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What is One Order framework ?

Ashish W
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Hi All,

       Can someone please explain me what is a OneOrder framework ????


Also, any documents on the same would be highly appreciated.


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    Md Monirujjaman
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    Hi ,


       One Order framework  is  a  architectural  prowess / flexibility  of  txn CRMD_ORDER ,,,which  enable  the user to create  variety of  Business Transactions ( Sales doc, Service order , opportunity, lead , Activity , campaign & many  more )   with  only  one  txn  CRMD_ORDER .....isnt it amazing ????


      This  is  called  ONE ORDER framework ...  Hope   this  is  self  explanatory ....


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    Gaganpreet Kaur
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    Hi ,


    I looking for some documentation on ONE ORDER framework technical details . Please help

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    Hi Ashish,


    The One Order Framework is defined as the Framwork to handle all the CRM One Order Documents. Basically CRM One Order Documents are Sales Orders, Service Orders, Activities, etc. They all have a common structure to handle the data. They are basically grouped into


    Header Part

      - Items

      - Items ....


    So the header and item relationship is 1..n There are set of API's which handles the Create, Change and delete scenarios of the One Order Documents. They are CRM_ORDER_READ,CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN,CRM_ORDER_DELETE,etc The Function Group is CRM_ORDER_API.


    Have  a look at the forum threads. It will give you more information about the One Order Framework.


    Hope this will clear your idea.