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Account Assignment Category with NET

John Remi
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Hi All,


My business requirement is to create a Shopping Cart(SC) with Network and Network Acitivity.


As all of you know NET - Account Assignment Category have both this Network and Network Acitivity and Network as leading account assignment data.


I activated NET in IMG and added at root Org level.


While creating the SC I am able to add only Network value by select the Account Assignment Category. Just adjuscent to Account Assignment Category I have only one field (or box) to etner the Network value. Now, where can I enter the 'Network Activity' Value?


Points will be rewarded for any inputs on this requirement.




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    Dinesh Powale
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    have you opened the details of accout assignment with detail (magnifine) button?


    also check in SPRO

    IMG->Supplier Relationship Management->SRM Server->Cross-Application Basic Settings->Account Assignment->Define Account Assignment Categories->select NET ->Acct assignment fields->ACTIVITY(Network Activity)->leading AAC field





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      John Remi
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      I checked that also. If I done like this I am able to enter the value for Network Activity by selecting the binocular icon. Now how can I enter Network value? My business people wants to enter both Network (as Cost Object) and Network Activity (for Stastics). In ECC there is no relation between Network Activity and Network. They made Network Activity as Floating and we can enter the Network Activity with any Network for cost tracking purpose across the multiple Networks. So with Network Activity alone I am not able create a Shopping Cart because Shopping Cart expects the Cost object that is Network in this case.


      SAP given NET and FI as account assignment categories for multiple Cost Data account assignments but while creating the Shopping Cart I am able to enter the leading account assignment data only and there are no other fields to enter stastical account assignment data. Where as In ECC while creating the PO there in the Account assignment Tab If I select K (Cost Center) then I can enter Cost Center (as Cost Object) value and also Stastical Internal Order (multiple Cost Centers can use this Stastical Internal Order to track the cost  for a particular activity across multiple cost centers)


      Please give some inputs to meet this requirement.

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    Gaurav Abrol
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    Hello Naveen,


    Here is the detailed information for you:

    - The network activity, e.g. 0001 may need to be entered depending

      on how it was defined in R/3 Backend.


    - Please ener field ACTIVITY to the corresponding AccAssCat

      in SRM IMG so that it becomes editable in the browser.


    The field selection 'NETWORK' refer to TWO fields in the accounting scr

    een  network +activity

    (You can see in ME22N/accounting screen that the field 'activity' is edi

    table fields .)

    The field selection 'Activity type' is NOT relevant for Account Assignme

    nt  NETWORK.

    Please check SAP note:-  968552.

    - if account assignment category asset AS or network NET are entered

      the following field combinations are requested from R/3 Backend:


      o Main asset number (leading field)

      o Asset subnumber


      o Network (leading field)

      o Network activity


      Hence, in case that, for example, no activity no. is entered

      in coherence with a valid entered network no. the following CO message

      is raised in EBP (  >forwarded from R/3 Backend):

      KI 292 - 'Network & requires assignment to an activity number.'


      If account assignment category NET is entered both fields

      (Network, Network activity) are required fields. If they are

      not entered CO within R/3 Backend will raise the message. As

      EBP works analog to R/3 logic in this point as the CO message is

      just forwarded from R/3 Backend this can not be suppressed or

      changed as this data is mandatory needed by CO in R/3 Backend.


      In order to ensure that all entry fields are offered please

      maintain them in IMG:

      ->EBP ->Cross-Application Basic Settings ->Account Assignment

      ->Define Account Assignment Categories


      Position NET and enter Account assignment fields the following

      fields should at least be listed:


       o Network (leading field)

       o Network activity

    I hope this will answers your query.


    Kind regards,



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      Tonia Ashburn
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      I have a similar situation. I have created account assignment category "R". In the backend it requires both a cost center and a wbs element.


      I have added both fields to the account assignment fields overview screen with the cost center designated as leading account assignment field.


      When I log into the application, only 1 field is available for entry and it behaves as the one I have designated as leading.


      How can I get BOTH to appear on the entry screen???