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SAP go Live check list

Raj G
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        SAp sends us a checklist or questionnaire before go-live. If it is for DP does any one have a sample document just for the same of format.

We were sent a document with Forecasting and Replenishment but our implementation is DP.  Is DP considered part of F&R????

I guess the questionnaire should have some thing about our configuration. Does any one have a sample format document??


Not sure if I should give my email id here as per the forum rules....... can I give my email id?




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    Vinod Nair
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    There ae two questioinnaires, which we fill - one before commencement of any SAP led project and one just prior to go-live, which consists of specific questions relating to the implemented functionality. Given beneath is the table of contents from our upgrade go-live check:


    2 Introduction to GoingLive Optimization     

    3 Project Data     

    4 General Company Data     

    5 APO - Demand Planning in APP     

    5.1 Prerequisites for Demand Planning Analysis     

    5.2 Functionality Questions     

    5.3 Exchange Data in DP     

    5.4 Planning Area Structure     

    5.5 Transaction Analysis     

    6 APO - Supply Network Planning in APP     

    6.1 SNP Interactive Planning (/SAPAPO/SNP94)     

    6.2 SNP Variants     

    7 APO - Capable to Match in APP     

    7.1 Used CTM Profile     

    7.2 Business Volume Estimate     

    8 APO - Produc. Plann. / Detailed Scheduling in APP     

    8.1 General Issues     

    8.2 Transaction Analysis     

    8.3 Transactions with critical settings

    9 Your Observations     13

    10 Comments     14




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    Anjali Butley
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    In Addition to Vinod's details...



    As per my understanding DP is not the part of F&R module. DP is one of the module of SCM-APO.

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    you should be able to get go live check documents as part of your licence with SAP


    there are a few links i would suggest




    dont suggest email address in posts but if your business card in this forum would have it anyone should be able to get it. also ppl tend to share stuff here so many dont send personal mails ... particularly if its proprietary SAP stuff which is sold as a service:)