn the standard system, transaction variants for Sales (for example, quotation, sales order, credit memo request, group master contract) are defined for all business objects. Assignment of transaction variants for the sales document type is carried out in Customizing for sales document types.




    You will find the transaction for creating a transaction variant in Customizing, under General Settings - Field Display Characteristics - Configure application transaction fields. You can find further information on this in the implementation guide.


    Assignment of transaction variants to sales document types can be found in Customizing for Sales, under Sales - Sales Documents - Sales Document Header - Define Sales Document Types in the Variants field.


    In order that a transaction can be called up depending on a sales document type, the system of course needs the information as to which sales document type should be worked with. This choice is however made by the user on the initial screen first.


    This means that the initial screen can not be modified or faded out within a transaction variant. If you wish to miss out or modify the initial screen with the choice of sales document types, you need to create a variant transaction, this means a variant is created for a complete transaction. This transaction will then have ist own name, which has been defined by you.




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    Zak Sap
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    Resolved it.