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What are the BAPI function modules that exist in sap for SD and MM modules

Nagarjuna Reddy
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Hi Friends,

Please provide me list of all BAPI function modules for SD and MM modules and their use.

Give me all frrequently used ones.


thanks and regards,


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    sasidhar yalamanchili
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    Its simple,



    Go to Transaction BAPI, and there its clearly differentiated for  each area.

    You can see In the hierarchial view.


    Sales and distribution

    Materials management


    Reward points if useful.



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    krishna chaitanya nanduri
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    Hi Nagrajuna,


    copy the below content and paste in word document for your future reference.the below list shows the available bapi's and their use.



    Function group                 Function group short text                                                

    Name of function module        Short text for function module                                           

                                   BAPIs f. BOR obj. BUS4003 (AddrContPart)                                 

    BAPI_CHARACT_GETLIST           BAPI for Characteristics - Find Name                                     

    0002                           Company Code Business Object                                             

    BAPI_CCODE_GET_FIRSTDAY_PERIOD For Company Code: First Day of Period                                    

    BAPI_CCODE_GET_LASTDAY_FYEAR   For Company Code: Last Day of Fiscal Year                                

    BAPI_COMPANYCODE_EXISTENCECHK  Check if Company Code Exists                                             

    BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETDETAIL     Company Code Details                                                     

    BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETLIST       List of Company Codes                                                    

    BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GET_PERIOD    For Company Code: Posting Date -> Period, Fiscal Year

    0003                           Business Area Business Object                                            

    BAPI_BUSINESSAREA_EXISTENCECHK Check if business area exists                                            

    BAPI_BUSINESSAREA_GETDETAIL    Business area details                                                    

    BAPI_BUSINESSAREA_GETLIST      List of business areas                                                   

    0004                           Business Object Controlling Area                                         

    BAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_GETDETAIL List Detail Information for Controlling Area                             

    0004CORE                       Business Object: Controlling Area (Core)                                 

    BAPI_COAREA_GETPERIODLIMITS    Controlling Area: First and Last Day of a Period                         

    BAPI_COAREA_GET_RELATED_CCODES Determine Company Codes Assigned to one Controlling Area                 

    BAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_FIND      Derive Controlling Area from Company Code                                

    BAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_GETLIST   Output List of Controlling Areas                                         

    BAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_GETPERIOD For Controlling Area: Posting Date -> Period, Fiscal Year

    0006                           Sales organization                                                       

    BAPI_SALESGROUP_GET_DETAIL     Sales Group: Display Name                                                

    BAPI_SALESOFFICE_GET_DETAIL    Sales Office: Display Name                                               

    BAPI_SALESOFFICE_GRP_EXIST     Sales Office / Sales Group: Existence Check                              

    BAPI_SALESORG_EXIST            Sales Organization: Existence Check                                      

    BAPI_SALESORG_GET_DETAIL       Sales Organization: Display Data                                         

    BAPI_SALESORG_OFFICE_EXIST     Sales Organization / Sales Office: Existence Check                       

    0012                           Business Object BUS0012 (Cost Center)                                    

    BAPI_COSTCENTER_CREATEMULTIPLE Create One or More Cost Centers                                          

    BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETDETAIL      Detailed Information About Cost Center For Key Date                      

    BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETDETAIL1     Detail Information for Cost Center on Key Date (1)                       

    BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETLIST        List of Cost Centers Using Selection Criteria                            

    BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETLIST1       List of Cost Centers for Selection Criteria (1)                          

    BAPI_CTR_GETACTALLOCATIONTYPES Checks Which IST-ILV Types are Possible According to Activity Type Categ.

    BAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYPRICES     Read prices for cost center/activity type according to selection         

    BAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYQUANTITIES Rad plan activity/capacity/scheduled activity for cost center/acty type  

    BAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYTYPES      List of cost centers / activity types with control information           

    0014                           Company Business Object                                                  

    BAPI_COMPANY_EXISTENCECHECK    Check if company exists                                                  

    BAPI_COMPANY_GETDETAIL         Company details                                                          

    BAPI_COMPANY_GETLIST           List of companies                                                        

    0015                           Profit Center BAPI                                                       

    BAPI_PROFITCENTER_CHANGE       Change Profit Center                                                     

    BAPI_PROFITCENTER_CREATE       Create Profit Center                                                     

    BAPI_PROFITCENTER_GETDETAIL    Display Profit Center Master Data                                        

    BAPI_PROFITCENTER_GETLIST      Display List of Profit Centers                                           

    0023                           Functional Area Business Object                                          

    BAPI_FUNC_AREA_EXISTENCECHECK  Check if functional area exists                                          

    BAPI_FUNC_AREA_GETDETAIL       Functional area details                                                  

    BAPI_FUNC_AREA_GETLIST         List of functional areas                                                 

    0PBAPI0105                     Bapis for infotype 0105                                                  

    BAPI_EMPLCOMM_CHANGE           Change communication                                                     

    BAPI_EMPLCOMM_CREATE           Create communication                                                     

    BAPI_EMPLCOMM_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subsequent communication record                                   

    BAPI_EMPLCOMM_DELETE           Delete communication                                                     

    BAPI_EMPLCOMM_DELIMIT          Delimit communications                                                   

    BAPI_EMPLCOMM_GETDETAIL        Read communication                                                       

    BAPI_EMPLCOMM_GETDETAILEDLIST  Communication: Read instances with data                                  

    BAPI_EMPLCOMM_GETLIST          Read communication                                                       

    1001                           BAPIs for Business Object RetailMaterial                                 

    BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT  Create and Change Material Master Data (Retail)                          

    1001DIA                        Dialog APIs for Business Object Material                                 

    BAPI_MATERIAL_DELETE           Flag Material for Deletion                                               

    BAPI_MATERIAL_DISPLAY          Display Material                                                         

    BAPI_MATERIAL_EDIT             Change Material                                                          

    BAPI_RETAILMATERIAL_CREATE     Create Material                                                          

    BAPI_RETAILMATERIAL_DELETE     Discontinue Material                                                     

    BAPI_STANDARDMATERIAL_CREATE   Create/Extend Material                                                   

    1001UEB                        BAPIs for Creating/Changing Matl Data                                    

    BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA         Create and Change Material Master Data                                   

    1006                           Business partner                                                         

    BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CHANGEPASSWO Change contact person's password                                         

    BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CHECKEXISTEN Check contact person's number                                            

    BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CHECKPASSWOR Check contact person's password                                          

    BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CREATE_PW_RE Create entry for contact person's password                               

    BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_DELETE_PW_RE Delete entry for contact person's password                               

    BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_GET_PW_REG   Read entry for contact person's password                                 

    BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_INITPASSWORD Initialize contact person's password                                     

    1007                           Customer business object                                                 

    BAPI_DEBTOR_CHANGEPASSWORD     Change Customer Password                                                 

    BAPI_DEBTOR_CHECKPASSWORD      Check Customer Password                                                  

    BAPI_DEBTOR_CREATE_PW_REG      Create Entry for Customer Password                                       

    BAPI_DEBTOR_DELETE_PW_REG      Delete Customer Password Entry                                           

    BAPI_DEBTOR_EXISTENCECHECK     Check Customer Existence                                                 

    BAPI_DEBTOR_FIND               Customer Matchcode                                                       

    BAPI_DEBTOR_GETDETAIL          Customer Detail Information                                              

    BAPI_DEBTOR_GET_PW_REG         Read Entry for Customer Password                                         

    BAPI_DEBTOR_INITPASSWORD       Initialize Customer Password                                             

    1008                           Vendor business object                                                   

    BAPI_CREDITOR_CHANGEPASSWORD   Change Vendor Password                                                   

    BAPI_CREDITOR_CHECKPASSWORD    Check Vendor Password                                                    

    BAPI_CREDITOR_CREATE_PW_REG    Create Entry for Vendor Password                                         

    BAPI_CREDITOR_DELETE_PW_REG    Delete Entry for Vendor Password                                         

    BAPI_CREDITOR_EXISTENCECHECK   Check Existence of Vendor                                                

    BAPI_CREDITOR_FIND             Vendor matchcode                                                         

    BAPI_CREDITOR_GETDETAIL        Vendor Details                                                           

    BAPI_CREDITOR_GET_PW_REG       Read entry for vendor password                                           

    BAPI_CREDITOR_INITPASSWORD     Initialize Vendor Password                                               

    1010                           Customer credit account business object                                  

    BAPI_CREDIT_ACCOUNT_GET_STATUS Determine Credit Status of Credit Account                                

    BAPI_CREDIT_ACCOUNT_REP_STATUS Receive Credit Management Account Status and Send to Database            

    BAPI_CR_ACC_GETDETAIL          BAPI/BUS1010: Determine Master Record Data                               

    BAPI_CR_ACC_GETHIGHESTDUNNINGL BAPI/BUS1010: Determine Highest Dunning Level                            

    BAPI_CR_ACC_GETOLDESTOPENITEM  BAPI/BUS1010: Determine Oldest Open Item                                 

    BAPI_CR_ACC_GETOPENITEMSSTRUCT BAPI/BUS1010: Determine OI Structure                                     

    1021                           Spec.Purpose Ledger BUS1021                                              

    BAPI_SL_GETTOTALRECORDS        Special Purpose Ledger: Select totals records for accounts               

    1022                           BAPIs for BUS1022 (Fixed asset)                                          

    BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CHANGE         Changes an Asset                                                         

    BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CREATE         Creates an Asset                                                         

    BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CREATE1        Creates an Asset                                                         

    BAPI_FIXEDASSET_GETDETAIL      Display Detailed Information on a Fixed Asset                            

    BAPI_FIXEDASSET_GETLIST        Information on Selected Assets                                           

    BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE BAPI for Legacy Data Transfer                                            

    1024                           Business Object ConsUnit                                                 

    BAPI_CONSUNIT_GETCURRENCY      Procure Reporting Currency                                               

    BAPI_CONSUNIT_GETLIST           Display Consolidation Units                                             

    1025                           Business Object ConsChartOfAccts                                         

    BAPI_CONSCHARTOFACCTS_GETITEMS  Display Financial Statement Items                                       

    BAPI_CONSCHARTOFACCTS_GETLIST   Display Consolidation Charts of Accounts                                

    1026                           Business Object ConsLedger                                               

    BAPI_CONSLEDGER_GETEQUITY      Display Changes in Investee Equity                                       

    BAPI_CONSLEDGER_GETINVESTMENT  Display Changes in Investments                                           

    BAPI_CONSLEDGER_GETTOTALS      Display Totals Records                                                   

    1027                           Business Object ConsGroup                                                

    BAPI_CONSGROUP_GETCONSUNITS    BAPI - Consolidation Group - Get Consolidation Units                     

    BAPI_CONSGROUP_GETLIST         Display Consolidation Groups                                             

    1028                           Business Object General Ledger                                           

    BAPI_GLX_GETDOCITEMS           Line item of document for ledger with summary table GLFLEXT              

    BAPI_GL_GETGLACCBALANCE        Closing balance of G/L account for chosen year                           

    BAPI_GL_GETGLACCCURRENTBALANCE Closing balance of G/L account for current year                          

    BAPI_GL_GETGLACCPERIODBALANCES Posting period balances for each G/L account                             

    1030                           Business Object BUS1030 (Cost Element)                                   

    BAPI_COSTELEM_CREATEMULTIPLE   Create One or More Cost Elements                                         

    BAPI_COSTELEM_GETDETAIL        Detail Information for Cost Element on Key Date                          

    BAPI_COSTELEM_GETLIST          List of Cost Elements for Selection Criteria                             

    1031                           Business Object BUS1031 (Activity Type)                                  

    BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPE_GETDETAIL    Detail Information for Activity Type on Key Date                         

    BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPE_GETLIST      List of Activity Types Using Selection Criteria                          

    BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPE_GETPRICES    Output Activity Prices for Activity Types on Key Date                    

    BAPI_ACTTYPE_CREATEMULTIPLE    Create One or More Activity Types                                        

    1036                           Business Object BUS1036 Business Process                                 

    BAPI_PROCESS_CREATEMULTIPLE    Create one or more business processes                                    

    BAPI_PROCESS_GETACTALLOCTYPES  Checks Which IST-ILV Types are Possible According to Activity Type Categ.

    BAPI_PROCESS_GETDETAIL         Detail information for business process on key date                      

    BAPI_PROCESS_GETLIST           List of business processes per selection conditions                      

    BAPI_PROCESS_SAVE_REPLICA      Replicate individual business process (ALE)                              

    BAPI_PROCESS_SETSTRUCTURE      Enter template in business process master data                           

    1037                           Business object BUS1037                                                  

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_ADD_TO_ASGN     BAPI Partner Sales Activity AddToAssigned                                

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_CHANGE          BAPI Change Partner Sales Activity                                       

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_CREATEFROMDATA  BAPI Partner Sales Activity Create from Data                             

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_CREATEWITHDIA   BAPI Partner Sales Activity - Create from Data Dialog                    

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_DELETE          BAPI Delete Partner Sales Activity                                       

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_GETDETAIL       BAPI Partner Sales Activity - Get Details                                

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_GETLIST         BAPI Partner Sales Activity - Get List                                   

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_REMOVEFROM_ASGN BAPI Partner Sales Activity RemoveFromAssigned                           

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_REPLICATE       BAPI Partner Sales Activity Replicate                                    

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_REPLICATECHANGE BAPI Partner Sales Activity Replicate Changed Objects                    

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_SAVEFROMMEMORY  BAPI Partner Sales Activity - Save from Memory                           

    BAPI_BPCONTACT_SETTOACTIVE     BAPI Partner Sales Activity - Set simulated to active                    

    1057                           Business Object Investment Program                                       

    BAPI_INVPROGRAM_CHECKEXISTENCE Check Existence (of Sub-Tree) of Program                                 

    BAPI_INVPROGRAM_GET_LEAVES     Output End Nodes of an Investment Program                                

    BAPI_INVPROGRAM_GET_REQUESTS   Output Appropriation Requests and End Nodes of an Investment Program     

    BAPI_INVPROGRAM_SAVE_ENTITIES  Save Assigned Entities in Summarization Database                         

    BAPI_INVPROGRAM_SAVE_VALUES    Save Summarized Values in Summarization Database                         

    BAPI_INVPROGRAM_SELRE_ENTITIES Select Assigned Entities and Replicate Them in Summarization DB          

    BAPI_INVPROGRAM_SELRE_VALUES   Select Values, Summarize Them and Replicate in Summarization DB          

    1065                           Business Object Employee                                                 

    BAPI_EMPLOYEET_CHANGEPASSWORD  Change employee password                                                 

    BAPI_EMPLOYEET_CHECKPASSWORD   Check employee password                                                  

    BAPI_EMPLOYEET_CREATE_PW_REG   Create entry for employee password                                       

    BAPI_EMPLOYEET_DELETE_PW_REG   Delete entry for employee password                                       

    BAPI_EMPLOYEET_DEQUEUE         Unlock employee                                                          

    BAPI_EMPLOYEET_ENQUEUE         Lock employee                                                            

    BAPI_EMPLOYEET_GET_PW_REG      Read entry for employee password                                         

    BAPI_EMPLOYEET_INITPASSWORD    Initialize employee password                                             

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_CHANGEPASSWORD   Change employee password                                                 

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_CHECKEXISTENCE   Check employee existence                                                 

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_CHECKPASSWORD    Check employee password                                                  

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_CREATE_PW_REG    Create entry for employee password                                       

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_DELETE_PW_REG    Delete entry for employee password                                       

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_DEQUEUE          Unlock employee                                                          

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_ENQUEUE          Lock employee                                                            

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_GETDATA_OLD      No Longer Used -> Function group RH65

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_GET_PW_REG       Read entry for employee password                                         

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_INITPASSWORD     Initialize employee password                                             

    1069                           Business object 1069 (retail site)                                       

    BAPI_RETAILSITE_GETDEPARTMENTS Determine departments of a plant (including description)                 

    BAPI_RETAILSITE_GETMATGROUPS   Material groups for a plant (retail plant) incl. description             

    1070                           Business Object Assortment                                               

    BAPI_ASSORTMENT_MAINTAINDATA   Maintenance of Assortments                                               

    1071                           Prod. cat: BAPIs                                                         

    BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_ITEMS         Read Product Catalog Items                                               

    BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_LAYOBJ_DESCR  Read Long Text for Layout Area or Layout Area Item                       

    BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_LAYOBJ_DOCS   Read Documents for a Layout Area or a Layout Area Item                   

    BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_LAYOUT        Read Product Catalog Layout                                              

    BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_LIST          Read Product Catalog List                                                

    BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_PRICES        Read Product Catalog Item Prices                                         

    BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_SALES_AREA    Read Sales Area for a Product Catalog                                    

    BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_VARIANT_LIST  Read Product Catalog Variants                                            

    BAPI_PRODCAT_GETITEM           Read Individual Product Catalog Item                                     

    BAPI_PRODCAT_GETPRICES         Read Product Catalog Item Prices                                         

    BAPI_PRODCAT_GET_DETAIL        Read Header Data for a Product Catalog                                   

    BAPI_PRODCAT_REPLICATEHEAD     Replicate Basic and Structure Data of a Product Catalog (ALE Outbound)   

    BAPI_PRODCAT_REPLICATEITEMS    Replicate Item Data of a Product Catalog (ALE Outbound)                  

    BAPI_PRODCAT_SAVEHEADREPLICA   Replicate Basic and Structure Data of a Product Catalog (ALE Inbound)    

    BAPI_PRODCAT_SAVEITEMSREPLICA  Replicate Item Data of a Product Catalog (ALE Inbound)                   

    1076                           Business Object 1076 (Financial product)                                 

    BAPI_FP_CHANGE                 Change Security                                                          

    BAPI_FP_CREATEFROMDATA         Create Security                                                          

    BAPI_FP_GETDETAIL              Read Security Detailed Data                                              

    BAPI_FP_GETLIST                Read Security List                                                       

    1078                           DG-Mat: Business object dangerous good                                   

    BAPI_DANGEROUSGOOD_REPLICATE   Dangerous goods: Request instances                                       

    BAPI_DANGEROUSGOOD_SAVREPMUL   Dangerous goods: Save replicated instances                               

    1079                           BAPIs for General Cost Object/Cost Obj                                   

    BAPI_COSTOBJECT_GETDETAIL      Determine Details for a General Cost Object                              

    BAPI_COSTOBJECT_GETLIST        Determine General Cost Objects for a Controlling Area                    

    1120                           Business Object ConsDimension                                            

    BAPI_CONSDIMENSION_GETLIST     Display Dimensions                                                       

    1121                           Business Object ConsSubitemCategory                                      

    BAPI_CONSSUBITEMCATEGORY_LIST  Display Subitem Categories                                               

    BAPI_CONSSUBITEMCATEGORY_SITEM Display Subitems                                                         

    1122                           Business Object ConsDocumentType                                         

    BAPI_CONSDOCUMENTTYPE_GETADJ   Display Document Types for the Entry                                     

    BAPI_CONSDOCUMENTTYPE_GETLIST  Display Document Types                                                   

    1137                           Business Object 1137 BusProcStructureCO                                  

    BAPI_BUSPROCSTRUCTURECO_CREATE BAPI for Creating Fixed Process Structures for Business Processes        

    1138                           Business Object BUS1138 (Stat. Key Fig.)                                 

    BAPI_KEYFIGURE_CREATEMULTIPLE  Create One or More Statistical Key Figures                               

    BAPI_KEYFIGURE_GETDETAIL       Detail Information for Statistical Key Figure on Key Date                

    BAPI_KEYFIGURE_GETLIST         List of Stat. Key Figures for Selection Criteria                         

    1139                           CO Resources: Business Object                                            

    BAPI_RESOURCECO_SAVE_REPLICA   Replicate individual CO resources (ALE)                                  

    1157                           Function Module for BUS1157                                              

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_CHANGE Change Inv. Program Definition                                           

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_CREATE Create Inv. Program Definition                                           

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_EXCHK  Check Existence of Program Definition                                    

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_GETDTL Display Detail List for Program Definition                               

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_GTLIST Display Existing Program Definitions                                     

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_SAVER  Method 'SaveReplica' for ExpenditureProgDef                              

    1158                           Function Module for BUS1158                                              

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_CHG   Change Program Sub-Tree                                                  

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_CHVAL Change Budget/Plan Values on the Positions of a Program Sub-Tree         

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_CREAT Create Program Sub-Tree                                                  

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_DEL   Delete Program Sub-Tree                                                  

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_DLVAL Method 'DeleteValues' for ExpenditureProgTree                            

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_EXCHK Check Program Sub-Tree                                                   

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_GDVAL Determine Values for Program Sub-Tree                                    

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_GTDTL Call Information on Program Sub-Tree                                     

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_GTSTA Return System or User Status                                             

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_REASS Reassign Program Sub-Tree                                                

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_STSTA Change System or User Status of Positions of Program Sub-Tree            

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_SVRP  Method 'SaveReplica' for ExpenditureProgTree'                            

    BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_SVRPV Method 'SaveReplicaValues' for ExpenditureProgTree                       

    1171                           All Methods for PriceCatalog Object                                      

    BAPI_PRICECATALOGUE_EXISTCHECK FM for ExistenceCheck method of BO PriceCatalogue                        

    BAPI_PRICECATALOGUE_GETDETAIL  FM for GetDetail method of BO PriceCatalogue                             

    BAPI_PRICECATALOGUE_SAVREPLICA Store Price Catalog Instance                                             

    2001                           BAPIs project definition                                                 

    BAPI_PROJECTDEF_CREATE         Create Project Definition                                                

    BAPI_PROJECTDEF_EXISTENCECHECK Check whether a project definition exists                                

    BAPI_PROJECTDEF_GETDETAIL      Read detailed information for the project definition                     

    BAPI_PROJECTDEF_GETLIST        Returns a container of project definitions                               

    BAPI_PROJECTDEF_UPDATE         Change Project Definition                                                

    2002                           BAPIs network                                                            

    BAPI_NETWORK_EXISTENCECHECK    Check whether network exists                                             

    BAPI_NETWORK_GETDETAIL         Read detailed information for network (including all objects)            

    BAPI_NETWORK_GETINFO           Read detailed information for networks (including all objects)           

    BAPI_NETWORK_GETLIST           Returns a container of network numbers                                   

    BAPI_NETWORK_MAINTAIN          Edit networks (incl. all objects)                                        

    2004                           BAPI Planned Order Processing                                            

    BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_CHANGE       Change planned order                                                     

    BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_CREATE       Create planned order                                                     

    BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_DELETE       Delete planned order                                                     

    BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_EXIST_CHECK  Planned order existence check                                            

    BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_GET_DETAIL   Get details for planned order                                            

    BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_GET_DET_LIST Get detailed planned order list                                          

    2027                           Business Object 2027: Material Reval.                                    

    BAPI_M_REVAL_CREATEPRICECHANGE BAPI: Material Revaluation - Generate Price Change                       

    BAPI_M_REVAL_GETDETAIL         BAPI: Material Revaluation - Output Document                             

    2030                           Business Object Inquiry                                                  

    BAPI_CUSTOMERINQUIRY_CHANGE    Change Customer Inquiry                                                  

    BAPI_INQUIRY_CREATEFROMDATA    Customer inquiry: Create customer inquiry                                

    BAPI_INQUIRY_CREATEFROMDATA2   Customer Inquiry: Create Customer Inquiry                                

    2031                           Business Object Quotation                                                

    BAPI_CUSTOMERQUOTATION_CHANGE  Change Customer Quotation                                                

    BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA  Customer quotation: Create customer quotation                            

    BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA2 Customer Quotation: Create Customer Quotation                            

    2032                           Business Object Sales Order                                              

    BAPISDORDER_GETDETAILEDLIST    Sales Order: List of All Order Data                                      

    BAPI_ORDER_CHANGE_STATUS_GET   Change status for order                                                  

    BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEFROMDATA  Creating a Sales Document                                                

    BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE         Sales Order: Change Sales Order                                          

    BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT1 Sales Order: Create Sales Order                                          

    BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 Sales Order: Create Sales Order                                          

    BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDATA Create sales order, no more maintenance                                  

    BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST        Sales order: List of all orders for customer                             

    BAPI_SALESORDER_GETSTATUS      Sales order: Display status                                              

    BAPI_SALESORDER_SIMULATE       Sales Order: Simulate Sales Order                                        

    BAPI_XSI_GET_VTRK_G            Tracking info                                                            

    2034                           Business Object Customer Contract                                        

    BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATEFROMDATA   Create Customer Contract                                                 

    BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE   Change Customer Contract                                                 

    2044                           BAPIs for Business Object Cost Estimate                                  

    BAPI_COSTESTIMATE_GETDETAIL    Determine detailed information for a cost estimate                       

    BAPI_COSTESTIMATE_GETEXPLOSION Determine BOM Explosion for a Cost Estimate                              

    BAPI_COSTESTIMATE_GETLIST      Determine cost estimate lists                                            

    BAPI_COSTESTIMATE_ITEMIZATION  Determine itemization for a cost estimate                                

    2045                           BAPIs for the insp. lot and subord. obj.                                 

    BAPI_INSPCHAR_GETREQUIREMENTS  Load Inspection Specifications for an Inspection Lot Charac.             

    BAPI_INSPCHAR_GETRESULT        Load Inspection Results                                                  

    BAPI_INSPCHAR_SETRESULT        Confirm Inspection Results                                               

    BAPI_INSPLOT_GETDETAIL         Load Detail Data and Usage Decision for Inspection Lot                   

    BAPI_INSPLOT_GETLIST           Select Inspection Lots                                                   

    BAPI_INSPLOT_GETOPERATIONS     Select Inspection Operations for Inspection Lots                         

    BAPI_INSPLOT_GETSTATUS         Get Current Status Information for Inspection Lot                        

    BAPI_INSPLOT_SETUSAGEDECISION  Automatic Usage Decision                                                 

    BAPI_INSPOPER_GETCHAR          Select Inspection Characteristics                                        

    BAPI_INSPOPER_GETLIST          Select Inspection Operations for Inspection Lots                         

    BAPI_INSPPOINT_CHANGE          Change Inspection Point                                                  

    BAPI_INSPPOINT_CREATEFROMDATA  Create Inspection Point                                                  

    BAPI_INSPPOINT_GETLIST         Select Inspection Points                                                 

    BAPI_INSPPOINT_GETREQUIREMENTS Load Inspection Specifications and Inspection Points                     

    2054                           BAPIs work breakdown structure                                           

    BAPI_FIELDNAME_EXT_GET         Return External Field Names (for BAPI Error Messages)                    

    BAPI_PROJECT_GETINFO           Read Detailed Information for Work Breakdown Structures                  

    BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN          Edit Project Including Networks                                          

    BAPI_PROJECT_SAVEREPLICA       Replicate Work Breakdown Structure (ALE)                                 

    2073                           BAPI profit center document                                              

    BAPI_PCA_BELEG_DELETE          Delete profit center documents (ALE)                                     

    BAPI_PCA_BELEG_REVERSE         Reversal of existing document line items (ALE)                           

    BAPI_PCA_BELEG_SAVEREPLICA     Replicate PCA Line Items (ALE)                                           

    BAPI_PCA_PLANBELEG_SAVEREPLICA Replicate EC-PCA Plan Line Items (ALE)                                   

    2075                           FM for business object "Internal orders"                                 

    BAPI_INTERNALORDER_CREATE      Create Internal Order From Transferred Data                              

    BAPI_INTERNALORDER_GETDETAIL   Display master data, status, and valid business trans. for internal order

    BAPI_INTERNALORDER_GETLIST     Display list of internal orders according to various criteria            

    BAPI_INTERNALORDER_SAVEREPLICA Replicate individual internal order (ALE)                                

    2076                           BAPIs for Cost Obj Hier/Cost Obj Node                                    

    BAPI_COSTOBJNODE_GETDETAIL     Determine Details for a Cost Object Node                                 

    BAPI_COSTOBJNODE_GETHIERARCHY  Determine Cost Object Hierarchy                                          

    BAPI_COSTOBJNODE_GETLIST       Determine Cost Object Nodes in a Controlling Area                        

    2078                           BAPIs for quality notifications                                          

    BAPI_QNOTIFICAT_CREATE         Create Quality Notification                                              

    BAPI_QNOTIFICAT_GETCATALPROFIL Determine Catalog Profile for Quality Notification                       

    BAPI_QNOTIFICAT_GETKEYFIGURES  Determines Existing Quality Notifications                                

    BAPI_QNOTIFICAT_GETLISTFORCUST Select Quality Notifications for a Customer                              

    BAPI_QNOTIFICAT_GETMATLISTFCUS Select a Customer Material List for Quality Notifications                

    2085                           Allocation table: BAPIs                                                  

    BAPI_MATALLOC_CONFIRMREQUEST   Report requested quantities for items and delivery phases (AllocTbl reply)

    BAPI_MATALLOC_GETDETAILEDLIST  List of alloc tbls and items for a store                                 

    2100                           Business Objects Settlement (BAPI)                                       

    BAPI_SETTLEMENTREQSLIST_CHANGE Agency Business: Change Settlement Request List BAPI                     

    BAPI_SETTLEMENTREQSLIST_CREATE Agency Business: Create Settlement Request List BAPI                     

    BAPI_SETTREQSLIST_GETLIST      Agency Business: BAPI Determine Settlement Request List Detailed Data    

    BAPI_SETTREQSLIST_RELEASE      Agency Business: BAPI Release Settlement Request List Documents to FI    

    BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_CANCELMULT Agency Business: BAPI Cancel Single Settlement Requests                  

    BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_CHANGEMULT Agency Business: BAPI Change Single Settlement Requests                  

    BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_CREATEMULT Agency Business: Create Single Settlement Request BAPI                   

    BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_GETLIST    Agency Business: BAPI Determine Singe Request Detailed Data              

    BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_RELEASE    Agency Business: BAPI Release Single Settlement Request Documents to FI  

    2106                           BAPIs for object type BUS2106                                            

    BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_CHG_STATUS   Additionals: Updating the Status of Additional IDocs                     

    BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_GET_PUR_LIST Additionals Purchase Orders for an Additionals Vendor                    

    BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_REPLICATE    Request Detailed Data on Additionals                                     

    BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_STORE_REPLI  Additionals Data for Material Carried in a Plant                         

    2116                           Methods for BO prod.order confirmation                                   

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CANCEL        Cancel Production Order Confirmation                                     

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_ACT    Enter Activity Confirmation                                              

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_HDR    Enter Order Confirmations                                                

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TE     Enter Time Event Confirmation                                            

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT     Enter Time Ticket Confirmation                                           

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_EXIST_CHK     Existence Check for Confirming Production Order                          

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_GETDETAIL     Detailed Data for Production Order Confirmation                          

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_GETLIST       Confirmations List                                                       

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_GET_HDR_PROP  Propose Data for Order Confirmation                                      

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_GET_TE_PROP   Propose Data for Time Event Confirmation                                 

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_GET_TT_PROP   Propose Data for Time Ticket Confirmation                                

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_PDC_UPLOAD_TE Transfer Time Event Confirmations from PDC System                        

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_PDC_UPLOAD_TT Transfer Time Ticket Confirmations from PDC System                       

    2125                           Business Objects Posting List (BAPI)                                     

    BAPI_VENDTRIGCBDLIST_CHANGEMUL Agency Business: Change Posting Lists BAPI                               

    BAPI_VENDTRIGCBDLIST_CREATEMUL Agency Business: Generate Posting Lists BAPI                             

    BAPI_VENDTRIGCBDLIST_GETLIST   Agency Business: BAPI Determine Posting List Detailed Data               

    BAPI_VENDTRIGCBDLIST_RELEASE   Agency Business: BAPI Release Posting Lists Document to FI               

    2126                           Business Objects Remuneration (BAPI)                                     

    BAPI_REMUREQSLISTA_CREATEMULT  Agency Business: BAPI Create Invoice Lists from Vendor Billing Documents 

    BAPI_REMUREQSLISTB_CREATEMULT  Agency Business: BAPI Create Invoice Lists from Payment Documents        

    BAPI_REMUREQSLISTC_CREATEMULT  Agency Business: BAPI Create Invoice Lists from Posting Lists            

    BAPI_REMUREQSLIST_CHANGEMULT   Agency Business: Change Invoice List Documents BAPI                      

    BAPI_REMUREQSLIST_GETLIST      Agency Business: BAPI Determine Detailed Data for Invoice List Documents 

    BAPI_REMUREQSLIST_RELEASE      Agency Business: BAPI Release Invoice List Documents to FI               

    BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_CANCELMULT Agency Business: Cancel Vendor Billing Documents BAPI                    

    BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_CHANGEMULT Agency Business: Change Vendor Billing Documents BAPI                    

    BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_CREATEMULT Agency Business: Generate Vendor Billing Documents BAPI                  

    BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_GETLIST    Agency Business: BAPI Determine Vendor Billing Document Detailed Data    

    BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_RELEASE    Agency Business: BAPI Release Vendor Billing Documents to FI             

    2127                           Methods for BO REM Backflush                                             

    BAPI_REPMANCONF_CANCEL         Reverse REM Backflush                                                    

    BAPI_REPMANCONF_CREATE_MTO     Execute Backflush in Sales Order Scenario                                

    BAPI_REPMANCONF_CREATE_MTS     Execute Backflush in Stock Scenario                                      

    BAPI_REPMANCONF_CREATE_PLOT    Execute Backflush in Production Lot Scenario                             

    BAPI_REPMANCONF_EXIST_CHK      Existency Check for Backflush in Repetitive Manufacturing                

    3006                           Business Objekt General Ledger Account                                   

    BAPI_GL_ACC_EXISTENCECHECK     Check existence of G/L account                                           

    BAPI_GL_ACC_GETBALANCE         Closing balance of G/L account for chosen year                           

    BAPI_GL_ACC_GETCURRENTBALANCE  Closing balance of G/L account for current year                          

    BAPI_GL_ACC_GETLIST            List of G/L accounts for each company code                               

    BAPI_GL_ACC_GETPERIODBALANCES  Posting period balances for each G/L account                             

    3006_HRO                       Business object G/L account                                              

    BAPI_GL_ACC_GETDETAIL          G/L account details                                                      

    3007                           Customer account business object                                         

    BAPI_AR_ACC_GETBALANCEDITEMS   Customer account clearing transactions in a given time period            

    BAPI_AR_ACC_GETCURRENTBALANCE  Closing balance of customer account in current fiscal year               

    BAPI_AR_ACC_GETKEYDATEBALANCE  Customer account balance at a key date                                   

    BAPI_AR_ACC_GETOPENITEMS       Customer account open items at a key date                                

    BAPI_AR_ACC_GETPERIODBALANCES  Posting period totals per customer account in current fiscal year        

    BAPI_AR_ACC_GETSTATEMENT       Customer account statement for a given period                            

    3008                           Vendor account business object                                           

    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETBALANCEDITEMS   Vendor Account Clearing Transactions in a given Period                   

    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETCURRENTBALANCE  Vendor Account Closing Balance in Current Fiscal Year                    

    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETKEYDATEBALANCE  Vendor Account Balance at Key Date                                       

    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETOPENITEMS       Vendor Account Open Items at a Key Date                                  

    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETPERIODBALANCES  Posting Period Balances per Vendor Account in Current Fiscal Year        

    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETSTATEMENT       Vendor Account Statement for a given Period                              

    3027                           Business Object Planned Ind. Requirement                                 

    BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_CHANGE       Planned independent requirement: Change planned independent reqmt        

    BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_CREATE       Planned Independent Requirements: Create Planned Independent Reqmts      

    BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_GETDETAIL    Planned Independent Requirements: Display Details for Pland Indep. Reqmts

    BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_SIMULATE     Planned Independent Requirements: Simulate Creating/Changing PlndIndepReq.

    3032                           Assortment list: BAPIs                                                   

    BAPI_ASSORTMENTLIST_GETGROUP   Select Assortment List Groups                                            

    BAPI_ASSORTMENTLIST_GETHEAD    Select Assortment List Header                                            

    BAPI_ASSORTMENTLIST_GETPOS     Select Assortment List Items                                             

    3033                           Definition/Implementation BO BUS3033                                     

    BAPI_CUSTMATINFO_GETDETAILM    BAPI Public CustomerMaterialInfo getDetailMultiple()                     

    BAPI_CUSTMATINFO_GETLIST       BAPI Public CustomerMaterialInfo getList()                               

    4499                           Business Object: Bank Statement                                          

    BAPI_ACCSTMT_CREATEFROMBALANCE Store account balance/check debit information                            

    BAPI_ACCSTMT_CREATEFROMLOCKBOX Create lockbox data                                                      

    BAPI_ACCSTMT_CREATEFROMPREVDAY Create Bank Statement/Day-End Statement                                  

    BAPI_ACCSTMT_CREATEFROMSAMEDAY Create Bank Statement/Today's Data                                       

    6003                           Sales and distribution area                                              

    BAPI_SDAREA_EXIST              SD Area: Existence Check                                                 

    BAPI_SDAREA_GET_LIST           SD Area: Possible Entries                                                

    6026                           Costs and Activity Type Planning                                         

    BAPI_COSTACTPLN_CHECKACTINPUT  Activity Input Planning: Check                                           

    BAPI_COSTACTPLN_CHECKACTOUTPUT Activity/Price Planning: Check                                           

    BAPI_COSTACTPLN_CHECKKEYFIGURE Stat. Key Figure Planning: Check                                         

    BAPI_COSTACTPLN_CHECKPRIMCOST  Primary Cost Planning: Check                                             

    BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTACTINPUT   Activity Input Planning: Posting                                         

    BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTACTOUTPUT  Activity/Price Planning: Posting                                         

    BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTKEYFIGURE  Stat. Key Figure Planning: Postings                                      

    BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTPRIMCOST   Primary Cost Planning: Postings                                          

    6031                           BusObj 6031: PlanDataTransferCO                                          

    BAPI_PDTRANSCO_CHECKACTINPUT   Plan data transfer: Check activity input                                 

    BAPI_PDTRANSCO_CHECKACTOUTPUT  Plan data transfer: Check activity planning                              

    BAPI_PDTRANSCO_CHECKKEYFIGURE  Plan data transfer: Check stat. key figures                              

    BAPI_PDTRANSCO_CHECKPRIMCOST   Plan Data Transfer: Check Primary Costs                                  

    BAPI_PDTRANSCO_GETSOURCEINFOS  Information About Settings for Plan Data Source                          

    BAPI_PDTRANSCO_POSTACTINPUT    Planning Data Transfer: Post Activity Input                              

    BAPI_PDTRANSCO_POSTACTOUTPUT   Planning Data Transfer: Post Activity Planning                           

    BAPI_PDTRANSCO_POSTKEYFIGURE   Transfer of Planning Data: Post Stat. Key Figures                        

    BAPI_PDTRANSCO_POSTPRIMCOST    Transfer of Planning Data: Post Primary Costs                            

    6032                           BAPI STORE ORDER                                                         

    BAPI_STOREORDER_CHANGE         Change Documents (PR, PR, Delivery or Sales Order) From Store Orders     

    BAPI_STOREORDER_CREATE         Creates Documents (PR, PO, Delivery or Sales order) From Store Orders    

    7004                           Display Payroll Results                                                  

    BAPI_GET_PAYROLL_RESULT_LIST   Directory of payroll results for one personnel number                    

    BAPI_GET_PAYSLIP               Selected remuneration statement for a personnel number                   

    BAPI_GET_PAYSLIP_HTML          Payroll form for employees in HTML format                                

    7023                           Bapis for Business-Object BUS7023                                        

    BAPI_EXTPAYROLL_INSERT_LEGACY  Payroll Account Transfer                                                 

    BAPI_EXTPAYROLL_INSERT_OUT     Payroll Result Update by a Third-Party Payroll Run                       

    ABSE                           Object Type "Absence"                                                    

    BAPI_ABSENCE_APPROVE           Unlock absence                                                           

    BAPI_ABSENCE_CHANGE            Change absence                                                           

    BAPI_ABSENCE_CREATE            Create absence                                                           

    BAPI_ABSENCE_DELETE            Delete absence                                                           

    BAPI_ABSENCE_GETDETAIL         Read absence                                                             

    BAPI_ABSENCE_GETDETAILEDLIST   Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_ABSENCE_GETLIST           Read instances                                                           

    BAPI_ABSENCE_REQUEST           Create locked absence                                                    

    BAPI_ABSENCE_SIMULATECREATION  Simulation: Create absence                                               

    ACC4                           FI/CO: BAPIs for UPDATE                                                  

    BAPI_ACC_BILLING_CHECK         Accounting: Check Billing Doc. (OAG: LOAD RECEIVABLE)                    

    BAPI_ACC_BILLING_POST          Accounting: Post Billing Document (OAG: LOAD RECEIVABLE)                 

    BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_EXP_CHECK    Accounting: Check G/L Acct Assignment for HR Posting (OAG: POST JOURNAL) 

    BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_EXP_POST     Accounting: Post G/L Acct Assignment for HR Posting (OAG: POST JOURNAL)  

    BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_PAY_CHECK    Accounting: Check Vendor Acct Assignment for HR Posting (OAG:LOAD PAYABLE)

    BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_PAY_POST     Accounting: Post Vendor Acct Assignment for HR Posting (OAG: LOAD PAYABLE)

    BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_REC_CHECK    Accounting: Check Cust. Acct Assignmt for HR Posting (OAG:LOAD RECEIVABLE)

    BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_REC_POST     Accounting: Post Cust. Acct Assigt for HR Posting (OAG: LOAD RECEIVABLE) 

    BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_CHECK      Accounting: General G/L Account Posting                                  

    BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_POST       Accounting: General G/L Account Posting                                  

    BAPI_ACC_GOODS_MOVEMENT_CHECK  Accounting: Check Goods Movement (OAG: POST JOURNAL)                     

    BAPI_ACC_GOODS_MOVEMENT_POST   Accounting: Post Goods Movement (OAG: POST JOURNAL)                      

    BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT_CHECK Accounting: Check Invoice Receipt (OAG: LOAD PAYABLE)                    

    BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT_POST  Accounting: Post Invoice Receipt (OAG: LOAD PAYABLE)                     

    BAPI_ACC_PURCHASE_ORDER_CHECK  Accounting: Check Purchase Order                                         

    BAPI_ACC_PURCHASE_ORDER_POST   Accounting: Post Purchase Order                                          

    BAPI_ACC_PURCHASE_REQUI_CHECK  Accounting: Check Purchase Requisition                                   

    BAPI_ACC_PURCHASE_REQUI_POST   Accounting: Post Purchase Requisition                                    

    BAPI_ACC_SALES_ORDER_CHECK     Accounting: Check Sales Order                                            

    BAPI_ACC_SALES_ORDER_POST      Accounting: Post Sales Order                                             

    BAPI_ACC_SALES_QUOTA_CHECK     Accounting: Check Customer Quotation                                     

    BAPI_ACC_SALES_QUOTA_POST      Accounting: Post Customer Quotation                                      

    BAPI_ACC_TRAVEL_CHECK          Accounting: Check Trip                                                   

    BAPI_ACC_TRAVEL_POST           Accounting: Post Trip                                                    

    ACC5                           FI/CO: BAPIs Asset Postings                                              

    BAPI_ACC_ASSET_ACQ_SETT_CHECK  ACC: Asset Acquisition - Synchronous Determination of Capitalization Value

    BAPI_ACC_ASSET_ACQ_SETT_POST   ACC: Asset Acquisition-Asynchronous Determination of Capitalization Value

    BAPI_ACC_***_ACQUISITION_CHECK Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                          

    BAPI_ACC_***_INTRA_TRANS_CHECK Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                          

    BAPI_ACC_***_POSTCAP_CHECK     Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                          

    BAPI_ACC_***_RETIREMENT_CHECK  Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                          

    BAPI_ACC_***_TRANSFER_CHECK    Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                          

    BAPI_ACC_***_TRANSFER_POST     Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                          

    BAPI_ACC_***_TRANS_ACQ_CHECK   Accounting: Check Acquisition from Transfer                              

    BAPI_ACC_***_TRANS_ACQ_POST    Accounting: Post Acquisition from Transfer                               

    BAPI_ACC_***_TRANS_RET_CHECK   Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                          

    BAPI_ACC_AUC_ACQUISITION_CHECK Accounting: Asset Acquisition from Settlement                            

    BAPI_ACC_AUC_ACQUISITION_POST  Accounting: Asset Acquisition from Settlement                            

    ACC7                           CO: Check and Substitution for HR                                        

    BAPI_CODINGBLOCK_PRECHECK_HR   Check Module: CO Account Assignments in Personnel Settlement             

    BAPI_FIXACCOUNT_GETLIST        Read TKA30                                                               

    ACC7CORE                       CO: Check and Substitution for HR                                        

    BAPI_COST_ELEM_FIXACCOUNT_GET  Read Fixed Account Assignment for Company Code/Business Area/Cost Element

    AEMM                           Additionals in integrated mat. maint.                                    

    BAPI_ADDITIONAL_MAINTAINDATA   Create and change additionals assignments (Retail)                       

    AIA_BAPI                       FMs for BAPIs                                                            

    BAPI_APPREQUEST_ADDVARIANT     Add a Variant to an Appropriation Request                                

    BAPI_APPREQUEST_CHANGE         Change an Appropriation Request                                          

    BAPI_APPREQUEST_CHANGEVARIANT  Change Appropriation Request Variant                                     

    BAPI_APPREQUEST_CREATE         Create Appropriation Request                                             

    BAPI_APPREQUEST_DELETE         Deletion of an Appropriation Request                                     

    BAPI_APPREQUEST_GETDETAIL      Display of an Appropriation Request                                      

    BAPI_APPREQUEST_GETSTATUS      Display Status of an Appropriation Request                               

    BAPI_APPREQUEST_REMOVEVARIANT  Delete an Appropriation Request Variant                                  

    BAPI_APPREQUEST_SETSTATUS      Setting System and User Status of Appropriation Request                  

    BAPI_APPREQUEST_SETSTATUSVARNT Setting of User and System Status on Variants                            

    AMFA                           Fixed asset posting BAPIs                                                

    BAPI_ASSET_ACQUISITION_CHECK   Check asset acquisition                                                  

    BAPI_ASSET_ACQUISITION_POST    Post asset acquisition                                                   

    BAPI_ASSET_POSTCAP_CHECK       Check post-capitalization                                                

    BAPI_ASSET_POSTCAP_POST        Post post-capitalization                                                 

    BAPI_ASSET_RETIREMENT_CHECK    Check asset retirement                                                   

    BAPI_ASSET_RETIREMENT_POST     Post asset retirement                                                    

    APPL                           Business Object Applicant                                                

    BAPI_APPLICANT_CHANGEPASSWORD  Change applicant password                                                

    BAPI_APPLICANT_CHECKEXISTENCE  Check applicant's existence                                              

    BAPI_APPLICANT_CHECKPASSWORD   Check applicant password                                                 

    BAPI_APPLICANT_CREATE          Create applicant                                                         

    BAPI_APPLICANT_CREATE_PW_REG   Create entry for applicant password                                      

    BAPI_APPLICANT_DELETE_PW_REG   Delete entry for applicant password                                      

    BAPI_APPLICANT_DEQUEUE         Unlock Applicant                                                         

    BAPI_APPLICANT_ENQUEUE         Lock Applicant                                                           

    BAPI_APPLICANT_GETSTATUS       Determine applicant status                                               

    BAPI_APPLICANT_GET_PW_REG      Read entry for applicant password                                        

    BAPI_APPLICANT_INITPASSWORD    Initialize applicant password                                            

    APPLICATION                    Business Object Application                                              

    BAPI_APPLICATION_CREATE        Create Application                                                       

    BACV                           BAPI Conversion Routines                                                 

    BAPI_CONVERSION_EXT2INT        Convert Data from External Format into Internal Format                   

    BAPI_CONVERSION_EXT2INT1       Convert Data from External Format into Internal Format                   

    BAPI_CONVERSION_INT2EXT        Convert data from internal format into external format                   

    BAPI_CONVERSION_INT2EXT1       Convert data from Internal Format into External Format                   

    BAPICATS                       BAPIs for BUS 7024                                                       

    BAPI_CATIMESHEETMGR_CHANGE     CATS: Change Data Records                                                

    BAPI_CATIMESHEETMGR_DELETE     CATS: Delete Data Records                                                

    BAPI_CATIMESHEETMGR_INSERT     CATS: Insert Data Records                                                

    BAPICATSRECORD                 BAPIs for BUS TIMESHREC                                                  

    BAPI_CATIMESHEETRECORD_GETLIST Time Sheet: Data Record List                                             

    BAPIEMPLOYEECATS               BAPIs for BUS 7025                                                       

    BAPI_EECATIMESHEET_GETWORKLIST Time Sheet: Read Worklist                                                

    BAPIS1068                      BAPIs for retail promotions                                              

    BAPI_PROMO_CHANGESITEPLANNING  Change of Quantities and Prices from Plants In a Promotion               

    BAPI_PROMO_CONFIRMREQUEST      Replies Containing Required Quantities of a Plant                        

    BAPI_PROMO_CREATE              Create a Promotion                                                       

    BAPI_PROMO_GETANNOUNCEDLIST    List of Promotions for a Plant                                           

    BAPI_PROMO_GETSITEPLANNING     Detailed Data for the Plants Involved in a Promotion                     

    BAPI_PROMO_GETSITEPLANNING1    Detailed Data for the Plants Involved in a Promotion                     

    BAPIS1073                      BAPIs for Season Management                                              

    BAPI_PRICEMARKDOWNPLAN_CREATE  Create a markdown plan                                                   

    BAPT                           Transaction control for BAPIs                                            

    BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT        Execute external Commit when using BAPIs                                 

    BAPI_TRANSACTION_ROLLBACK      Execute external Rollback when using BAPIs                               

    BARCODE                        Function module for object BARCODE                                       

    BAPI_BARCODE_SENDLIST          Function module for BAPI BARCODE.SendList                                

    BASB                           Service Master Record: BAPIs                                             

    BAPI_SERVICE_GET_DETAIL        Read Detailed Data for a Service Master Record                           

    BAPI_SERVICE_GET_LIST          List Display for Service Master Records                                  

    BASR                           Functions for BAPI Service Reports                                       

    BAPI_MONITOR_CHECKDOCU         Check that BAPI documentation is availablle                              

    BAPI_MONITOR_GETLIST           Create BAPI List                                                         

    BATG                           BAPIs for Reading Documentation                                          

    BAPI_APPLICATIONLOG_GETDETAIL  Read Details of Entries in Application Log                               

    BAPI_FIELDHELP_GETDOCU         Read input help for BAPI interface parameter                             

    BAPI_HYPERLINK_GETTEXT         Read Hypertext Links of Documentation                                    

    BAPI_INTERFACE_GETDOCU         Read BAPI interface documentation                                        

    BAPI_MESSAGE_GETDETAIL         Read long text of error message                                          

    BD02                           ALE: customer model                                                      

    BAPI_ALE_MODEL_GET             BAPI: read ALE distribution model                                        

    BDBG                           Tool and templates for BAPI IDocs                                        

    BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1               Inbound BAPI IDoc: Individual Processing                                 

    BAPI_IDOC_INPUTP               Inbound BAPI IDoc: Packet Processing                                     

    BDMON                          ALE CCMS monitoring functions                                            

    BAPI_IDOCAPPL_DISPLAY          Call Report for IDoc Display                                             

    BEACTIVITY                     Process modeling activity                                                

    BAPI_ACTIVITY_COMPARE          Test Module for Modeling                                                 

    BAPI_ACTIVITY_GETCOUPLING      Get activity coupling events                                             

    BAPI_ACTIVITY_GETDETAIL        Read diagram                                                             

    BAPI_ACTIVITY_GETPOTCOUPLING   Get potential coupling events between two activities                     

    BEANSWER                       Answer                                                                   

    BAPI_ANSWER_READMULTIPLE       Read answers                                                             

    BEBAC                          Application component                                                    

    BAPI_APPCOMP_READMULTIPLE      Read application component ID                                            

    BEDIA                          Process Modeling Diagram Module                                          

    BAPI_PROCDIA_READMULTIPLE      Read process diagram modules                                             

    BAPI_PROCDIA_WRITEMULTIPLE     Write process diagram modules                                            

    BEDIAVAR                       Process Modeling Diagram Variant                                         

    BAPI_DIAVAR_READMULTIPLE       Read diagram variants                                                    

    BAPI_DIAVAR_WRITEMULTIPLE      Write diagram variants                                                   

    BEEVENT                        Process modeling event                                                   

    BAPI_PROCEVENT_READMULTIPLE    Read events                                                              

    BAPI_PROCEVENT_WRITEMULTIPLE   Write events                                                             

    BEFILTER                       Hierarchy Filter                                                         

    BAPI_HIERFILT_READMULTIPLE     Read hierarchy filter                                                    

    BAPI_HIERFILT_WRITEMULTIPLE    Write hierarchy filter                                                   

    BEFUNCT                        Process modeling function                                                

    BAPI_PROCFUNCT_READMULTIPLE    Read functions                                                           

    BAPI_PROCFUNCT_WRITEMULTIPLE   Write functions                                                          

    BEGEN                          General Methods                                                          

    BAPI_MODOBJ_DEQUEUE            Unlock model object                                                      

    BAPI_OBJID_GETLIST             Get new object IDs                                                       

    BEGROUP                        Obsolete                                                                 

    BAPI_PROCGROUP_READMULTIPLE    Read visualization group  (obsolete)                                     

    BAPI_PROCGROUP_WRITEMULTIPLE   Write visualization groups (obsolete)                                    

    BEPROC                         Process module                                                           

    BAPI_PROCCOMP_READMULTIPLE     Read process modules                                                     

    BEPROCVAR                      Process Variant                                                          

    BAPI_PROCVAR_READMULTIPLE      Read process variants                                                    

    BEPROJECT                      Customizing project                                                      

    BAPI_CUSPRO_DISPLAY            Display customizing project                                              

    BAPI_CUSPRO_WRITESCOPE         Write project scope and enhancementsn                                    

    BEQADB                         QADB Hierarchy                                                           

    BAPI_QADB_READ                 Read SAP Reference Structure for Q&Adb

    BEQUESTION                     Question                                                                 

    BAPI_QUESTION_READMULTIPLE     Read question                                                            

    BESTRUCT                       SAP Reference Structure (module)                                         

    BAPI_HIERSTRUCT_READMULTIPLE   Read hierarchy structures                                                

    BAPI_HIERSTRUCT_WRITEMULTIPLE  Write hierarchy structures                                               

    BFCR                           BAPI Currency Conversion Tools                                           

    BAPI_CURRENCY_CONV_TO_EXTERNAL Conversion of Currency Amounts into External Data Format                 

    BAPI_CURRENCY_CONV_TO_EXTERN_9 Conversion of Currency Amounts into External Data Format                 

    BAPI_CURRENCY_CONV_TO_INTERNAL Conversion of Currency Amounts into Internal Data Format                 

    BAPI_CURRENCY_CONV_TO_INTERN_9 Conversion of Currency Amounts into Internal Data Format                 

    BFHV                           BAPIs for the object type HelpValues                                     

    BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET            Determine Allowed Input Values (F4) for Fields in BAPI Parameters        

    BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET_SEARCHHELP Search Help for Possible Values of BAPI Parameters                       

    BPAY                           Basic pay object type                                                    

    BAPI_BASICPAYEVALUATEWAGETYPES Valuate Person-Specific Wage Types                                       

    BAPI_BASICPAY_APPROVE          Unlock basic pay                                                         

    BAPI_BASICPAY_CHANGE           Change basic pay                                                         

    BAPI_BASICPAY_CREATE           Create basic pay                                                         

    BAPI_BASICPAY_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subsequent basic pay record                                       

    BAPI_BASICPAY_DELETE           Delete Basic Pay                                                         

    BAPI_BASICPAY_EVALUATEWAGETYPS Create Basic Pay                                                         

    BAPI_BASICPAY_GETDETAIL        Read basic pay                                                           

    BAPI_BASICPAY_GETLIST          Read instances                                                           

    BAPI_BASICPAY_REQUEST          Create locked basic pay record                                           

    BAPI_BASICPAY_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create basic pay                                             

    BAPI_WAGETYPE_EMPLOYEEGETLIST  Read Wage Types                                                          

    BAPI_WAGETYPE_GETLIST          Read Wage Types                                                          

    BUBA                           BAPIs for BOR Object BUS1006                                             

    BAPI_BP_REFERENCE_CREATE       Create BP/Logsys/GUID Reference Record in Target System                  

    BAPI_BUSINESS_PARTNER_CHANGE   CBP: BAPI for Changing Business Partner                                  

    BAPI_BUSINESS_PARTNER_CREATE   CBP: BAPI for Creating Business Partner                                  

    BAPI_BUSINESS_PARTNER_MODIFY   CBP: BAPI for Modifying (Creating/Changing) Business Partner             

    BAPI_BUSINESS_PARTN_GET_DETAIL CBP: Business Partner Detailed Information                               

    BUS1001                        BAPIs for the Business Object Material                                   

    BAPI_MATERIAL_EXISTENCECHECK   Check Existence of Material                                              

    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETBATCHCERT     Create Quality Certificate for Batch in Portable Document Format (PDF)   

    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETBATCHES       Create Batch List for a Material                                         

    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETCHARMERCHHIER Supply Characteristics of Retail Material for Material Group Hierarchy   

    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETINTNUMBER     Assign New Internal Numbers for a Material Type                          

    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETINTNUMBERRET  Assign New Internal Numbers for a Material Type for Retail Materials     

    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETLIST          Supply List of Materials for Search Criteria Transferred                 

    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETVARNUMBERS    Supply Material Numbers for New Variants of a Generic Material           

    BAPI_MATERIAL_GET_DETAIL       Determine Details for a Material                                         

    BAPI_STDMATERIAL_GETINTNUMBER  Assign New Internal Numbers for a Material Type                          

    BUS1090                        Business object currency                                                 

    BAPI_CURRENCY_GETDECIMALS      Currency: Decimal places                                                 

    BAPI_CURRENCY_GETLIST          Display All Currency Codes Existing in the SAP System                    

    BUS1093                        BAPIs to BO exchange rate                                                

    BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_CREATE       Insert an entry in table of exchange rates                               

    BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_GETDETAIL    Exchange rate stored for exch.rate type, currency pair, value date       

    BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_GETFACTORS   Read exchange rate relationship for currency pair                        

    BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_SAVEREPLICA  Replication of currency rates                                            

    BAPI_EXCHRATE_CREATEMULTIPLE   Insert one or more exchange rates in SAP tables                          

    BAPI_EXCHRATE_GETCURRENTRATES  Output selected exchange rates and factors from the SAP system           

    BAPI_EXCHRATE_GETLISTRATETYPES List of exchange rate types used for exchange rates                      

    CLBP                           Class BAPIs                                                              

    BAPI_CLASS_ALLOC_GLOB_DEP      BAPI: Assign Global Dependencies to Class                                

    BAPI_CLASS_CHANGE              BAPI: Change Class                                                       

    BAPI_CLASS_CHARVALUE_DEL_DEP   Class BAPI: Delete Local / Global Dependencies for Characteristic Value  

    BAPI_CLASS_CHARVALUE_GLOB_DEP  Class BAPI: Assign Global Dependencies to Characteristic Value           

    BAPI_CLASS_CHARVALUE_LOCAL_DEP Class BAPI: Maintain Local Dependency for Characteristic Value           

    BAPI_CLASS_CHARVALUE_READ_ALLO Class BAPI: Read Dependencies for Characteristic Value                   

    BAPI_CLASS_CHAR_ALLOC_GLOB_DEP Class BAPI: Global Dependencies for Characteristic                       

    BAPI_CLASS_CHAR_DELETE_DEP     Class BAPI: Delete Global / Local Dependency for Characteristic          

    BAPI_CLASS_CHAR_LOCAL_DEP      Class BAPI: Assign / Delete Local Dependency for Characteristic          

    BAPI_CLASS_CHAR_READ_ALLOC     Class BAPI: Read Dependencies for Characteristic                         

    BAPI_CLASS_CREATE              Create Class BAPI                                                        

    BAPI_CLASS_DELETE              BAPI: Delete Class                                                       

    BAPI_CLASS_DELETE_DEP          Class BAPI: Delete Global / Local Dependency                             

    BAPI_CLASS_EXISTENCECHECK      Class BAPI: Check Existence                                              

    BAPI_CLASS_GETDETAIL           BAPI: Read Class Information                                             

    BAPI_CLASS_GETLIST             BAPI: Read Classes                                                       

    BAPI_CLASS_GETSTATUS           Class BAPI: Status Information                                           

    BAPI_CLASS_GET_CHARACTERISTICS Import Characteristics and Allowed Values for Class                      

    BAPI_CLASS_GET_CLASSIFICATIONS Read Values Assigned to Objects in Class                                 

    BAPI_CLASS_MAINT_LOCAL_DEP     Class BAPI: Assign / Delete Local Dependency                             

    BAPI_CLASS_READ                BAPI: Read Class Information                                             

    BAPI_CLASS_READ_ALLOC          Class BAPI: Read Dependencies                                            

    BAPI_CLASS_SELECT_OBJECTS      Find Objects in Class                                                    

    CLBPA                          Classification BAPIs                                                     

    BAPI_OBJCL_CHANGE              Classification BAPI: Change Assignment                                   

    BAPI_OBJCL_CHANGE_KEY          BAPI Classification: Change Attributes of an Assignment (Key)            

    BAPI_OBJCL_CONCATENATEKEY      Classification BAPI: Generate Concatenated Key                           

    BAPI_OBJCL_CONCATENATEKEY_KEY  BAPI Classification: Create Concatenated Key (Key)                       

    BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE              Classification BAPI: Create Assignment                                   

    BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE_KEY          BAPI Classification: Create Assignment (Key)                             

    BAPI_OBJCL_DELETE              Classification BAPI: Delete Assignment                                   

    BAPI_OBJCL_DELETE_KEY          BAPI Classification: Delete Assignment (Key)                             

    BAPI_OBJCL_EXISTENCECHECK_KEY  BAPI Classification: Existence Check for a Classification (Key)          

    BAPI_OBJCL_EXISTENCE_CHECK     Classification BAPI: Check Existence of Classification                   

    BAPI_OBJCL_GETCLASSES          Classification BAPI: Classes for Object                                  

    BAPI_OBJCL_GETCLASSES_KEY      BAPI Classification: Object Classes (Key)                                

    BAPI_OBJCL_GETDETAIL           Classification BAPI: Read Classification Information on Object           

    BAPI_OBJCL_GETDETAIL_KEY       BAPI Classification: Read Classification Information (Key)               

    BAPI_OBJCL_GETOBJECTS          Classification BAPI: Find by Assignment                                  

    BAPI_OBJCL_GETOBJECTS_KEY      BAPI Classification: Find Assignment (Key)                               

    BAPI_OBJCL_GETSTATUS           Classification BAPI: Classification Status of Object                     

    BAPI_OBJCL_GETSTATUS_KEY       BAPI Classification: Classification Status of an Object (Key)            

    BAPI_OBJCL_GET_KEY_OF_OBJECT   BAPI Classification: Object Key                                          

    BAPI_OBJCL_GET_OBJECT_OF_KEY   BAPI Classification: Key Object                                          

    BAPI_OBJCL_SPLITKEY            Classification BAPI: Decomposition of Concatenated Key                   

    BAPI_OBJCL_SPLITKEY_KEY        Classification BAPI: Decomposition of Concatenated Key                   

    CLBPH                          Class Hierarchy BAPIs                                                    

    BAPI_HIERA_CHANGESUBCLASS      Class Hierarchy BAPI: Change Assignment                                  

    BAPI_HIERA_CHANGESUBTREE       Class Hierarchy BAPI: Change Hierarchy (Top Down)                        

    BAPI_HIERA_CREATESUBCLASS      Class Hierarchy BAPI: Create Assignment                                  

    BAPI_HIERA_CREATESUBTREE       Class Hierarchy BAPI: Create Hierarchy (Top Down)                        

    BAPI_HIERA_DELETESUBCLASS      Class Hierarchy BAPI: Delete Assignment                                  

    BAPI_HIERA_DELETESUBTREE       Class Hierarchy BAPI: Delete Hierarchy (Top Down)                        

    BAPI_HIERA_EXISTENCESUBCLASS   Class Hierarchy BAPI: Check Existence                                    

    BAPI_HIERA_EXISTENCESUBTREE    Class Hierarchy BAPI: Use Hierarchy to Check Existence                   

    BAPI_HIERA_GETDETAILSUBCLASS   Class Hierarchy BAPI: Assignment Information                             

    BAPI_HIERA_GETSUBCLASSES       Class Hierarchy BAPI: (Directly) Subordinate Classes                     

    BAPI_HIERA_GETSUBTREE          Class Hierarchy BAPI: Read Hierarchy (Top Down)                          

    BAPI_HIERA_GETSUPERCLASSES     Class Hierarchy BAPI: (Directly) Superior Classes                        

    BAPI_HIERA_GETSUPERTREE        Class Hierarchy BAPI: Read Hierarchy (Bottom Up)                         

    COC5B                          BABIs: PI-PCS Interface, Proc. Messages                                  

    BAPI_PROCESS_MESSAGE_CHK_EXIST Check process message existence                                          

    BAPI_PROCESS_MESSAGE_CREATEMLT Create process messages                                                  

    BAPI_PROC_MESS_DEST_RECEIVE_PM BAPI: Receiving and Processing of Process Messages                       

    COC7B                          BABIs: PI-PCS Interface, Control Recipes                                 

    BAPI_CONTROL_RECIPE_GET_LIST   Read control recipe list                                                 

    BAPI_CONTROL_RECIPE_REQUEST    Request and transfer control recipes                                     

    COC8B                          BABIs: Service Functions                                                 

    BAPI_PROC_CHAR_GET_HELPVALUES  Read allowed values for a process characteristic                         

    BAPI_PROC_CHAR_GET_LIST        Read process characteristics, incl. detail data                          

    CTBP                           BAPIs for Characteristics                                                

    BAPI_CHARACT_CHANGE            BAPI for Characteristics - Change                                        

    BAPI_CHARACT_CREATE            BAPI for Characteristics - Create                                        

    BAPI_CHARACT_DELETE            BAPI for Characteristics - Delete                                        

    BAPI_CHARACT_EXISTENCECHECK    BAPI for Characteristics - Check Existence                               

    BAPI_CHARACT_GETDETAIL         BAPI for Characteristics - Read Attributes                               

    CUW1                           BAPI Configuration                                                       

    BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_ATTR_READ  Displays the attributes of all or the specified chars of the instance    

    BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_READ       Displays characteristics (according to search criteria) of the instance  

    BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_VALS_DEL   Deletes one or more values of one or more characteristics of an instance 

    BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_VALS_READ  Displays current values or allowed values of chars of an instance        

    BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_VALS_SET   Sets one or more values for one or more characteristics of an instance   

    BAPI_CFGINST_INCOMPLETE_CHECK  Checks whether data is missing for instance and returns missing data     

    BAPI_CFGINST_INCONSIST_CHECK   Checks whether instance has inconsistencies and returns inconsistencies  

    BAPI_CFG_CREATE                Starts a new configuration (root item, initializes configurator)         

    BAPI_CFG_READ                  Returns external representation of configuration currently loaded        

    CVBAPI                         BAPIs for document info records                                          

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE           Change document                                                          

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE2          Change document                                                          

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN          Check in document                                                        

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN2         Check in document                                                        

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN_REPLACE  Check in document (overwrite originals)                                  

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN_REPLACE2 Check in document (overwrite originals)                                  

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTCANCEL   Terminate checkout                                                       

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTCANCEL2  Terminate checkout                                                       

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTMODIFY   Check out document for processing                                        

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTMODIFY2  Check out document for processing                                        

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTSET      Set document to checked out                                              

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTSET2     Set document to checked out                                              

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTVIEW     Check out document for display                                           

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTVIEW2    Check out document for display                                           

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTVIEWX    Check out document for display                                           

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE           Create document                                                          

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2          Create document                                                          

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATEFROMSOURCE Create Document with Template Source                                     

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATEFROMSRC2   Create Document with Template Source                                     

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATENEWVERSION Create new document version                                              

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATENEWVRS2    Create new document version                                              

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_DELETE           Delete document or set deletion indicator                                

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_DEQUEUE          Unlock document                                                          

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_ENQUEUE          Lock document                                                            

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_EXISTENCECHECK   Document Exists                                                          

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETACTVERSION    Determine Valid Version of a Document                                    

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETAPPLICATION   Determine Data for an Application                                        

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDCDETAIL      Determine Detail Data of Data Carrier                                    

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDCLIST        Determine List of Data Carriers                                          

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDCLIST2       Determine List of Data Carriers                                          

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDETAIL        Determine Detail Data for a Document                                     

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDETAIL2       Determine Detail Data for a Document                                     

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDOCTYPEDETAIL Determine Data for a Document Type                                       

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETFRONTENDTYPE  Determine Frontend Type for Computer                                     

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETLATEST        Deterimines Last Versions of Document Interface                          

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETLIST          Find Document                                                            

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETLIST_OLD      Find documents                                                           

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETOBJECTDOCS    Determine Documents for an Object                                        

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETOBJECTLINKS   Read Object Links                                                        

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETSTATUS        Read Document Status                                                     

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETSTATUSLIST    Determine Status List for a Document Type                                

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETSTRUCTURE     Determine document structure                                             

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETTEXTS         Read Long Texts for Documents                                            

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_INIT             Set general data for BAPIs                                               

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_LOAD             Load document data (data transfer Workbench)                             

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_SAVEOBJECTLINKS  Save object link                                                         

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_SETFRONTENDTYPE  Set frontend type for computer                                           

    BAPI_DOCUMENT_SETSTATUS        Set Document Status                                                      

    BAPI_MOVE_DOC_DRAD_TO_DRAD     Compare object links (BAPI_DOC_DRAD -> DRAD)

    BAPI_MOVE_DOC_DRAD_TO_DRAD2    Compare object links (BAPI_DOC_DRAD -> DMS_DB_DRAD)

    BAPI_MOVE_DOC_DRAT_TO_DRAT     Compare object links (BAPI_DOC_DRAD -> DRAD)

    BAPI_MOVE_DOC_DRAT_TO_DRAT2    Compare object links (BAPI_DOC_DRAT -> DMS_DRAT)

    BAPI_MOVE_DOC_TEXT_TO_TEXT     Long texts                                                               

    BAPI_MOVE_DOC_TEXT_TO_TEXT2    Long texts                                                               

    DX_BAPILOAD                    Data Transfer Using BAPIs                                                

    BAPI_IDOC_INPUT_FROM_FILE      Inbound Function Module IDoc -> BAPI -> Application Via MDTB

    ECOP                           Entity Copier                                                            

    BAPI_ECOP_ORG_UNITS            RFC call from ECOP                                                       

    FTR_BUS2042                    Financial Transaction: BUS2042                                           

    BAPI_FTR_CHANGE                Change Transaction                                                       

    BAPI_FTR_COUNTERCONFIRM        Counterconfirm Transaction                                               

    BAPI_FTR_CREATEFROMDATA        Create Transaction                                                       

    BAPI_FTR_GETDETAIL             Read Transaction Detailed Data                                           

    BAPI_FTR_GETLIST               Read Transaction List                                                    

    BAPI_FTR_REVERSE               Reverse Transaction                                                      

    BAPI_FTR_ROLLOVER              Roll Over Transaction                                                    

    BAPI_FTR_SETTLE                Settle Transaction                                                       

    BAPI_FTR_TERMINATE             Terminate Transaction                                                    

    GLEX                           Function modules for active EXCEL                                        

    BAPI_DUMMY                     DUMMY                                                                    

    BAPI_F4_FORMOL                 Selection of Line Layout Rules                                           

    BAPI_F4_RACCT                  Selection of Item                                                        

    BAPI_F4_RCOMP                  Selection of Company                                                     

    BAPI_F4_RMVCT                  Selection of Transaction Type Group Texts                                

    BAPI_F4_RSUBD                  Selection of Subgroup                                                    

    BAPI_F4_RVERS                  Selection of Version                                                     

    BAPI_GET_TABLE_HEADER          Get Column Headings for EXCEL_TAB* (Internal)                            

    BAPI_READ_INDX_GESPOS          Read Gespos from INDX (internal)                                         

    BAPI_READ_INDX_GESVBUND        Read Imptab from INDX (internal)                                         

    BAPI_READ_INDX_IMPTAB          Read Imptab from MCDX (internal)                                         

    BAPI_READ_INDX_POSDATEN        Read Posdaten from INDX (internal)                                       

    BAPI_REP_GLI70                 List of Companies                                                        

    BAPI_SET_RACCT                 Item Set acc. to Line Layout                                             

    BAPI_SET_RCOMP                 Company Set acc. to Subgroup                                             

    BAPI_SET_RCOMP_SORT1           Company Set acc. to Sort Criterion 1                                     

    BAPI_SET_RCOMP_SORT2           Company Set acc. to Sort Criterion 2                                     

    BAPI_SET_RCOMP_SORT3           Company Set acc. to Sort Criterion 3                                     

    BAPI_SET_RMVCT                 Transaction Type Groups-Set dissolved to TTy-Groups                      

    BAPI_TAB_T880                  General Company Data acc. to T880                                        

    BAPI_VALUE_GESPOS              L1P(L1) L2P(L2) G1P(L3) G2P(L4)                     Company-FS Item Values

    BAPI_VALUE_GESVBUND            L1B(L1) L2B(L2) G1B(L3) G2B(L4)                   Company-Items-TTy-Values

    BAPI_VALUE_IMPTAB              A2P(L2) A3P(L3)                                 Company Shares to FS Items

    BAPI_VALUE_IMPTAB_RMVCT        A2B(L2) A3B(L3)                                      Company Shares to TTy

    BAPI_VALUE_IMPTAB_RSUBD        K1B(L1) K2B(L2) K3B(L3)                          Group-FS Items-TTy-Values

    BAPI_VALUE_PIVOT               Group-Years-Company-FS Items-Values                                      

    BAPI_VALUE_POSDATEN            K1P(Ll) K2P(L2) K3P(L3)                              Group FS Items Values

    HRBEN00BENADJREAS              Function group for object BENADJREAS                                     

    BAPI_BEN_BENADJREAS_CALC_ENDDA Determination of the (new) end date of an existing adjustment reason     

    BAPI_BEN_BENADJREAS_DELIMIT    Delimitation of adjustment reason                                        

    BAPI_BEN_BENADJREAS_GET_LIST   Define adjustment reasons that are currently valid for an employee       

    HRBEN00BUS3029                 Function Group for Business Object 3029                                  

    BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_CHECK_SELECT  Consistency Check                                                        

    BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_CREATE_PLANS  Enroll employee                                                          

    BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_DELETE_PLANS  Cancel EE enrollment                                                     

    BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_COREQ     Determine corequisite plans                                              

    BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_EVT_LIST  Determine adjustment reasons that are currently valid for an employee    

    BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_OFFER     Define benefits offer                                                    

    BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_OPEN_PERI Check if open enrollment period exists and period is indicated           

    BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_PARTICIP  Benefit participation of an employee                                     

    HRBEN00BUS302901               Function Group for Object BUS302901                                      

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302901_GET_DEP     Health plan dependents                                                   

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302901_GET_POS_DEP Possible health plan dependents                                          

    HRBEN00BUS302902               Function group for object BUS302902                                      

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302902_GET_BEN     Beneficiary for insurance                                                

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302902_GET_POS_BEN Possible beneficiaries for insurance                                     

    HRBEN00BUS302903               Function group for object BUS302903                                      

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302903_GET_BEN     Beneficiaries for savings plan                                           

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302903_GET_INV     Investments for savings plan                                             

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302903_GET_POS_BEN Possible beneficiaries for savings plans                                 

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302903_GET_POS_INV Possible investments for savings plan                                    

    HRBEN00BUS302906               Function group for object BUS302906                                      

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_BEN     Beneficiaries for miscellaneous plans                                    

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_DEP     Health plan dependents                                                   

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_INV     Investments for miscellaneous plans                                      

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_POS_BEN Possible beneficiaries for misc. plans                                   

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_POS_DEP Possible dependents for miscellaneous plans                              

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_POS_INV Possible investments for miscellaneous plans                             

    HRBEN00BUS302907               Function group for object BUS302907                                      

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302907_GET_BEN     Beneficiaries for stock purchase plans                                   

    BAPI_BEN_BUS302907_GET_POS_BEN Possible beneficiaries for stock purchase plans                          

    HRBEN00GENBENINFO              Function group for object GENBENINFO                                     

    BAPI_BEN_GENBENINFO_GET_OPENP  Check if open enrollment period exists and period is indicated           

    HRIL                           Incentive Wages: Integration w/Logistics                                 

    BAPI_CONFIRMATION_INPUT        BAPI: Transfer confirmations to Time Management/Incentive Wages          

    HROUT00BP                      HR: Payroll Outsourcing BAPI's                                           

    BAPI_OUTEMPLOYEE_GETLIST       List of employees in a payroll area                                      

    HRPT                           Transfer to accounting: 'Translate'                                      

    BAPI_PAYACCDOC_DISPLAY_AWKEY   Display posting document (from AC)                                       

    HRRW                           HR-CA: Posting and CHECK BAPIs                                           

    BAPI_TRVACCDOC_DISPLAY_AWKEY   Display Trip Source Document (From RW)                                   

    HRTIM00ABSATTEXT               External interface for 2001/2002                                         

    BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECK      BAPI: Checks External Attendance/Absence (w/o Account Assignment)        

    BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKCOLLI Collision check                                                          

    BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKQUOTA Simulates Quota Deduction                                                

    BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKWACT  BAPI: Checks Attendance/Absence (with Activity Allocation)               

    BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKWCOST BAPI: Checks Attendance/Absence (with Cost Assignment)                   

    BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_INSERT     BAPI: Inserts External Abs./Atts. in Interface Table (w/o Acct Assignment)

    BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_INSERTWACT BAPI: Inserts External Abs./Atts. in Interface Table (Activity Allocation)

    BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_INSWCOST   BAPI Ext. Att./Absence: Insert in IFT (Acct Assgnmnt)                    

    HRTIM00ALP                     Different Payment                                                        

    BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_CHECK       BAPI: Checks Different Payment                                           

    BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_CHECKBONUS  BAPI: Checks Bonus                                                       

    BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_CHECKCURR   BAPI: Checks Currency                                                    

    BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_CHECKGRLEV  BAPI: Checks Payscale Group/Level                                        

    BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_CHECKPOS    BAPI: Checks Item                                                        

    BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_GETCURR     BAPI: Determines Currency                                                

    BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_GETVALGRLEV BAPI: Checks Payscale Group/Level                                        

    HRTIM00BAPIABSATT              BAPIs attendances/absences                                               

    BAPI_EMPATTABS_GETDETAIL       BAPI: Orginal and Derived Data from Attendances/Absences                 

    BAPI_EMPATTABS_GETLIST         BAPI: List of Attendances/Absences for Online Interface                  

    BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGCHANGE     Change Attendances/Absences                                              

    BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGCREATION   BAPI: Creates Attendances/Absences                                       

    BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGDELETE     Delete Attendances/Absences                                              

    BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGFROMWF     Create/Change/Delete Attendances/Absences from Workflow                  

    HRTIM00BAPIPTWS                HR-TIM: Work Schedule, Time Data                                         

    BAPI_TIMEAVAILSCHEDULE_BUILD   Generate List of Employee Availability                                   

    HRTIM00BUS7013                 BUS7013 PTimOverview                                                     

    BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_DELREPLICA  Delete employees' distributed time overviews                             

    BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_GET         BAPI 7013                                                                

    BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_REPLICATE   Trigger Distribution of Employee Time Overviews                          

    BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_SAVEREPLICA Insert/Delete employee time overviews                                    

    HRTIM00REMINFO                 Employee Remuneration Info                                               

    BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_CHECK     Check External Employee Remuneration Info (w/o Account Assignment)       

    BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_CHECKWACT Check External Employee Remuneration Info (with Activity Allocation)     

    BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_CHECKWCOS Check External Employee Remuneration Info (with Cost Assignment)         

    BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_INSERT    Inserts External EE Remuneraion Info in Table (w/o Account Assignment)   

    BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_INSWACT   Insert External EE Remuneration Info in Table (with Activity Allocation) 

    BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_INSWCOST  Inserts External EE Remuneration Info in Table (with Cost Assignment)    

    HRTL                           HR TRV: FM Interfaces PAY                                                

    BAPI_PAYROLLTRAVELEXPNSESPOST  BAPI Transfer of trip costs results to payroll                           

    HRTR                           HR TRIP:Interface to Trip Costs                                          

    BAPI_TRIP_APPROVE              Approve trip                                                             

    BAPI_TRIP_CANCEL               Cancel trip                                                              

    BAPI_TRIP_CHANGE_STATUS        Change status of trip                                                    

    BAPI_TRIP_CHECK_STATUS         Establish status of trip                                                 

    BAPI_TRIP_COLLECT_MILEAGE      Determination of employee trip segments                                  

    BAPI_TRIP_CREATE_FROM_DATA     Create EmployeeTrip with CallTransaction on PR01                         

    BAPI_TRIP_DELETE               Delete Trip                                                              

    BAPI_TRIP_EXISTENCECHECK       ExistenceCheck object: EmployeeTrip (BAPI interface)                     

    BAPI_TRIP_GET_DETAILS          Print detail tables for trip (receipt entry)                             

    BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM             Trip form as internal table / Display form                               

    BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM_HTML        Ouput of Travel Expense Form as HTML Table                               

    BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM_HTML_2      Ouput of Travel Expense Form as HTML Table                               

    BAPI_TRIP_GET_OPTIONS          Import personal data and travel expense tables                           

    BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_CREATE        Create simple weekly report (PR04)                                       

    BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_GET_DATA      Weekly report detail (Output of tables)                                  

    BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_INIT          Tables Needed for REPORT_CREATE (Local Workspace)                        

    BAPI_TRIP_SET_ON_HOLD          Set trip status to "on hold"                                             

    HRW0                           Internet Services (Who's Who)                                            

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_GETLIST          Find Employees and Their Information on Basis of Search Criteria         

    HU_BASIC_BAPIS                 Basic BAPIs for HUs                                                      

    BAPI_HU_HUS_READ               Read Handling Units from the Database                                    

    IF0002                         Interface for Company Code BUS0002                                       

    BAPI_IF_COMPANYCODE_GETDETAIL  Company code details                                                     

    IF1037SR                       Partner sales activity - Receiver                                        

    BAPI_IFBUS1037SR_SAVEREPLICAM  BAPI Business Partner Sales Activity Receiver                            

    IFCIBD02                       PDC Interface Communication Channel 2                                    

    BAPI_RCVPRODCF_REQUEST_CONF    Send upload request to PDC system                                        

    BAPI_RCVPRORDCF_RECEIVEPRODORD Send production orders to PDC system                                     

    BAPI_RCVPRORDCF_RECEIVEWORKC   Send work centers to PDC system                                          

    IQS6                           SM notifications BAPIs                                                   

    BAPI_SERVNOT_ADD_DATA          Added Items, Causes, Activities, Tasks, Partners of the service notif.   

    BAPI_SERVNOT_CHANGEUSRSTAT     Change the user status of a service notification                         

    BAPI_SERVNOT_CLOSE             Complete service notification                                            

    BAPI_SERVNOT_CREATE            Create service notification                                              

    BAPI_SERVNOT_DEL_DATA          Delete Items, Causes, Activities, Tasks, Partners of the service notif.  

    BAPI_SERVNOT_GET_DETAIL        Get details about a service notification                                 

    BAPI_SERVNOT_MODIFY_DATA       Modify a service notification or associated subdata                      

    BAPI_SERVNOT_POSTPONE          Postpone service notification                                            

    BAPI_SERVNOT_PUTINPROGRESS     Put in process a service notification                                    

    BAPI_SERVNOT_SAVE              Save service notification                                                

    IQS7                           SM Tasks BAPIs                                                           

    BAPI_SERVNOT_COMPLETE_TASK     Complete Notification Task                                               

    BAPI_SERVNOT_RELEASE_TASK      Release Notification Task                                                

    BAPI_SERVNOT_SUCCESSFUL_TASK   Release Notification Task                                                

    ISBA                           Solution Database BAPIs                                                  

    BAPI_SOLUTION_GETDETAIL        Get details about solution                                               

    IWWW                           BAPIs for Eqpt. + Service Notifications                                  

    BAPI_EQMT_CREATE               Create equipment                                                         

    BAPI_EQMT_DETAIL               Read details for equipment                                               

    BAPI_EQMT_DISMANTLEFL          Dismantle equipment at functional location                               

    BAPI_EQMT_DISMANTLEHR          Dismantle equipment from equipment hierarchy                             

    BAPI_EQMT_GETCATALOGPROFIL     Determine catalog profile for equipment                                  

    BAPI_EQMT_GETLISTFORCUSTOMER   Select customer equipment                                                

    BAPI_EQMT_INSTALLFL            Install equipment at functional location                                 

    BAPI_EQMT_INSTALLHR            Install equipment in equipment hierarchy                                 

    BAPI_EQMT_MODIFY               Change equipment                                                         

    BAPI_SERVICENOTIFICAT_CREATE   Create service notification                                              

    BAPI_SERVICENOTIFICAT_GETLIST  Select service notifications according to customer or contact person     

    J1BU                           General Utilities                                                        

    BAPI_BRANCH_GETDETAIL          Read Branch Data - for HR Use Only                                       

    BAPI_BRANCH_GETLIST            Read Branch List - for HR Use Only                                       

    K40C                           CO Actual Postings, Manual                                               

    BAPI_ACC_ACTIVITY_ALLOC_CHECK  Accounting: Check Activity Allocation                                    

    BAPI_ACC_ACTIVITY_ALLOC_POST   Accounting: Post Activity Allocation                                     

    BAPI_ACC_ACT_POSTINGS_REVERSE  Accounting: Reverse CO Documents - Manual Actual Postings                

    BAPI_ACC_MANUAL_ALLOC_CHECK    Accounting: Check Manual Cost Allocation                                 

    BAPI_ACC_MANUAL_ALLOC_POST     Accounting: Post Manual Cost Allocation                                  

    BAPI_ACC_PRIMARY_COSTS_CHECK   Accounting: Check Primary Costs                                          

    BAPI_ACC_PRIMARY_COSTS_POST    Accounting: Post Primary Costs                                           

    BAPI_ACC_REVENUES_CHECK        Accounting: Check Revenues                                               

    BAPI_ACC_REVENUES_POST         Accounting: Post Revenues                                                

    BAPI_ACC_SENDER_ACTIVITY_CHECK Accounting: Check Sender Activities                                      

    BAPI_ACC_SENDER_ACTIVITY_POST  Accounting: Post Sender Activities                                       

    BAPI_ACC_STAT_KEY_FIG_CHECK    Accounting: Check Statistical Key Figures                                

    BAPI_ACC_STAT_KEY_FIG_POST     Accounting: Post Statistical Key Figures                                 

    BAPI_CO_DOC_GET_ACT_POSTINGS   Read CO Documents: Manual Actual Postings                                

    KACG                           Coding Block: FI/LO Part of KACB                                         

    BAPI_ACCSERV_CHECKACCASSIGNMT  BAPI: Object BUS6001 AccountingServices, Method CheckAccountAssignment   

    KEBAPI0017                     BAPI CO-PA Operating Concern                                             

    BAPI_OPCONCERN_GETCHARACTS     BAPI CO-PA: Get Characteristics for Operating Concern                    

    BAPI_OPCONCERN_GETDETAIL       BAPI Operating Concern GetDetail                                         

    BAPI_OPCONCERN_GETLIST         BAPI Operating Concern: Get All (F4)                                     

    BAPI_OPCONCERN_GETVALUEFIELDS  BAPI Operating Concern Value Fields                                      

    KEBAPI1161                     BAPI CO-PA Characteristic                                                

    BAPI_COPACHARACT_GETDETAIL     BAPI CO-PA Characteristic GetDetail                                      

    BAPI_COPACHARACT_GETHIERARCH   BAPI CO-PA Characteristic: Get Hierarchies                               

    BAPI_COPACHARACT_GETVALUES     BAPI CO-PA Characteristic: Get Master Data                               

    KEBAPI1162                     BAPI CO-PA User-Defined Characteristic                                   

    BAPI_COPACHARUDEF_ADDVALUES    BAPI CO-PA User-Defined Characteristic : Add Master Data                 

    BAPI_COPACHARUDEF_REMOVEALLVAL BAPI CO-PA User-Defined Characteristic: Delete All Master Data           

    BAPI_COPACHARUDEF_REMOVEVALUES BAPI CO-PA User-Defined Characteristic: Delete Master Data               

    KEBAPI1164                     BAPI CO-PA Hierarchy                                                     

    BAPI_COPAHIERARCHY_GETDETAIL   Hierarchy GetDetail                                                      

    BAPI_COPAHIERARCHY_GETTREE     Hierarchy GetValueTree                                                   

    KEBAPI1165                     BAPI CO-PA Hierarchy: User-Defined                                       

    BAPI1164_COPAHIERUDEF_SETTREE  CO-PA Hierarhy User-Defined Set Tree                                     

    KE_BAPI_COPAPLANNING           BAPIs for CO-PA Planning Data                                            

    BAPI_COPAPLANNING_GETDATA      Read CO-PA Planning Data                                                 

    BAPI_COPAPLANNING_POSTDATA     Write CO-PA Planning data                                                

    KE_BAPI_COPAQUERY              Modules for BOR Object COPAQuery                                         

    BAPI_COPAQUERY_GETACC_ACTDATA  BAPI COPAQuery.GetAccountBasedActualData                                 

    BAPI_COPAQUERY_GETACC_PLANDATA BAPI COPAQuery.GetAccountBasedPlannningData                              

    BAPI_COPAQUERY_GETCOST_ACTDATA BAPI COPAQuery.GetCostingBasedActualData                                 

    BAPI_COPAQUERY_GETCOST_PLANDAT BAPI COPAQuery.GetCostingBasedPlanningData                               

    BAPI_OPCONCERN_GET_META_DATA   Do Not Use!                                                              

    KGR2                           External Access to CO Hierarchies                                        

    BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPEGRP_CREATE    Object BUS1115 (Activity type group) - Method Create                     

    BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPEGRP_GETDETAIL Object BUS1115 (Activity type group) - Method GetDetail                  

    BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPEGRP_GETLIST   Object BUS1115 (Activity type group) - Method GetList                    

    BAPI_BUSPROCESSCOGRP_ADDNODE   Object BUS1112 (Business process group) - Method AddNode                 

    BAPI_BUSPROCESSCOGRP_CREATE    Object BUS1114 (Business process group) - Method Create                  

    BAPI_BUSPROCESSCOGRP_GETDETAIL Object BUS1114 (Business process group) - Method GetDetail               

    BAPI_BUSPROCESSCOGRP_GETLIST   Object BUS1114 (Business process group) - Method GetList                 

    BAPI_COSTCENTERGROUP_ADDNODE   Object BUS1112 (Cost center group) - Method AddNode                      

    BAPI_COSTCENTERGROUP_CREATE    Object BUS1112 (Cost center group) - Method Create                       

    BAPI_COSTCENTERGROUP_GETDETAIL Object BUS1112 (Cost center group) - Method GetDetail                    

    BAPI_COSTCENTERGROUP_GETLIST   Object BUS1112 (Cost center group) - Method GetList                      

    BAPI_COSTELEMENTGRP_CREATE     Object BUS1113 (Cost element group) - Method Create                      

    BAPI_COSTELEMENTGRP_GETDETAIL  Object BUS1113 (Cost element group) - Method GetDetail                   

    BAPI_COSTELEMENTGRP_GETLIST    Object BUS1113 (Cost element group) - Method GetList                     

    KPLB                           BAPIs: Plan data interface                                               

    BAPI_ACT_INPUT_CHECK_AND_POST  Activity Type Planning/Price Planning: Formal Parameter Check            

    BAPI_ACT_PRICE_CHECK_AND_POST  Activity Type Planning/Price Planning: Formal Parameter Check            

    BAPI_KEY_FIGURE_CHECK_AND_POST Statistical Key Figures Planning: Formal Parameter Check                 

    BAPI_PRIM_COST_CHECK_AND_POST  Primary Costs: Formal Parameter Check                                    

    KRHR                           HR Interface to Bus. Place/Section Code                                  

    BAPI_BPLACE_GETDETAIL          Read Business Place Data - for HR Use Only                               

    BAPI_BPLACE_GETLIST            Read Business Place List - for HR Use Only                               

    BAPI_SECCODE_GETDETAIL         Read Section Code Data - for HR Use Only                                 

    BAPI_SECCODE_GETLIST           Read Section Code Place List - for HR Use Only                           

    LC01                           Customer/Vendor Master: BAPIs                                            

    BAPI_BUSPARTNEREMPLOYE_GETLIST Read contact persons and addresses (access via specified range)          

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHECKPASSWORD1   Check customer password                                                  

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATE           Create Customer Master Online                                            

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_DELETE           Delete Customer Master Online                                            

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAY          Display Customer Master Online                                           

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_EDIT             Change Customer Master Online                                            

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_EXISTENCECHECK   Check Customer Existence                                                 

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_FIND             Customer Matchcode                                                       

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETCONTACTLIST   Read contact persons from customers                                      

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL2       Customer Detail Information                                              

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETINTNUMBER     Provides internal customer numbers                                       

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETLIST          Reads customers and addresses                                            

    BAPI_PARTNEREMPLOYEE_CREATE    Create Contact Person Online                                             

    BAPI_PARTNEREMPLOYEE_DISPLAY   Display Contact Person Online                                            

    BAPI_PARTNEREMPLOYEE_EDIT      Display Contact Person Online                                            

    BAPI_PARTNEREMPLOYEE_GETINTNUM Supplies new internal contact person numbers                             

    BAPI_VENDOR_CHANGEPASSWORD     Change Vendor Password                                                   

    BAPI_VENDOR_CHECKPASSWORD      Check Vendor Password                                                    

    BAPI_VENDOR_CREATE             Create Vendor Master Online                                              

    BAPI_VENDOR_CREATEPASSWORD     Create entry for vendor password                                         

    BAPI_VENDOR_DELETE             Set Deletion Indicator Online for Vendor                                 

    BAPI_VENDOR_DELETEPASSWORD     Delete entry for vendor password                                         

    BAPI_VENDOR_DISPLAY            Display Vendor Online                                                    

    BAPI_VENDOR_EDIT               Change Vendor Master Online                                              

    BAPI_VENDOR_EXISTENCECHECK     Check existence                                                          

    BAPI_VENDOR_FIND               Vendor Matchcode                                                         

    BAPI_VENDOR_GETDETAIL          Vendor Detail Information                                                

    BAPI_VENDOR_GETINTNUMBER       Supplies new internal vendor numbers                                     

    BAPI_VENDOR_GETPASSWORD        Read the Entry for the Vendor Password                                   

    BAPI_VENDOR_INITPASSWORD       Initialize Vendor Password                                               

    MB_BUS2017                     Function group for BAPIs goods movement                                  

    BAPI_GOODSMVT_CANCEL           Reverse goods movements with MB_CANCEL_GOODS_MOVEMENT                    

    BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE           Post Goods Movements With MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT                       

    BAPI_GOODSMVT_GETDETAIL        Display details for material document                                    

    BAPI_GOODSMVT_GETITEMS         Display detailed list of material documents                              

    MB_BUS2028                     Function group for BAPIs for phys. inv.                                  

    BAPI_MATPHYSINV_CHANGECOUNT    Change count for particular items of a phys. inv. doc.                   

    BAPI_MATPHYSINV_COUNT          Enter count for particular items of a phys. inv. doc.                    

    BAPI_MATPHYSINV_CREATE         Create Physical Inventory Document                                       

    BAPI_MATPHYSINV_CREATE_MULT    Create Physical Inventory Document                                       

    BAPI_MATPHYSINV_GETDETAIL      Read items for a physical inventory document                             

    BAPI_MATPHYSINV_GETITEMS       Read list of physical inventory documents with items                     

    BAPI_MATPHYSINV_GETLIST        Read list of phys. inv. documents                                        

    BAPI_MATPHYSINV_POSTDIFF       Post differences for certain items in a phys. inv. document              

    MCOB                           BAPIs for OIW                                                            

    BAPI_OIW_GET_CATALOG           BAPI: Read Catalog with OIW Metadata                                     

    BAPI_OIW_GET_DATA              BAPI: Read OIW Data                                                      

    MCPD                           DRP interface                                                            

    BAPI_QUOTA_ARRANGEMENT_GETLIST Get quota arrangement list                                               

    MEWB                           BAPIs Reservation                                                        

    BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE        Create Reservation                                                       

    BAPI_RESERVATION_GETDETAIL     Display Details of Reservation                                           

    BAPI_RESERVATION_GETITEMS      List Reservations                                                        

    MEWF                           BAPIs for Release of Requisition/PO                                      

    BAPI_PO_RELEASE                Release Purchase Orders                                                  

    BAPI_PO_RESET_RELEASE          Cancel Release of Purchase Orders                                        

    BAPI_REQUISITION_RELEASE       Release Purchase Requisition Item by Item                                

    BAPI_REQUISITION_RELEASE_GEN   Release Entire Purchase Requisition                                      

    BAPI_REQUISITION_RESET_RELEASE Cancel Release of Purchase Requisition Items                             

    BAPI_REQUISITION_RESET_REL_GEN Cancel Overall Release of Purchase Requisitions                          

    MEWI                           BAPIs for Info Record                                                    

    BAPI_INFORECORD_GETLIST        Display Purchasing Info Records                                          

    MEWP                           BAPIs Purchase order                                                     

    BAPI_PO_CREATE                 Create Purchase Order                                                    

    BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL              Display Purchase Order Details                                           

    BAPI_PO_GETITEMS               List Purchase Order Items                                                

    BAPI_PO_GETITEMSREL            List Purchase Orders for Release (Approval): New as of 4.0A              

    BAPI_PO_GETRELINFO             Display Detailed Release (Approval) Information on Purchase Order        

    BAPI_PO_GET_LIST               List Purchase Orders - Only up to 4.0A                                   

    BAPI_PROCOPERATION_GETCATALOGS Determine Valid Catalogs as Value Help                                   

    BAPI_PROCOPERATION_GETINFO     Analysis of Objects to be Generated in Purchasing                        

    MEWQ                           BAPIs Requirement Coverage Request                                       

    BAPI_REQUISITION_CHANGE        Change Purchase Requisition                                              

    BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE        Create Purchase Requisition                                              

    BAPI_REQUISITION_DELETE        Delete/Close Purchase Requisition                                        

    BAPI_REQUISITION_GETDETAIL     Display Purchase Requisition Details                                     

    BAPI_REQUISITION_GETITEMS      Read Purchase Requisition Item                                           

    BAPI_REQUISITION_GETITEMSREL   List Purchase Requisitions Awaiting Release                              

    BAPI_REQUISITION_GETRELINFO    Display Detailed Release (Approval) Information on Purchase Requisition  

    BAPI_SOURCEDETERMIN_GETSOS     Determine Sources for Material/Material Group                            

    MEWR                           BAPIs Requirement Coverage Request                                       

    BAPI_REQUIREMENT_CREATE        Create Requirement Coverage Request                                      

    BAPI_REQUIREMENT_GET_LIST      List Requirement Coverage Requests/Requisitions                          

    MLBO                           BAPIs for Entry Sheet (BO 2091)                                          

    BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CHECK          Check Service Entry Sheet                                                

    BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CREATE         Create Entry Sheet                                                       

    BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_DELETE         Delete Entry Sheet                                                       

    BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_GETDETAIL      Display Detailed Data on Entry Sheet                                     

    BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_GETLIST        List Entry Sheets                                                        

    BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_GETRELINFO     Detailed Release Information Relating to Entry Sheet                     

    BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_RELEASE        Release Entry Sheet                                                      

    BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_RESET_RELEASE  Cancel Release of Entry Sheets                                           

    MPKV                           BAPIS for Kanban Control Cycle (BUS1172)                                 

    BAPI_KANBANCC_ADDEVENTDRKANBAN Create Event-Driven KANBAN for Control Cycle                             

    BAPI_KANBANCC_GETLIST          Determine Kanban Control Cycles with Selection Criteria                  

    BAPI_KANBANCC_WITHDRAWQUANTITY Quantity Signal for Kanban Control Cycle                                 

    MPKW                           Methods (BAPIs) for Kanban (BUS1075)                                     

    BAPI_KANBAN_CHANGESTATUS       Change Status of a Kanban                                                

    BAPI_KANBAN_GETLIST            Determining Kanbans for Selection Criteria                               

    BAPI_KANBAN_GETLISTFORSUPPLIE1 Provide KANBAN data for vendors 2nd version (new address fields)         

    BAPI_KANBAN_GETLISTFORSUPPLIER Provide Kanban data for vendors                                          

    BAPI_KANBAN_SETINPROCESS       Set Kanban Status to IN PROCESS                                          

    MRM_BAPI                       Invoice Verification BAPIs                                               

    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CANCEL    Invoice Verification: Reverse Invoice                                    

    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE    Invoice Verification: Create Invoice                                     

    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_GETDETAIL Invoice Verification: Display Invoice                                    

    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_GETLIST   Invoice Verification: List Invoices                                      

    BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_RELEASE   Invoice Verification: Release Invoice                                    

    PADR                           Business object: AddressEmp                                              

    BAPIADDRESSEMPSIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create Employee Address                                      

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPCREATESUCCESSOR Create subs.employee address record                                      

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPGETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_APPROVE        Unlock employee address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_CHANGE         Change Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_CREATE         Create Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_DELETE         Delete employee address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_DELIMIT        Delimit Employee Address Validity Period                                 

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_GETDETAIL      Read employee address                                                    

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_GETLIST        Read Instances                                                           

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_REQUEST        Create locked employee address record                                    

    PADR_CH                        Business Object: AddressEmp                                              

    BAPIADDREMPCH_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create Employee Address                                      

    BAPI_ADDREMPCH_CREATESUCCESSOR Create Subsequent Employee Address Record                                

    BAPI_ADDREMPCH_GETDETAILEDLIST Read Instances with Data                                                 

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPCH_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPCH_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPCH_GETDETAIL    Read Employee Address                                                    

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPCH_REQUEST      Create Locked Employee Address Record                                    

    PADR_DE                        Business Object AddressEmp (DE)                                          

    BAPIADDREMPDE_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create Employee Address                                      

    BAPI_ADDREMPDE_CREATESUCCESSOR Create Next Employee Address Record                                      

    BAPI_ADDREMPDE_GETDETAILEDLIST Read Instances with Data                                                 

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDE_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDE_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDE_GETDETAIL    Read Employee Address                                                    

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDE_REQUEST      Create Locked Employee Address Record                                    

    PADR_DK                        Business Object AddressEmp - DK                                          

    BAPIADDREMPDK_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create Employee Address                                      

    BAPI_ADDREMPDK_CREATESUCCESSOR Create Subs.Employee Address Record                                      

    BAPI_ADDREMPDK_GETDETAILEDLIST Read Instances with Data                                                 

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDK_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDK_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDK_GETDETAIL    Read Employee Address                                                    

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDK_REQUEST      Create Locked Employee Address Record                                    

    PADR_ES                        Business Object AddrEmpE                                                 

    BAPIADDREMPES_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create employee address                                      

    BAPI_ADDREMPES_CREATESUCCESSOR Create employee address next record                                      

    BAPI_ADDREMPES_GETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPES_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPES_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPES_GETDETAIL    Read employee address                                                    

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPES_REQUEST      Create locked employee address record                                    









    PADR_IE                        Business Object AddressEmp - Ireland                                     

    BAPIADDREMPIE_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Mitarbeiteradresse anlegen                                   

    BAPI_ADDREMPIE_CREATESUCCESSOR Create subs.employee address record                                      

    BAPI_ADDREMPIE_GETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIE_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIE_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIE_GETDETAIL    Read employee address                                                    

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIE_REQUEST      Create locked employee address record                                    

    PADR_IT                        HR Employee Self-Service: Address Italy                                  

    BAPIADDREMPIT_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create employee's address                                    

    BAPI_ADDREMPIT_CREATESUCCESSOR Create subsequent record personnel number                                


    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIT_CHANGE       Change employee's address                                                

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIT_CREATE       Create employee's address                                                

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIT_GETDETAIL    Read employee's address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIT_REQUEST      Create blocked employee's address                                        

    PADR_JP                        Business object: AddressEmpJP                                            

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_CHANGE       Address Japan: Change record                                             

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_CREATE       address Japan: Create record                                             

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_CRESUCCESSOR Address Japan: Create succeeding record                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_DETAILEDLIST Address Japan: Read instances with record                                

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_GETDETAIL    Address Japan: Read record                                               

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_REQUEST      Address Japan: Create locked record                                      

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_SIMUCREATION Address Japan: Simulate Create record                                    

    PADR_NL                        Business Object AddressEmp (NL)                                          

    BAPIADDREMPNL_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create employee address                                      

    BAPI_ADDREMPNL_CREATESUCCESSOR Create subsequent employee address record                                

    BAPI_ADDREMPNL_GETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPNL_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPNL_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPNL_GETDETAIL    Read employee address                                                    

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPNL_REQUEST      Create locked employee address record                                    

    PADR_US                        Business Object AddressEmp (NL)                                          


    BAPI_ADDREMPUS_CREATESUCCESSOR Create subs.employee address record                                      

    BAPI_ADDREMPUS_GETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPUS_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPUS_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPUS_GETDETAIL    Read employee address                                                    

    BAPI_ADDRESSEMPUS_REQUEST      Create locked employee address record                                    

    PAW4_US                        Business Object W4W5InfoUS                                               

    BAPIW4W5INFOUSSIMULATECREATION Employee W4/W5 Information: Simulate Record Creation                     

    BAPI_W4W5INFOUSGETDETAILEDLIST Employee W4/W5 Information: Read Instances with Data                     

    BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_APPROVE        Employee W4/W5 Information: Unlock Record                                

    BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_CHANGE         Employee W4/W5 Information: Change Record                                

    BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_CREATE         Employee W4/W5 Information: Create Record                                

    BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_DELETE         Employee W4/W5 Information: Delete Record                                

    BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_DELIMIT        Employee W4/W5 Information: Delimit Record                               

    BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_GETDETAIL      Employee W4/W5 Information: Read Record                                  

    BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_GETLIST        Employee W4/W5 Information: Read Instances                               

    BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_REQUEST        Employee W4/W5 Information: Create Locked Record                         

    PBNK                           Business Object BankDetail                                               

    BAPIBANKDETAILSIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create Bank Details                                          

    BAPI_BANKDETAILCREATESUCCESSOR Create subsequent bank details record                                    

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_BANKDETAIL_APPROVE        Unlock bank details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAIL_CHANGE         Change bank details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAIL_CREATE         Create bank details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAIL_DELETE         Delete bank details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAIL_DELIMIT        Delimit bank details                                                     

    BAPI_BANKDETAIL_GETDETAIL      Read bank details                                                        

    BAPI_BANKDETAIL_GETLIST        Read instances                                                           

    BAPI_BANKDETAIL_REQUEST        Create locked bank details record                                        

    PBNK_GB                        Business Object BankDetail - GB                                          

    BAPIBANKDETAILGBSIMULATECREATN Simulation: Create Bank Details                                          

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGBCREATESUCCESS Create subsequent bank details record                                    

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGBGETDETAILLIST Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_APPROVE      Unlock bank details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_CHANGE       Change bank details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_CREATE       Create bank details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_DELETE       Delete bank details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_DELIMIT      Bankverbindung zeitlich abgrenzen                                        

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_GETDETAIL    Read bank details                                                        

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_GETLIST      Read instances                                                           

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_REQUEST      Create locked bank details record                                        

    PBNK_JP                        Business Object BankDetail JP                                            

    BAPI_BANKDETAILJP_DETAILEDLIST Bank Japan: Read instances with record                                   

    BAPI_BANKDETAILJP_GETDETAIL    Bank Japan: Read record                                                  

    PBNK_NL                        Business Object BankDetail (NL)                                          

    BAPIBANKDETAILSIMULATECREATINL Simulation: Create bank details                                          

    BAPI_BANKDETAILCREATESUCCESSNL Create subsequent bank details record                                    

    BAPI_BANKDETAILGETDETAILEDLINL Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_APPROVE      Unlock bank details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_CHANGE       Change Bank Details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_CREATE       Create Bank Details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_DELETE       Delete Bank Details                                                      

    BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_GETDETAIL    Read bank details                                                        

    BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_GETLIST      Read Instances                                                           

    BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_REQUEST      Create locked bank details record                                        

    PDATAR                         Business object date type                                                

    BAPI_DATESPECS_GETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                 

    PERS                           Business object: PersData                                                

    BAPI_PERSDATA_CHANGE           Change personal data                                                     

    BAPI_PERSDATA_CREATE           Create personal data                                                     

    BAPI_PERSDATA_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subs.personal data record                                         

    BAPI_PERSDATA_DELETE           Delete personal data                                                     

    BAPI_PERSDATA_DELIMIT          Delimit personal data validity period                                    

    BAPI_PERSDATA_GETDETAIL        Read personal data                                                       

    BAPI_PERSDATA_GETDETAILEDLIST  Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_PERSDATA_GETLIST          Read instances                                                           

    BAPI_PERSDATA_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create personal data                                         

    PERS_JP                        Business object: PersDataJP                                              

    BAPI_PERSDATAJP_CHANGE         Personal data Japan: Change record                                       

    BAPI_PERSDATAJP_CREATE         Personal data Japan: Create record                                       

    BAPI_PERSDATAJP_CREATSUCCESSOR Personal data Japan: Create succeeding record                            

    BAPI_PERSDATAJP_GEDETAILEDLIST Personal data Japan: Read instances with record                          

    BAPI_PERSDATAJP_GETDETAIL      Personal data Japan: Read record                                         

    BAPI_PERSDATAJP_SIMULACREATION Personal data Japan: Simulate Create record                              

    PERS_NL                        Business Object PersData (NL)                                            

    BAPI_PERSDANL_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subs.personal data record                                         

    BAPI_PERSDANL_GETDETAILEDLIST  Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_PERSDANL_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create personal data                                         

    BAPI_PERSDATANL_CHANGE         Change Personal Data                                                     

    BAPI_PERSDATANL_CREATE         Create Personal Data                                                     

    BAPI_PERSDATANL_DELETE         Delete Personal Data                                                     

    BAPI_PERSDATANL_GETDETAIL      Read Personal Data                                                       

    BAPI_PERSDATANL_GETLIST        Read Instances                                                           

    PFAM                           Business Object Family                                                   

    BAPI_FAMILY_APPROVE            Unlock family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILY_CHANGE             Change Family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILY_CREATE             Create Family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILY_CREATESUCCESSOR    Create subsequent family record                                          

    BAPI_FAMILY_DELETE             Delete Family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILY_DELIMIT            Delimit family validity period                                           

    BAPI_FAMILY_GETDETAIL          Read family                                                              

    BAPI_FAMILY_GETDETAILEDLIST    Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_FAMILY_GETLIST            Read Instances                                                           

    BAPI_FAMILY_REQUEST            Create locked family record                                              

    BAPI_FAMILY_SIMULATECREATION   Simulation: Create family                                                

    PFAM_GB                        Business Object Family - GB                                              

    BAPI_FAMILYGB_APPROVE          Unlock family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILYGB_CHANGE           Change family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILYGB_CREATE           Create family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILYGB_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subsequent family record                                          

    BAPI_FAMILYGB_DELETE           Delete family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILYGB_DELIMIT          Delimit family                                                           

    BAPI_FAMILYGB_GETDETAIL        Read family                                                              

    BAPI_FAMILYGB_GETDETAILEDLIST  Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_FAMILYGB_GETLIST          Read instances                                                           

    BAPI_FAMILYGB_REQUEST          Create locked family record                                              

    BAPI_FAMILYGB_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create family                                                

    PFAM_IE                        Business Object Family - Ireland                                         

    BAPI_FAMILYIE_APPROVE          Unlock family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILYIE_CHANGE           Change family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILYIE_CREATE           Create family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILYIE_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subsequent family record                                          

    BAPI_FAMILYIE_DELETE           Delete family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILYIE_DELIMIT          Delimit family                                                           

    BAPI_FAMILYIE_GETDETAIL        Read family                                                              

    BAPI_FAMILYIE_GETDETAILEDLIST  Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_FAMILYIE_GETLIST          Read instances                                                           

    BAPI_FAMILYIE_REQUEST          Create locked family record                                              

    BAPI_FAMILYIE_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create family                                                

    PFAM_IT                        IT family member Business object                                         

    BAPI_FAMILYIT_CHANGE           IT family member: change record                                          

    BAPI_FAMILYIT_CREATE           IT family members: create record                                         

    BAPI_FAMILYIT_CREATESUCCESSOR  IT family member: Create next record                                     

    BAPI_FAMILYIT_GETDETAIL        IT family member: detail                                                 

    BAPI_FAMILYIT_GETDETAILEDLIST  IT family member: read instances with data                               

    BAPI_FAMILYIT_REQUEST          IT family member: Create blocked record                                  

    BAPI_FAMILYIT_SIMULATECREATION IT family member: Simulate creation                                      

    PFAM_JP                        Business Object FamilyJP                                                 

    BAPI_FAMILYJP_CHANGE           Family Japan: Change record                                              

    BAPI_FAMILYJP_CREATE           Family Japan: Create record                                              

    BAPI_FAMILYJP_CREATESUCCESSOR  Family Japan: Create succeeding record                                   

    BAPI_FAMILYJP_GETDETAIL        Family Japan: Read record                                                

    BAPI_FAMILYJP_GETDETAILEDLIST  Family Japan: Read instances with record                                 

    BAPI_FAMILYJP_REQUEST          Family Japan: Create locked record                                       

    BAPI_FAMILYJP_SIMULATECREATION Family Japan: Simulate Create record                                     

    PFAM_NL                        Business Object Family (NL)                                              

    BAPI_FAMILYNL_CHANGE           Change Family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILYNL_CREATE           Create Family                                                            

    BAPI_FAMILYNL_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subsequent family record                                          

    BAPI_FAMILYNL_GETDETAIL        Read family                                                              

    BAPI_FAMILYNL_GETDETAILEDLIST  Read instances with data                                                 

    BAPI_FAMILYNL_REQUEST          Create locked family record                                              

    BAPI_FAMILYNL_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create family                                                

    PFAM_US                        Business Object FamilyUS                                                 

    BAPI_FAMILYUS_CHANGE           Family US: Change record                                                 

    BAPI_FAMILYUS_CREATE           Family US: Create record                                                 

    BAPI_FAMILYUS_CREATESUCCESSOR  Family US: Create subsequent family record                               

    BAPI_FAMILYUS_GETDETAIL        Family US: Read Record                                                   

    BAPI_FAMILYUS_GETDETAILEDLIST  Family US: Read instances with data                                      

    BAPI_FAMILYUS_REQUEST          Family US: Create locked record                                          

    BAPI_FAMILYUS_SIMULATECREATION Family US: Simulate record creation                                      

    PFDC                           Bus Object FISCDATACA : Fisc Data Canada                                 

    BAPI_FISCDATA_CA_GETDETAILLIST Read the employee fiscal data - CANADA                                   

    PICO                           Business Object IntControl                                               

    BAPIINTCONTROLSIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create internal control                                      

    BAPI_INTCONTROLCREATESUCCESSOR Create subsequent internal control record                                

    BAPI_INTCONTROL_APPROVE        Unlock internal control                                                  

    BAPI_INTCONTROL_CHANGE         Change internal control                                                  

    BAPI_INTCONTROL_CREATE         Create internal control                                                  

    BAPI_INTCONTROL_DELETE         Delete internal control                                                  

    BAPI_INTCONTROL_DELIMIT        Delimit internal control validity period                                 

    BAPI_INTCONTROL_GETDETAIL      Read internal control                                                    

    BAPI_INTCONTROL_GETLIST        Read instances                                                           

    BAPI_INTCONTROL_REQUEST        Create locked internal control record                                    

    PRGN_BAPIS                     BAPIs for Activity Groups                                                

    BAPI_CONVERT_DATA_FROM_AGR     Conversion of Internal Tables to BAPI Format                             

    BAPI_CONVERT_DATA_TO_AGR       Conversion of Internal Tables From BAPI Format                           

    BAPI_JOBROLE_CLONE             Create a User Role in Another System By Copying                          

    PTEX                           External Interfaces                                                      

    BAPI_PTMGREXTTIMESPEC_GETSTATU BAPI: Transmits Status of Record in the Interface Table                  

    QAALE                          Distribution of QM Setup Data                                            

    BAPI_MATINSPCTRL_REPLICATE     Prepare Inspection Setup (Inspection Types) for Distribution             

    BAPI_MATINSPCTRL_SAVEREPLICA   Replication of QM Inspection Setup                                       

    QC08                           BAPIs for Q-certificates on the Web                                      

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETSALESAREAS    Create List of Sales Areas for the Customer                              

    BAPI_CUST_SAREAS_MATERIALS_GET Create List of Materials for the Sales Areas of a Customer               

    QIST                           QM Statistical Interface (QM-STI)                                        

    BAPI_INSPLOT_STATINTERFACE     QM STI Interface                                                         

    RH65                           HR-CA: Who is Who                                                        

    BAPI_EMPLOYEE_GETDATA          Find Personnel Numbers for Specified Search Criteria                     

    RHABAPI                        HR-CA: Distribution Using BAPI                                           

    BAPI_HRMASTER_SAVE_REPL_MULT   BAPI for Replicating HR Master Data, HR Organizational Data              

    RHALMULT1                      HR-CA: Distributed Org. Managemt (BAPIs)                                 

    BAPI_ORGMASTER_REPLICATE       HR-CA: Replication of HR Objects                                         

    BAPI_ORGMASTER_SAVE_ORIG_MULT  Save Replications of HR Organizational Objects as Originals              

    BAPI_ORGMASTER_SAVE_REPL_MULT  BAPI for Replication of HR Organizational Data                           

    RHPE_JOBREQUIRE_BAPI           PA-PD: BAPI's for Requirements                                           

    BAPI_JOBREQUIRE_GETLIST        Read requirements profile                                                

    RHPE_JOBREQUIRE_PROF_BAPI      PA-PD: BAPIs for Requirements Profiles                                   

    BAPI_JOBREQUIREPROF_CHANGE     Create, Delete or Change Requirements Subprofile                         

    RHPE_PDOTYPE_Q_BAPI            PA-PD: BAPI's for Qualification Type                                     

    BAPI_PDOTYPE_Q_GETDETAIL       Attributes of a qualification type                                       

    BAPI_PDOTYPE_Q_GETLIST         Read qualification types                                                 

    RHPE_QUALIFIC_BAPI             PA-PD: BAPI's for Qualifications                                         

    BAPI_QUALIFIC_GETLIST          Read qualifications profile                                              

    RHPE_QUALI_DIR_BAPI            PA-PD: BAPIs for Qualifications Catalog                                  

    BAPI_QUALIDIRECTORY_LIST       Structure of qualifications catalog                                      

    BAPI_QUALIDIRECTORY_LIST_UP    Read qualification group for qualification                               

    RHPE_QUALI_PROF_BAPI           PA-PD: BAPIs for Qualifications Profiles                                 

    BAPI_QUALIPROF_CHANGE          Create, delete, and change qualifications profile                        

    RHVI                           Training & Events: Internet, BAPI

    BAPI_ATTENDEE_BOOK_LIST        Read Attendee Bookings                                                   

    BAPI_ATTENDEE_CHANGEPASSWORD   Change attendee password                                                 

    BAPI_ATTENDEE_CHECKEXISTENCE   Check existence of attendee                                              

    BAPI_ATTENDEE_CHECKPASSWORD    Check attendee password                                                  

    BAPI_ATTENDEE_PREBOOK_LIST     Read attendee prebookings                                                

    BAPI_ATTENDEE_TYPE_LIST        Internet attendee types                                                  

    BAPI_BOOK_ATTENDANCE           Book Attendance                                                          

    BAPI_BUS_EVENTGROUP_LIST       Read Business Event Group Hierarchy                                      

    BAPI_BUS_EVENTTYPE_INFO        Read data for business event type                                        

    BAPI_BUS_EVENTTYPE_LIST        Read business event types in a business event group                      

    BAPI_BUS_EVENT_INFO            Read Business Event Data                                                 

    BAPI_BUS_EVENT_INIT            Read default values for creation of business event catalog               

    BAPI_BUS_EVENT_LANGUAGE        Business event languages                                                 

    BAPI_BUS_EVENT_LIST            Read business event dates for event type                                 

    BAPI_BUS_EVENT_LOCATION        Business event locations                                                 

    BAPI_BUS_EVENT_SCHEDULE        Read time schedule of a business event                                   

    BAPI_COMPANY_BOOK_LIST         Read all bookings of a group attendee                                    

    BAPI_COMPANY_PREBOOK_LIST      Read prebookings of a group attendee                                     

    BAPI_DELETE_ATTENDANCE         Cancel attendance                                                        

    BAPI_GET_EVENTTYPE_FOR_QUALIF  Determine Business Event Types for Specified Qualifications              

    BAPI_GET_EVENTTYPE_FOR_TARGET  Determine Business Event Types via Target Group                          

    BAPI_PREBOOK_ATTENDANCE        Prebook attendance                                                       

    BAPI_SEARCH_EVENTTYPE_NAME     Find Business Event Types Using String in Object Text                    

    BAPI_SEARCH_EVENTTYPE_TEXT     Find Business Event Types Using String in Object Description             

    BAPI_SUBTYPES_FOR_DESCRIPTION  Determine Subtypes of Description Infotype                               

    RH_APPRAISAL_BAPI              PA-PD: BAPIs for Appraisals                                              

    BAPI_APPRAISAL_CHANGE          Change appraisals                                                        

    BAPI_APPRAISAL_CREATE          Create appraisals                                                        

    BAPI_APPRAISAL_DELETE          Delete appraisals                                                        

    BAPI_APPRAISAL_GETDETAIL       Read appraisal                                                           

    BAPI_APPRAISAL_GETLIST         Display appraisals                                                       

    BAPI_APPRAISAL_STATUS_CHANGE   Change appraisal status                                                  

    RH_APPRAISAL_MODEL_BAPI        PA-PD: BAPIs for Appraisal Models                                        

    BAPI_APPRAISAL_MODEL_GETDETAIL Read appraisal model                                                     

    BAPI_APPRAISAL_MODEL_GETLIST   Display Appraisal Model                                                  

    BAPI_APPRAISAL_SCALE_GETDETAIL Read proficiencies and texts for scale                                   

    BAPI_APPRAISEE_GETLIST         Read appraisees                                                          

    BAPI_APPRAISER_GETLIST         Read appraisers                                                          

    RH_ORGPUB_APP                  OrgPublisher Integration/Application                                     

    BAPI_ORGUNITEXT_DATA_GET       Get data on organizational unit                                          

    RH_PDOTYPES                    BAPI Function Modules                                                    

    BAPI_PDOTYPES_GETDETAILEDLIST  Object List With Detailed Information                                    

    RPTC                           HR-TIM: Connection to Time Rec. Systems                                  

    BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_ATTABSREASON   HR-PDC: Download Attendance/Absence Reasons                              

    BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_BALANCES       HR-PDC: Download Employee Balances                                       

    BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_COSTCENTER     HR-PDC: Download Cost Centers                                            

    BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_EXTWAGETYPE    HR-PDC: Download Permitted Employee Expenditures                         

    BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_INTERNALORDER  HR-PDC: Download Internal Orders                                         

    BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_MINIMASTER     HR-PDC: Download HR Mini-Master                                          

    BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_OBJECTID       HRPDC: Download Objects (such as Positions)                              

    BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_TEVENTTGROUP   HR-PDC: Download Time Event Type Groupings                               

    BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_WBSELEMENT     HR-PDC: Download Work Breakdown Structure Element                        

    BAPI_CC1_REQUEST_EXTWAGETYPE   HR-PDC: Upload Request for Employee Expenditures                         

    BAPI_CC1_REQUEST_TIMEEVENT     HR-PDC: Upload Request for Time Events                                   

    BAPI_CC1_UPLOAD_EXTWAGETYPE    HR-PDC: Upload Employee Expenditures                                     

    BAPI_CC1_UPLOAD_TIMEEVENT      HR-PDC: Upload Time Events                                               

    RWCL                           Interface to Accounting                                                  

    BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_DISPLAY      Accounting: Display Method for Follow-On Document Display                

    BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_RECORD       Accounting: Follow-on Document Numbers for Source Document               

    SALX                           Monitoring Arch.: External Interfaces                                    

    BAPI_SYSTEM_ALERT_ACKNOWLEDGE  Confirmation of an Alert                                                 

    BAPI_SYSTEM_ALERT_GETDETAILS   Read Alert Details                                                       

    BAPI_SYSTEM_ALERT_SPLITTDATA   Splits Alert Data into Logical Units                                     

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_BUILD          Creating a System Monitor Using a List of MTEs                           

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETDETAILS     Read (Display) Properties into System Monitor                            

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETLIST        Read All Monitors in a Monitor Set                                       

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETTEMPLATE    Read All Monitor Templates for a Specific Monitor                        

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETTREE        Reports the Monitor Tree                                                 

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MS_GETDETAILS      Read the Monitor Set Display Properties                                  

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MS_GETLIST         Read All Stored Monitor Sets                                             

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_DISABLEALGEN   Switch Off Alert Generation for a Monitor Tree Element                   

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_ENABLEALGEN    Switch On Alert Generation for a Monitor Tree Element                    

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETALERTS      Read Alerts for a Monitor Tree Element                                   

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETGENPROP     Read General Properties of a Monitor Tree Element                        

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETMLCURVAL    Read Current Values of a Log Attribute                                   

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETMLHIS       Read Value History of a Log Attribute                                    

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETMLPROP      Read Specific Properties of a Log Attribute                              

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETPERFCURVAL  Read the Current Performance Values                                      

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETPERFHIS     Read the Performance Data History                                        

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETPERFPROP    Read the Specific Performance Attribute Properties                       

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETSMPROP      Read the Properties Specific to a Status Attribute                       

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETSMVALUE     Read Current Status Attribute Values                                     

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETTIDBYNAME   Read TID for a Uniquely-Named MTE                                        

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETTREE        Read Subtree Expanded by Monitor Tree Element                            

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_RESET          Reset Properties for Monitor Tree Element                                

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETGENPROP     Set the General Properties of a MTE                                      

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETMLPROP      Set the Specific Message Log Properties                                  

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETPERFPROP    Set the Specific Performance Attribute Properties                        

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETSMPROP      Set the Specific Status Attribute Properties                             

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SPLITTDATA     Splits the Data for a Node into Logical Units                            

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MT_CREATEBYTEMPL   Creates a Monitor Tree Based on a Monitor Template                       

    BAPI_SYSTEM_MT_GETALERTDATA    Read Alert Data into Monitor Tree                                        

    BAPI_SYS_MNGMT_UTIL_GETCURSERV Determine Current Available Servers and Services                         

    SCTS_OBJECT_CTREQUEST          Methods for Object Type CTRequest                                        

    BAPI_CTREQUEST_CREATE          Create request with tasks (method for object CTREQUEST)                  

    BAPI_CTREQUEST_CREATE_TASKS    Create tasks for request (method for object CTREQUEST)                   

    BAPI_CTREQUEST_RELEASE         Release task or request (method for object CTREQUEST)                    

    SU_COMPANY                     Distribution of company addresses                                        

    BAPI_COMPANY_CLONE             Duplicate company address in another system                              

    BAPI_COMPANY_DELETE            Delete Company Address in Other System                                   

    BAPI_COMPANY_DISPLAY           Delete Company Address in Other System                                   

    BAPI_COMPANY_RENAME            Change Company Address                                                   

    BAPI_COMPANY_RESPONSE          Users: Confirmation to Central System                                    

    SU_USER                        Methods of object USER                                                   

    BAPI_USER_ACTGROUPS_ASSIGN     User: Change entire activity group assignment                            

    BAPI_USER_ACTGROUPS_DELETE     User: Delete entire activity group assignment                            

    BAPI_USER_CHANGE               Change User                                                              

    BAPI_USER_CLONE                Create User with Template in Another System                              

    BAPI_USER_CREATE               Create a User                                                            

    BAPI_USER_CREATE1              Create a User                                                            

    BAPI_USER_DELETE               BAPI to Delete a User                                                    

    BAPI_USER_DISPLAY              Display users                                                            

    BAPI_USER_EXISTENCE_CHECK      Check a user exists                                                      

    BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL           Read User Details                                                        

    BAPI_USER_LOCACTGROUPS_ASSIGN  Change Activity Group Assignment for Dependent Systems from Central System

    BAPI_USER_LOCACTGROUPS_DELETE  Delete Activity Group Assignments in the Dependent Systems               

    BAPI_USER_LOCK                 Lock User                                                                

    BAPI_USER_LOCPROFILES_ASSIGN   Change Profile Assignment for Dependent Systems from Central System      

    BAPI_USER_LOCPROFILES_DELETE   Delete Profile Assignments for Dependent Systems                         

    BAPI_USER_PROFILES_ASSIGN      User: Assign profiles                                                    

    BAPI_USER_PROFILES_DELETE      User: Delete All Profile Assignments                                     

    BAPI_USER_UNLOCK               Unlock user                                                              

    SXBP                           External Interface f. Background Proc.                                   

    BAPI_XBP_GET_BP_RESRC_ON_DATE  Determine all Background Resources Available on a Particular Date        

    BAPI_XBP_GET_BP_SRVRES_ON_DATE Determine Background Resources of Server on Particular Date              

    BAPI_XBP_GET_CURR_BP_RESOURCES Determine Background Resources Currently Available in System             

    BAPI_XBP_INTRFACE_DESCRIBE_INT Each SMAPI Delivers 'Its' Long Text Name via This Type of Function       

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_ABAP_STEP_MODIFY  Assign ABAP Program to a Specific Job Step                               

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_ABORT             Cancel Job                                                               

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP     Add Job Step with ABAP Program to a Job                                  

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_EXT_STEP      Assign an External Program to a Job Step                                 

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_CLOSE             Complete Job Definition                                                  

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_COUNT             Count How Many Jobs There are With a Particular Name                     

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_DEFINITION_GET    Read Job Definition                                                      

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_DELETE            Count How Many Jobs There are With a Particular Name                     

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_EXT_STEP_MODIFY   Assign an External Program to a Particular Job Step                      

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_JOBLOG_READ       Read Job Log for a Job                                                   

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_OPEN              Create Job                                                               

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_SELECT            Select Background Job According to Specific Criteria                     

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_SPOOLLIST_READ    Read the Spool List of an ABAP Job Step                                  

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_START_ASAP        Start Job as Soon as Possible                                            

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_START_IMMEDIATELY Start Job Immediately                                                    

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_STATUS_CHECK      Reconcile Job Status According to DB With Actual Status                  

    BAPI_XBP_JOB_STATUS_GET        Determine Status of a Job                                                

    BAPI_XBP_VARIANT_INFO_GET      Determine all Defined Variants of an ABAP Program                        

    BAPI_XBP_VERSIONS_GET_INT      Each Interface Attaches Its Version to an Existing Table                 

    BAPI_XBP_VERSION_CHECK_INT     The Version of the External Tool is Tested Against the Supported Vers.   

    SXMI                           Help fct for connecting ext. mgmt tools                                  

    BAPI_XMI_CHECK_VERSION         Check Whether a Particular Version of an Interface is Supported          

    BAPI_XMI_DESCRIBE_INTERFACE    Query Long Name of an Interface                                          

    BAPI_XMI_ENTER_LOGMSG          Enter External Message in XMI Log                                        

    BAPI_XMI_GET_VERSIONS          Query Supported Versions of XMI Interfaces                               

    BAPI_XMI_LOGOFF                Log Off an External Management Tool                                      

    BAPI_XMI_LOGON                 Log onto an external management tool                                     

    BAPI_XMI_MSG_FORMATS_UPLOAD    Obsolete: ... external message formats                                   

    BAPI_XMI_SELECT_LOG            Selection of Translated Entries in XMI Log                               

    BAPI_XMI_SET_AUDITLEVEL        Set Audit Level of an XMI Session                                        

    BAPI_XMI_UPLOAD_MSG_FORMATS    Transfer of External Message Formats                                     

    SZAK                           BAPIs for BOR object BUS4001 (AddrOrg)                                   

    BAPI_ADDRESSORG_CHANGE         BAPI to change organization addresses                                    

    BAPI_ADDRESSORG_GETDETAIL      BAPI to read organization addresses                                      

    BAPI_ADDRESSORG_SAVEREPLICA    BAPI for inbound distribution of organizational addresses                

    SZAL                           BAPIs for BOR object BUS4002 (AddrPers)                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSPERS_CHANGE        BAPI to change person addresses                                          

    BAPI_ADDRESSPERS_GETDETAIL     BAPI to read person addresses                                            

    BAPI_ADDRESSPERS_SAVEREPLICA   BAPI for inbound distribution of private addresses                       

    SZAM                           BAPIs f. BOR obj. BUS4003 (AddrContPart)                                 

    BAPI_ADDRCONTPART_SAVEREPLICA  BAPI for inbound distribution of contact person addresses                

    BAPI_ADDRESSCONTPART_CHANGE    BAPI to change contact person addresses                                  

    BAPI_ADDRESSCONTPART_GETDETAIL BAPI to read contact person addresses                                    

    TIQU                           Time quota                                                               

    BAPI_TIMEQUOTA_GETDETAILEDLIST BAPI: Determines Quota Data for a Personnel Number                       

    TSPA                           Division                                                                 

    BAPI_DIVISION_EXIST            Division: Existence Check                                                

    BAPI_DIVISION_GET_DETAIL       Division: Display Name                                                   

    TVTW                           Distribution channel                                                     

    BAPI_DISTRIBCHANNEL_EXIST      Distribution Channel: Existence Check                                    

    BAPI_DISTRIBCHANNEL_GET_DETAIL Distribution Channel: Display Name                                       

    USR1                           Business Object USR01DOHR                                                

    BAPI_USR01DOHR_GETEMPLOYEE     Determine employee from user name                                        

    V02D                           Customer Master: Read/Block                                              

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHANGEFROMDATA   Customer: Change customer                                                

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHANGEFROMDATA1  Check personal data of a customer                                        

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEFROMDATA   Customer: Create customer                                                

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEFROMDATA1  BAPI Create customer for BO customer (KNA1) - with CAM features          

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL        Customer: Read customer                                                  

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL1       BAPI Read customer to BO customer (KNA1) - with CAM features             

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_SEARCH           Customer: Find customer number                                           

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_SEARCH1          BAPI Search customer for BO customer (KNA1) - with CAM features          

    V02HBAPI                       SD Customer Hierarchy: BAPI Implementn                                   

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_GET_CHILDREN     BAPI Customer Hierarchy GetChildren() Implementation                     

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_GET_ROOT         BAPI Customer Hiearchy getRoot() Implementation                          

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_GET_ROOT_LIST    BAPI Customer Hierarchy getRootList() Implementation                     



    V46W                           SD Functions: Incoming Orders WWW                                        

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHANGEPASSWORD   Change customer password                                                 

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHECKEXISTENCE   Check valid customer number                                              

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHECKPASSWORD    Check customer password                                                  

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEPWREG      Create entry for customer password                                       

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_DELETEPWREG      Delete entry for customer password                                       

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETPWREG         Read entry for customer password                                         

    BAPI_CUSTOMER_INITPASSWORD     Initialize customer password                                             

    V50I                           Delivery BAPIs                                                           

    BAPI_IBDLV_CREATE_FROM_OBDLV   BAPI Inbound Delivery from Outbound Delivery                             

    BAPI_INB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC  BAPI for Inbound Delivery Confirmation from a Decentralized System       

    BAPI_INB_DELIVERY_SAVEREPLICA  BAPI Function Module for Replication of Inbound Deliveries               

    BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC BAPI for Outbound Delivery Confirmation from a Decentralized System      

    BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_SAVEREPLICA BAPI Function Module for Replication of Outbound Deliveries              

    V81ABAPI                       SD Product Hierarchy: BAPI Impl.                                         

    BAPI_MATERIAL_GET_PRODUCTHIER  BAPI Material Get Product Hierarchy ()                                   

    VBAK                           Business Object Sales Document                                           

    BAPI_SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE      BAPI Change Sales Document                                               

    BAPI_SALESDOCUMENT_COPY        Copying a Sales Document in a Subsequent Document                        

    BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEFROMDATA1 Creating a Sales Document                                                

    BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEWITHDIA   Creating a Sales Document                                                

    VBKA                           Business Object IFVBKA Abstract Method                                   

    BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_ADD_ASGN Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Add to Assigned                     

    BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_DELETE   Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Delete                              

    BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_GETLIST  Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Get List                            

    BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_REM_ASGN Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Remove from Assigned                

    BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_REPCH    Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Replicate Changed Objects           

    BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_REPLIC   Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Replicate Objects on Demand         

    BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_SAVE     Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Save from Memory                    

    BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_SETACT   Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document - Set simulated to active           

    VBRK                           Methods for Object Type VBRK                                             

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CANCEL         Cancel Customer Individual Billing Document                              

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CANCEL1        Cancel Customer Individual Billing Document                              

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CONFIRM        Customer Individual Billing Document : Confirm Billing Document          

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATE         Custimer Individual Billing Document : Create Billing Document           

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATEFROMDATA Create Customer Individual Billing Doc. Using Ext. Doc. from RH          

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATEMULTIPLE Create Individual Customer Billing Document                              

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_DISPLAY        Customer Individual Billing Document : Display Billing Document          

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_EDIT           Customer Individual Billing Document : Change Billing Doc. (with dialogue)

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_EXISTENCECHECK Individual Customer Billing Document : Existence Check                   

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_GETDETAIL      Detailed Information on a Billing Document                               

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_GETLIST        Detailed Information on a Billing Document                               

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_GET_FIELD_INFO Determine Field Information for a Billing Document                       

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_IS_CANCELLED   Individual Customer Billing Document: Is Billing Document Canceled?      

    BAPI_BILLINGDOC_SIMULATE       Simulate Customer Individual Billing Document using External Document    

    VBWB                           BAPIs for Batch                                                          

    BAPI_BATCH_CHANGE              Change Batch                                                             

    BAPI_BATCH_CREATE              Create Batch                                                             

    BAPI_BATCH_DELETE              Set Deletion Indicator for Batch                                         

    BAPI_BATCH_GET_DETAIL          Batch Detailed Information                                               

    BAPI_BATCH_GET_LEVEL           Determine Batch Level                                                    

    BAPI_BATCH_REPLICATE           Distribute Batch                                                         

    BAPI_BATCH_RESTRICT            Change Batch Status to 'Restricted'                                      

    BAPI_BATCH_SAVE_REPLICA        Replicate Batch                                                          

    BAPI_BATCH_UNDELETE            Cancel Deletion Indicator for Batch                                      

    BAPI_BATCH_UNRESTRICT          Change Batch Status to 'Unrestricted'                                    

    VBWU                           BAPIs Batch-Specific Unit of Measure                                     

    BAPI_BMUOM_REPLICATE           Distribute Batch-Specific Material Units of Measure                      

    BAPI_BMUOM_SAVEREPLICAMULTIPLE Replicate Batch-Specific Material Quantity Units                         

    VCCW                           Credit card processing Internet WWW                                      

    BAPI_CREDITCARD_AUTHORIZATION  Credit Card Authorization                                                

    BAPI_CREDITCARD_CHECK          Credit card check                                                        

    BAPI_CREDITCARD_CHECKNUMBER    Credit card check, type and number                                       

    VVTR                           Express Delivery Company Interface                                       

    BAPI_CAR_PRVD_LABEL_DATA       Interface Methods: Get Data Fields from Express Delivery Company         

    BAPI_CAR_PRVD_META             Interface Methods: Get Meta-Data from Express Delivery Company           

    BAPI_CAR_PRVD_NUMBER_RANGE     Make Tracking Number Range Available                                     

    BAPI_CAR_PRVD_PRDCD            Make Express Delivery Company's Product Codes Available                  

    BAPI_CAR_PRVD_ROUTING          Make Express Delivery Company's Routing Info Available                   

    BAPI_CAR_PRVD_SRVC_CD          Make Express Delivery Company's Service Codes Available                  

    BAPI_CAR_PRVD_TRACK_STATUS     Make Tracking Status Available by Using an Object                        

    BAPI_CAR_PRVD_TRKS             Make Express Delivery Company's Tracking Status Available                

    BAPI_CAR_PRVD_URL              Make Express Delivery Company's URLs Available                           

    BAPI_PRVD_CARRIER_LIST         List of All Available Express Delivery Companies                         

    W61V                           ATP information in the internet                                          

    BAPI_MATERIAL_AVAILABILITY     ATP information                                                          

    WBW5                           BAPIs for Revaluation at Retail                                          

    BAPI_SVCHANGE_CHANGE_STATUS    Enter Count Quantity and Change Item Status from A to B or C             

    BAPI_SVCHANGE_GET_ITEMS        Read Retail Revaluation Document for Store, Key Date, Item Status        

    WPLG                           Space management: Read and write                                         

    BAPI_SITELAYMOD_CHANGE         Layout Module: Update Material Data                                      

    BAPI_SITELAYMOD_GETITEMS       Layout Module: Read Material Data                                        

    BAPI_SITELAYMOD_GETITEMS2      Layout Module: Read Material Data                                        

    WRPL_BAPI                      Replenishment BAPIs                                                      

    BAPI_RTMAT_RPL_SAVEREPLICAMULT Create and Change Replenishment Master Data                              

    WSOS                           Modules for the structured material                                      

    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETCOMPONENTS    Break down structured materials                                          

    WWG4                           Distribution of Material Groups                                          

    BAPI_MATL_GROUP_SAVEREPLICA    Distribution of material groups                                          




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