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Need list of all Payroll functions

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I knon it is country specific so provide me ur country specific.


Requered to improve knowlegde only

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    Sikindar T
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    pay roll functions



    wht exactly u want can u elobarate

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    Santhosh Kumar R
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    These are some std india py functions for more detailscheck in PDSY

    ##     Comment lines in a schema

    9LDIV     Divisor 30

    9LDMP     Dismissal protection function

    9LRET     Perform Retroactive Accounting

    ABZU0     Company assignment - Austria

    ACTIO     Rule-controlled performance of an action

    ADDCU     Update cumulations

    ANAB     Processing absences, country-specific features (A)

    ANZAL     Employee counting for statements of paid SI contributions

    AONWR     Function (Payroll)  AONWR

    AOPNR     Function (Payroll)  AOPNR

    APFIT     Process garnishment/cession of wages - import, repayment, export

    ARADV     Automatic discount of advance payments from salary.

    ARART     Activation of Soc. Insurance partition for ART absence wage types

    ARASF     Family allowance calculation

    ARCPV     Initial data loading for Leave Provision

    ARDIV     Wage type adjustment for use of divisor 30

    ARGUD     Grossing-up - Detection of gross amount differences in retro. acctg.

    ARGUI     Grossing-up - Importation of gross amount differences previous period

    ARIMP     Income Tax calculation

    ARLIC     IBD calculation for ART

    ARPRO     Calculation of averages and valuation bases

    ARPRV     Vacation provision calculation

    ARSAC     Calculation of Annual Extra Payment (SAC)

    ARSE2     Comparison IT<->ORT   Social Insurance partition assignment

    ARSES     Calculation of Social Insurance contributions

    ARSFC     Family Allowances - Loading of previous data

    ARTEC     Termination in installments

    ARTEP     Identification of averages to calculate in ARTER

    ARTER     Calculation of Severance pay Argentina

    ASREI     The function ASREI cumulates all the travel expenses for an

    ASTCO     Function (Payroll)  ASTCO

    ASV00     Calculate social insurance (A)

    ASVBG     Function (Payroll)  ASVBG

    ASVCO     Function (Payroll)  ASVCO

    ASWTC     Function (Payroll)  ASWTC

    AU416     Simulated Quota Compensation - AU

    AUBSR     Function (Payroll)  AUBSR

    AUCON     Superannuation contribution calculation

    AUGLD     HR AU PS:Generate Leave Loading

    AUHAJ     Higher duty allowance - Read adjustment amounts

    AUHDA     Higher duty salary

    AUIMP     Import Last original payroll result - Australia

    AULPR     HR-AU-PS : Leave provision

    AUPLD     HR AU PS:Paying out of leave loading

    AURSP     Generate High Duty Allowances

    AUSPS     Superable salary Calculation

    AUTAD     HR AU PS:Append adjustment into the IT

    AUTLP     HR AUS PS:Leave Payment Calculation

    AUTLS     HR AUS PS:Lump Sum Components Calculation

    AUTS1     HR AU PS:Function to delimit internal tables during simulation

    AUTTP     HR AUS PS:Termination Payment Calculation

    AVERA     Calculation of averages

    AXABP     Extract absence type of a payroll period

    B0442     Company Car Advantage Calculation

    BALLW     Calculation of activation allowances

    BDAYD     Creation of daydetails in table DAYDET for payroll outsourcing

    BEDLE     Processing of Educational Leave (B)

    BENCM     Benefits: Cumulation of earnings and hours

    BENMA     Correction to ER contribution, if EE contribution has been reduced


    BENSA     For copying Social Security wage types /403, /703 into /B43, /B73.


    BENTR     Transfer FSA wage type from RT to BENTAB

    BENUS     Pre US benefits processing

    BENWT     Process US 403b technical WT

    BFEVL     Generate cluster table SVEVL

    BFIRE     Split dismissal allowance Belgium

    BFREM     Function (Payroll)  BFREM

    BFSER     Generate cluster table SVSER

    BHOPY     HR-BE: Holiday Pay Calculation

    BLIT     Importing wage types from ZL to IT (Belgium)

    BLOCK     Log structure

    BNAB     Import and process cluster PC (B) in payroll accounting

    BNKTR     Transfer of bank transfers for repeat payroll runs

    BPF00     Calculation of garnishment (B)

    BPFBT     Belgium, additional information handling into BT table

    BPRT0     Print payroll results

    BR13O     Christmas allowance calculation

    BR13R     Put thirteenth salary

    BR398     Creation of splits in WPBP for health risk

    BR57     Union dues

    BRABF     Calculation of number of days for leave allowance

    BRADV     Advance wage payment calculation

    BRCDR     Function (Payroll)  BRCDR

    BRCDT     Determine working days for denominator

    BRCGC     Tax code and construction site reading

    BRCON     Contract elements scope reading

    BRCOS     Social contribution

    BRCUM     Read table BRCUM

    BRDIV     Complete leave valuation in the case of calendar months

    BREAK     Setting a break point

    BREDU     Education allowance

    BREMP     Infotype 437 reading - multiple employment

    BRFGT     Length of Service Guarantee Fund - FGTS

    BRFRA     Store amount paid for advance leave allowance

    BRGAR     Alimony

    BRGRP     Self-employed basis for GCSW

    BRHRF     Calculation of public holiday hours in admission month

    BRHRN     Working hours calculation for hourly wage earners

    BRINI     Initialization of Brazilian payroll switches

    BRINS     Calculation of Social Insurance contribution discount

    BRIR     Calculation of witholding tax discount - WTD

    BRISS     Function SIB

    BRMVE     Move wage types to destination table with check T7BR03

    BRNAB     Absence periods split

    BRNAT     Maternity pay

    BROFE     Find leave differences or leave results

    BROFF     Import leave and compensation wage types of former periods

    BRPED     Valuates leave days compensation: proportional, expired or doubled

    BRPPR     Create/Process year partial factors table for PRS

    BRPRV     Reserve

    BRPV1     Leave Reserves

    BRPV2     Calculation of leave reserves

    BRRES     Termination

    BRRET     Retroactive Accounting - rearrange bases

    BRREX     Calculation of labor debits

    BRRSK     Hazard bonus and health risk premium

    BRSAL     Contract wage calculation

    BRSDR     Contract wage amount paid in advance

    BRSFM     Child allowance

    BRSV0     Retroactive Accounting of old FERI off-cycles: set V0 for conversion

    BRTRN     PLR Data upload

    BRTS     Run Christmas allowance

    BRVCR     Handling of leave wage types - creation

    BRVRN     Rounding of leave wage types

    BRVTR     Transportation ticket


    BRZLT     Handling of time events occurred during planned period

    BST00     Calculate tax (B)

    BSV00     Calculate SI employer/employee (B)

    BTFIL     Read bank transfers from last payroll run

    BXABP     Extract absence types from a payroll accounting period

    CBA     Check bank details and address (CH)

    CDFT     Cumulation of tables DFT(ODFT) in CDFT(OCDF)

    CHDR     Calculation year-end bonus Switzerland

    CHECK     Check before/after selecting employees

    CHINI     Initialization payroll Switzerland

    CHKPC     Personal absence calendar generated?

    CHPK     Calculation Pension fund - Switzerland

    CHSV     Calculation Social Insurance   Switzerland (new)

    CHZUL     HR-CH: Calculate family-related bonuses

    CMJCP     Concurrent Employment: Copy SI and Tax Tables     (Switzerland)

    CNAB     Absence valuation (CH)

    CNGRO     Re-convert taxable foreign currency wage type

    CNGRS     Gross up for salary and bonus.

    CNPHF     Calculation China PHF

    CNSI     Calculate 5 Social Insurances premium

    CNSOT     China Stock Options Income Tax Calculation

    CNTAX     Calculate income tax

    COM     Comment lines in a schema

    CONZL     Summarize table ZL

    COPRT     Copy table RT to table GRT

    COPY     Copies front-end subschema

    CPYOT     Copy old tables tables to current period

    CSTCP     Append table from previous period               (Switzerland)

    CSTPR     Tax loop through tax table (CH)

    D2002     Processing request for attendances

    D2010     Processing request for employee remuneration information

    DAB     Absence processing according to German regulations (Part 2)

    DATES     Providing Date Specifications in Payroll

    DATZ     Processing semiretirement

    DAVMG     Function (Payroll)  DAVMG

    DAYPR     Day processing of time data

    DBAU     Construction industry (D)

    DBG     Workers´compensation association: determine assignment for BG

    DBUEZ     Function (Payroll)  DBUEZ

    DDC     Processing Steps for Salary Conversion

    DDV     Processing request for company insurance

    DEHDC     Function (Payroll)  DEHDC

    DELZL     Deleting wage types from table ZL

    DFLEX     Constr.ind. flexible working hours policy

    DFLST     Fictitious Run Control Processing

    DKNAP     Calculation of special features for miners' insurance - DEUEV

    DKUG     Reduced hours compensation calculation

    DNAB     Absence processing according to German regulations (Part 1)

    DODPS     Calculate non-monetary remuneration

    DOED     Civil service Germany, active (BAT/BMTG)

    DOFIN     Initialize fictitious calculation (Public Sector Germany)

    DOKG     Import child allowance amount from infotype 0119

    DOKGZ     Function (Payroll)  DOKGZ

    DOKIG     Calculation of Child Allowance (Public Sector Germany)

    DOLGU     Determine unreduced wage types (indirect valuation)

    DOSEZ     Function (Payroll)  DOSEZ

    DOSOZ     Special payments in Public Sector

    DOUKA     Leave and sickness premium (Public Sector Germany)

    DOV14     Recurring payments / deductions & additional payments for holder

    DOVAD     Function (Payroll)  DOVAD

    DOVAI     Function (Payroll)  DOVAI

    DOVER     Imputation to pension payment

    DOWP     Read work center data for civil service (PSG)

    DOZMG     Maternity pay supplement (Public Sector Germany)

    DOZV     Supplementary pension (civil service, Germany)

    DOZVB     Staggered payment (civil service, Germany)

    DPFBT     Process garnishment/cession of wages around garnishable amount

    DPFIT     Process garnishment/cession of wages - import, repayment, export

    DPKW     Car rule (D)

    DRSMU     Write the Message Table to the Database

    DST     Tax calculation (D)

    DSV     Social insurance (D)

    DSVU     Calculate SI contribution

    DVB     Processing request for capital formation savings

    EADEV     Determine seniority payment time periods

    EAUT0     Generation of personnel shifts plan (PSP)

    EAVAL     Function (Payroll)  EAVAL

    EBABB     Valuate Banks agreement 'Banks absence'

    EBPI0     Calculation of bases and benefits for TI


    ECPD     Cumulation of Social Insurance allowances D.P.

    ECRDI     Reduction of benefits by period days D.P.

    EDSS0     Number of days in the Social Insurance calculation

    EERE0     Employment regulation file

    EGARN     Statutory deuctions

    EHEXT     Check annual limit for catastrophe overtime

    EIGA0     Estimate of annual taxable income

    ELRD     Transfer IT relevant wage types from LRT to IT, D.P.

    ELSE     Conditional execution of functions

    ENAB     Absence processing

    ENAME     Read name

    ENDIF     End function of a condition

    EOS     Processing at end of selection

    EPEU1     Multiplication of the amount of a wage type by its number

    EPRO0     Prorrata calculation for Social Insurance contribution bases

    EPRO1     /34B prorata for Social Insurance bases, infotype 0015 update

    ERPD     ERPD

    EST00     Calculation of employment tax (IRPF) deductions and payments

    ESV00     Contribution bases calculation and Social Insurance contributions

    ESVB0     ESVB0

    ESVC0     ESVC0

    EXABP     Extract absences for a payroll period

    EXCEP     HR-XX: Exception Reporting

    EXPRT     Exporting interim or final results to databases

    FCCO     Calculation of payroll and employer's costs (HR-FR)

    FCRE     Social security and tax returns

    FCTR     Calculate Minimum Pay and Contributions for Special Contracts (HR_FR)

    FIGAR     Garnishment calculation Finland

    FIGOC     Garnishment processing for Off-Cycle Correction Runs (Finland)

    FIGRO     Take over old values for table GAR

    FIJSS     IJSS wage type generation

    FIPAY     Read posting date from table 549S .

    FIREV     Reversal of Accruals / Employer Social Costs

    FISIC     Social insurance calculation Finland

    FISIE     ER Social Insurance Exception calculation from /112

    FITAX     Tax calculation Finland

    FKTBR     Set switch for fictitious calculation for sick pay/military service

    FNAB     Abscence calculation (HR-F)

    FNABE     Absence split according to the NCALE table

    FNABS     FU FNABS generation of NCALE cluster PC table

    FOSAR     Function (Payroll)  FOSAR

    FPCOB     Function (Payroll)  FPCOB

    FPSAR     Calculation of deductions for garnishment

    FPSUP     Function (Payroll)  FPSUP

    FPWP     Function (Payroll)  FPWP

    FQ0P     SAP/ADP interface  with process model       - authorisation check

    FQABL     HR-FR: ADP/GSI Interface

    FQCKW     Check matchcode W and granularity of the retro-activity

    FQDIF     HR-FR: ADP/GSI Interface

    FQDRT     HR-FR: ADP/GSI Interface

    FQGM1     SAP/ADP Interface : M-1 processing of absence wage types

    FQICR     HRMS-FR : Update of table CRT

    FQOLD     HR-FR: ADP/GSI Interface

    FQPOG     SAP/ADP Interface: Reminder wage type processing

    FQSAC     ADP Interface: check all SA wage types returned by ADP

    FQSV0     SAP/ADP Interface: adjustment of V0 split (V0ZNR)

    FQUBT     HR-FR: ADP/GSI Interface

    FQZL     HR-FR: ADP/GSI Interface

    FRPIT     Process IT in iterations ( France )

    FSIS     Isolated amounts:contribution bases wage type generation

    FSPLT     Split control in a LPBEG/LPEND loop

    FWPE     Employment contract: additional information


    GARAC     Garnishments: Check active garnishments

    GARAD     Garnishments: Adjustments

    GARCA     Garnishments: Calculation of garnishments

    GARCH     Garnishments: Check existing garnishments

    GARGE     Garnishments: Get differences from retroactive runs

    GARRE     Garnishments: Read Garnishments Records

    GARRT     Garnishments: Calculation of basis/gross and net for garnishments

    GARTA     Garnishments: Taking over old garnishments debts

    GAWTY     Get /A wage types from payroll history

    GBIT8     Summarize all basic pay wagetypes in /250

    GBLGP     Local Government Pension Scheme

    GBMPT     Mid Period Transfers

    GBNIA     National Insurance Great Britain User Adjustments

    GBNIC     National Insurance Calculation Great Britain

    GBPSC     Multiple Employment processes

    GBSXP     GB Statutory Absence Payment (SAP, SMP, SPP & SSP)

    GCAR     Great Britain: Company Car Taxable Benefit and Class 1A NICs

    GCCV     Childcare Vouchers

    GCRTO     Great Britain- Court Orders Processing.

    GDTCU     Great Britain: Data Take On: Pensions/Court orders cumulatives

    GEN/8     Form technical wage types /801 - /8nn

    GENPS     Generating personal work schedule

    GEXCP     Great Britain: Reconciliations cumulatives.

    GFBNW     Generate wage type for flexible benefit

    GFMSA     Great Britain: Filling Table MSA (Maternity and Sickness Absences)

    GGRUP     Build up the FOT difference

    GLVPT     GRET Collect tax retro differences in last active period

    GNAB     Great Britain: Processing SSP and SMP Absences

    GNICL     Great Britain- National Insurance Calculation.

    GON     Check data is complete

    GPENS     Great Britain- Pension Fund Calculation.

    GPNAB     OxP Processing

    GRBEG     Start of gross part

    GREND     End of gross part

    GRETC     Great Britain: Check validity of processing employee with GNT9

    GRSUP     Project (Gross up) guaranteed net amount

    GSRAB     Save & Restore GB specific AB entries

    GTAX     Great Britain: Tax Calculation.

    GTMSV     Great Britain: Time and Service Processing

    HKBNS     HKBNS     Change the split indicator to bonus split indicator

    HKCNS     Split MPF contribution wage types based on calendar days

    HKCON     Calculate the EE and ER MPF/ORSO contributions

    HKDLY     Calculate the daily payments via time calculation result for LSP/SP

    HKENT     Calculate and factor the employee s entitlement

    HKEOY     EOY Payment calculation

    HKGEN     Generating technical wage types /8ca - /8cb

    HKGRD     HK:generate retro difference wage type when payroll run cross tax year

    HKIMP     Importing last complete normal payroll period results

    HKLSP     Eligibility and calculation of LSP/SP

    HKPDD     Function (Payroll)  HKPDD

    HKPDT     Process table DT

    HKPPR     Remove /561 from table ORT

    HKTAX     Generate tax amounts

    HKTXE     Generate non-prorated tax amounts -IR56E


    IANFA     HR IT: family allowance calculation

    IAPMD     Active-passive deferred month

    IARRE     HR IT: arrears calculation - previous years

    IBKTB     Post-balancing core

    ICDFT     Initialization of the cumulated difference table

    ICIRP     IRPEF settlement

    ICODE     HR IT: deductions settlement

    ICPRV     Social security contribution settlement

    ICTFR     Severance indemnity calculation

    IDEDU     Deduction calculation

    IDEGO     HR IT: calculation of received and due deductions

    IDETR     HR IT: calculation of tax deductions

    IDGSA     Grossup adjustment

    IDINS     Insurance calculation Indonesia

    IDNAB     Absence processing Indonesia

    IDPTK     PTKP calculation Indonesia

    IDSUB     Calculation of govt subsidy and the tax after subsidy Indonesia

    IDTAX     Tax calculation Indonesia

    IEADF     Function IEADF

    IEAHP     Holiday Pay Tax

    IEBCT     Processing of severance indemnity calculation bases

    IECDT     Function (Payroll)  IECDT

    IECEP     HR-IE : Customized Payroll Exceptions

    IEDIF     Function IEDIF


    IEHP1     IEHP1

    IEHP3     IEHP3


    IENAB     Simple Call To International FUXNAB.


    IEPNS     Function IEPNS


    IEPRS     Function IEPRS

    IERSI     Function IERSI

    IERTD     Retro Tax Difference Calculation

    IESEP     HR-IE : Standard Payroll Exceptions


    IETAX     Function IETAX

    IEUDT     Function IEUDT


    IF     Conditional execution of functions

    IITFR     Personal Income Tax calculation with reference to severance indemnity

    ILRAT     Generation of accrual settlement WT

    ILTFR     Generation of severance pay items

    IMPRT     Importing intermediate or final results

    INAB     INAB : Absence processing, country-specific features (IT)

    INBTD     HR-IN: Income Tax Deduction at Source for OffCycle Bonus Payment.

    INBTX     HR-IN :  Bank Transfer for Tax Wage type

    INCCO     Car & Conveyance - India

    INCEA     Children Education Allowance exemption

    INCTX     General Payroll function for Allowance/Reimbursement Treatment

    INDSD     One day salary deduction

    INEPF     Calculate Provident Fund Contributions

    INESI     Employees' State Insurance Contributions

    INGRY     Calculation of Gratuity contribution

    INGTX     HR-IN: Gratuity contribution taxation

    INHFS     Calculate Hard Furnishing Perk Value

    INHRA     Housing(HRA / CLA / COA) Details

    ININI     Function (Payroll)  ININI

    INIOS     Details of Income from Other Sources

    INLEA     HR-IN: Leave Encashment Taxation

    INLKS     Function to pro-rate the basis /1xx WT and create /3xx WT

    INLON     Interest Rate Tax Advantage on Company Loans as Perk (India)

    INLWF     Labour Welfare Fund for India

    INMED     Medical reimbursement

    INPET     Previous Employment Tax Details

    INPTB     HR-IN: Professional tax basis computation

    INROR     Rounding off & recovery of rounded amt

    INS24     Deduction under Section-24

    INSAN     Calculate Superannuation contributions

    INSZL     Inserting wage types from ZH into ZL

    INTAX     HR-IN: India Income Tax computations

    INTER     Transfer wage types from table 558A

    INTPD     Third Party Deductions

    INUCD     Other Statutory  and Non-Statutory Deductions

    INVRS     Voluntary Retirement Service Taxation

    IPAMD     Passive-active deferred month

    IPARR     HR IT: net pay rounding

    IPREV     HR IT: Contribution accounting

    IROWT     dummy

    IRPEF     Personal Income Tax calculation

    IRTFR     Severance indemnity revaluation

    ITASD     HR IT: personal income tax calculation for separate taxation

    ITASS     Absence processing



    ITCHK     Absence check before distribution

    ITCPM     Sev.ind.average % calculation transf. to integration fund

    ITCTM     District taxes settlement

    ITCTP     Provincial taxes settlement

    ITCTR     HR IT: regional surcharge settlement


    ITFRS     Choice SI : accrued SI 01.01.07 up to Choice Compilation

    ITISP     Social Security Funds enrollment fee payment

    ITLFB     HR IT: relevant rate calculation

    ITMEC     Extra monthly pay for EEF

    ITMUN     District taxes

    ITPCR     HR IT: Processing the Italian Last Result table

    ITPRO     Provincial taxes - Italy only

    ITQGF     Severance indemnity amount to be transferred to Suppl. Fund

    ITR01     Reading /D01 from infotype 0305

    ITRAT     Function (Payroll)  ITRAT

    ITREG     HR IT: regional surcharge calculation

    ITRET     HR IT: difference calculation for retroactive accouting

    ITRIN     Initialization of Retrocalculation process - Italy only

    ITRPD     HR IT: Annual expected remumneration calculation for the deductions

    J0014     HR-JPN: Processing request for repeat payments and deductions

    JCMAL     Calculate tax-free commuter allowances

    JIMPT     HR-JPN: Cluster import Function for Japan.

    JKING     HR-JPN: Kijun-gai kijun-nai WPBP splitter

    JPPSP     HR-JPN: Processing personal shift plans

    JPSGT     SANTEI/GEPPEN evaluation : Store SGT data temporarily




    JSTGP     HR-JPN: Calculate Average Monthly Compensation and Grade for SI

    KACHK     Verify Conversion of Infotype 0224 Records to Infotype 046* Records

    KACYT     Perform Cross-Year Tax Calculation

    KANAB     Process Absences in Payroll Schema

    KANMC     Move Wage Types from XTBLGART to IT

    KAPRC     Distribute Employer Contributions (Canada)

    KAPRE     Prepare Tax Processing (Canada)

    KARMC     Count employee ( Can )

    KARMS     Store Third-party tax remittance Form PD7A info in TemSe ( Can )

    KAROE     Record of Employment (Canada)

    KARTT     Adjust Partial Period Parameters (Canada)

    KATAX     Calculate Tax (Canada)

    KAVAC     Process Vacation Pay Accrual and Payout (Canada)

    KFTAX     Calculate Flat Taxes and Levies

    KGARN     Garnishments

    KGRRN     Bring Forward /G00 and /G01 Differences for Garnishments Processing

    KIFLX     Calculate Influx / Outflux

    KRDPY     Deferred payment Korea

    KRFAM     Family allowance

    KRLON     Loan for KR

    KRSEP     Sepration payment

    KRSIP     Process social insurance premium

    KRTAX     Tax calculation Korea

    KSORT     Sort Internal Table (Canada only)

    KTRAN     Function KTRAN

    KTXDM     Canadian Tax Infotypes Data Management

    KTXES     Estimate Taxes on a When-Earned Basis

    KUIMP     Function (Payroll)  KUIMP

    KVADV     Calculate Vacation Net Advance (Canada only)

    LEPF     HR-Malaysia: Process EPF - Malaysian Employee Provident Fund

    LIMIT     Limiting deductions

    LPBEG     Beginning a Loop in the Payroll Schema

    LPEND     Ending a Loop in the Payroll Schema

    LSOC     HR-Malaysia: Process SOCSO - Malaysian social insurance

    LTAX     HR-Malaysia: Process STD - Malaysian tax

    LTXDT     Final Tax deductions for STD  -  Malaysia

    M0005     Retrieve Leave Entitlement

    MABS     HR_DK: Create Table MABS (Form 27)

    MABSC     Cumulate absences from MABS into MABSC

    MACC     Import values from the previous period MACC to current MACC

    MADCU     DK: Update Cumulations

    MBANK     Valuate whether a bank entry exists in IT 9 (Denmark)

    MBKI     Put receiver key information from T521B into table BT.

    MBOK     Valuate whether posting run is allowed (Denmark)

    MCGAR     Function (Payroll)  MCGAR

    MCOMP     Carry out of shift change compensation between ZL and AZL

    MCPBS     Generate Information for Modifiable PBS Forms

    MCRXP     Only consider the highest capital formation payment from company car


    MEFAS     DK: Calculate Working Percentage for FA Statistic

    MENTV     Valuate Leave Entitlement

    MEV05     Valuation of Evaluation Class 5 (FA statistics)

    MEV07     Valuation of Evaluation Class 7 (FA Statistics)

    MFDRT     Take into Account Value of One Leave Day in the VDT

    MFEE     Generate wage type /LPF for every /LRP entry in the RT table

    MGOK     Checks the validity of the gross payroll run

    MIMPT     Import Payroll Results from Previous Period (Similar to IMPRT L)

    MJOBS     Multiple payroll

    MLGWT     Conversion between /L-WT: with V0-splits <-> without V0-splits

    MLON     HR-DK: Create MLON internal table

    MNOK     Checks the validity of the net payroll run

    MOD     Determine modifiers

    MOGRT     Process table OGRT

    MPBSE     Import error file from PBS to T5M8H (Payroll DK)

    MPENS     Pension preaccumulation according to PBS splits MPENS -> MPAC

    MPNGR     Dummy function for importing infotypes 73 and 200 to import schema

    MPSEL     Retrieve Selected Persons in 'HR_DK_PERNRTAB'

    MPVDT     Difference sequence for leave amounts

    MPVEN     Process all leave accumulation in table MVENT

    MRPKM     Import kilometres travelled in private car for the company

    MSPLT     Rescue split indicators for import

    MSTCU     DK: Processing of Previous Cumulations

    MTRAN     Import net results from T5M58

    MVACP     Payment of leave accumulations 1/2 %

    MWSET     Set payroll status in T5MG8


    MXGAR     HR-MX: Calcul. of maintenance payts

    MXHRE     Initialize and retreived overtime, days off and public holidays worked

    MXIST     HR-MX: Maintenance of integrated daily wage

    MXLFA     Function to delimit Savings Fund contributions

    MXLIM     Limit savings fund and food voucher contributions

    MXLVD     Function to delimit Food Voucher contributions

    MXNAB     HR-MX: Separation of absences for different processing for IMSS

    MXNOM     HR-MX: Calculation of state tax

    MXPAS     Function (Payroll)  MXPAS

    MXPRV     HR-MX: Calculation of provisions

    MXPST     HR-MX PS:Process ISSSTE Contribution

    MXRND     HR-MX: Rounding calculation

    MXSI     HR-MX: Calculation of IMSS bases and contributions

    MXSIC     HR-MX: Finalize calculation of integrated daily wage

    MXSMG     HR-MX: Simulate payments in IT0015 and IT0267

    MXTAX     HR-MX: Calculation of tax

    N30PV     Distribute 30% tax-free allowance to original wage types

    NAK00     Premium Reduction Calculation (NL)

    NAK01     Set automatic premium reductions (NL)

    NEX2M     Export varibales into SAP memory

    NINFD     Read extra data for cluster (NL)

    NIPSP     Enter required data from previous period into WBS

    NITF0     Read Infotypes 0001, 0002, 0006 and 0007 (NL)

    NKORE     Calculation of tax child care (NL)

    NLCNB     Determine adjustment procedure or payment in arrears

    NLCVZ     Calculate AWBZ Contrib. for Pensioners abroad for the purp. of HCIB

    NLDPE     Function (Payroll)  NLDPE

    NLGRV     Delete wage types for guaranteed net amounts during net/gross

    NLIMP     Import Payroll Results

    NLKOP     Calculation of tax-free part of childcare allowance

    NLLA0     Save payroll data to wage return

    NLLXS     PY NL: Check age for age-dependent additional SI schemes

    NLMLG     Minimum Wage Guarantee (NL)

    NLNDG     Determine number of theoretical/actual days worked (NL)

    NLPRT     Print gross/net calculation (NL)

    NLSPR     Savings Scheme (NL) Calculations

    NLTNB     Enter arrears payment (NL)

    NLZKV     Calculation of Health Insurance and Employer Contribution (NL)

    NNAB     Valuation of absences (NL)

    NPS00     Calculation of Pension Contributions (NL)

    NPS01     Write part-time percentages to wage types (pens. NL)

    NPS02     Pension Calculation NL

    NRSTO     Restore cluster tables - difference calculation (NL)

    NSALD     Fiscal Offsetting of Commuter Allowance and Business Trips

    NST00     Calculation of Wage Tax  (LH) (NL)

    NSV00     Social Insurance Contribution Calculation (NL)

    NSV01     Determine SI days and periods (NL)

    NSV02     SI Contribution Calculation (NL)

    NSVSP     Function (Payroll)  NSVSP

    NSZFW     Function (Payroll)  NSZFW

    NTBEG     Beginning the net calculation of pay

    NTEND     Ending the net calculation of pay

    NWV00     Calculation of commuter allowance and tax-free amounts

    NWVDF     Adapt table NWV for Recalculation Difference f. Retroactive Jupersplit

    NZ416     Simulated Quota Compensation - NZ

    NZADV     New Zealand Advance Payment Processing

    NZARR     Tax Arrear Deduction

    NZB05     NZB05

    NZCLO     Create Leave Tables in Offcycle - NZ


    NZEEP     Calculate fixed tax rate for every Extra Emolument Payment

    NZETC     Calculate Employer  Tax Credit

    NZG00     Sick Pay Calculation (NL)

    NZG01     Sick Pay Calculation (NL)

    NZKIW     Update KIWCO cluster

    NZLLC     Calculate Leave Liability



    NZLVP     Leave Payments (Absence Quota Payments) - NZ

    NZLVR     Calculate Average Rate Ordinary Pay Rate and Daily Pay Rate - NZ


    NZOVT     No documentation

    NZPAQ     Process Absence Quota - NZ

    NZQHA     Absence Quota History Adjustments - NZ

    NZQLD     Absence Quota Loading



    NZS83     NZS83





    NZTX     NZTX

    NZU05     NZU05

    NZUHI     Update Holiday Information - NZ

    OPT     Options

    P0002     Read name

    P0004     Import challenge record

    P0005     Import leave data                                    (CH) 5.0

    P0006     Address provision

    P0009     Processing request for bank details

    P0011     Processing request for external transfers

    P0012     Read tax data

    P0013     Read social insurance data

    P0014     Processing request for repeat payments and deductions

    P0015     Processing request for additional payments

    P0016     HR IT: Read function of infotype 0016

    P0020     Provision of DUEVO data

    P0021     Read family members

    P0026     Import retirement pension plan (currently only company insurance)

    P0036     HR-CH: Read social insurance data                      (Switzerland)

    P0037     Read remaining insurance data (CH) 5.0

    P0038     Read tax data (CH) 5.0

    P0039     Read additional data on org.assignment (CH)

    P0042     Read tax data - Austria

    P0043     Processing requirement for family allowance (A)

    P0044     Provison of social insurance data - Austria

    P0045     Provision of loan data

    P0046     Read company pension fund data (CH) 5.0

    P0049     Read data for employees working reduced hours

    P0051     Import supplementary pension data

    P0052     Import data for standard wage maintenance

    P0055     Read previous employer data - Austria

    P0057     Processing Request for Membership Fees

    P0059     Read Social Insurance (NL)

    P0060     Import Wage Tax Data (NL)

    P0061     Read social insurance data - Spain

    P0062     Read tax (Spain)

    P0064     Read Social Insurance Data

    P0065     Great Britain: Read Tax Infotype

    P0069     Great Britain: Read National Insurance Data

    P0070     Great Britain: Read Court Orders Data

    P0071     Great Britain: Read Pension Fund Data

    P0072     Read fiscal data (DK)

    P0073     Read data on private pension fund (DK)

    P0074     Read data on vacation/SH (DK)

    P0075     Read data on ATP pension (DK)

    P0076     Workers Compensation Function

    P0079     Provision of data for supplementary SI

    P0081     Function (Payroll)  P0081

    P0083     Process leave compensation

    P0087     Great Britain: Calculate WFTC / DPTC

    P0092     P0092

    P0093     Read data on previous employers

    P0095     Function (Payroll)  P0095

    P0096     is function should not be used any longer.

    P0100     Check SI(RSZ) data (B)

    P0101     Read tax (BV) data (B)

    P0103     Processing savings bonds

    P0110     Pensions

    P0123     Function (Payroll)  P0123

    P0125     Read garnishment data (B)

    P0127     Read Commuter Traffic (NL)

    P0140     HR JP: Process infotype 0140, SI Basic Data

    P0141     HR JP: Process infotype 0141, SI Premium Data

    P0142     HR JP: Process infotype 0142, Residence Tax

    P0143     HR JP: Process infotype 0143, Life Insurance Deductions

    P0144     HR JP: Process infotype 0144, Property Accumulation Savings

    P0145     HR JP: Read infotype 0145, Income Tax

    P0146     HR JP: Process infotype 0146, Y.E.A. Data

    P0148     HR JP: Read infotype 0148, Family

    P0149     P0149

    P0150     P0150

    P0151     P0151

    P0154     HR IT: reads the contribution-related data

    P0155     HR IT: read the additional administration data

    P0156     HR IT: reads the tax deduction-related data

    P0158     HR IT: reads the amounts paid by third parties

    P0160     HR IT: reads the family allowances-related data

    P0165     Obtaining data for limiting deductions

    P0167     Process Health Plans Infotype

    P0168     Process Insurance Plans Infotype

    P0169     Process Savings Plans Infotype

    P0170     Process Flexible Spending Accounts Infotype

    P0173     Read tax card information from infotype 0173.

    P0179     Read tax data

    P0181     P0181 : Read data for the additional funds

    P0185     P0185 : Read civil status

    P0186     P0186 : Read CPF, PR and FWL data

    P0188     Provide Australian Tax Data

    P0196     HR-Malaysia: Process EPF - Malaysian Employee Provident Fund

    P0197     HR-Malaysia: Process SOCSO - Malaysian social insurance

    P0198     HR-Malaysia: Process STD - Malaysian schedular tax deduction

    P0199     HR-Malaysia: Process Additional tax - Malaysia

    P0200     Import infotype 200 (Garnishments - Denmark)

    P0201     Import basic pension payments

    P0202     Contribution/income calculation CPS

    P0204     Import Infotype 204 (DA/DS Statistics - Denmark)

    P0205     Transfer tax card information from infotype 205 to ST

    P0206     Transfer social insurance information from infotype 206 to SI

    P0207     HR-USA: Residential tax area

    P0214     test

    P0220     Calculate Superannuation Contributions Australia

    P0221     HR-USA: Non-authorized manual check

    P0222     Great Britain: Read Company Cars Data

    P0224     Transfer Canadian Tax Information - obsolete in SAP R/3 Enterprise

    P0228     Download garnishment information to GAR (P0228)

    P0232     Import Child Allowance (D)

    P0236     Process Credit Plans Infotype

    P0241     Read infotype 241 (Tax data Indonesia)

    P0242     Read infotype 242 (Jamsostek Indonesia)

    P0261     sk      This function will load up all of the infotype 261

    P0262     Read Retroactive Accounting Data

    P0263     Import Salary Conversion

    P0265     Read special regulations - PSG

    P0267     P0267

    P0272     Reading garnishment data (HR-FR)

    P0273     P0273

    P0274     P0274

    P0275     P0275

    P0276     P0276

    P0277     P0277

    P0303     Premium Reduction  NL

    P0305     Read infotype 305 (Other employers)

    P0310     Process NZ Superannuation Data

    P0311     P0311

    P0312     P0312

    P0313     Provide New Zealand Tax Data

    P0317     Spec. Provisions (NL)

    P0319     Read infotype 319 (Insurances Indonesia)

    P0322     Import data to determine superannuation payments

    P0326     Imputation to pension payment

    P0331     HR-PT: Read employee's tax data

    P0332     HR-PT: Read employee's social security data

    P0333     HR-PT: Read employee's disability data

    P0334     HR-PT: Read employee's allowance grouping data

    P0343     Build the EOY payment cluster table BNS(bonus table)

    P0345     Build the tax and address cluster tables

    P0346     Build Retirement Plan Contribution Cluster Table

    P0347     Populate the MPF/ORSO Entitlement Plan Cluster Table ENT.

    P0352     P0352 : Processing NHI data for family members

    P0353     P0353 : Processing income tax for Taiwan

    P0354     Read LI data from I0354

    P0355     P0355 : Processing NHI data

    P0356     P0356 : Processing request for employement stabilization fund (TW)

    P0357     P0357 : Processing request for saving plans (TW)

    P0358     P0358 : Processing request for employee welfare fund (TW)

    P0359     P0359

    P0360     P0360

    P0361     Function P0361

    P0364     HR-Thailand: Read Tax Infotype

    P0365     HR-Thailand: Read Social Security Infotype

    P0366     HR-Thailand: Read Provident Fund Infotype

    P0369     HR-MX: Reading of IMSS data

    P0370     HR-MX: Reading of INFO/FONA data and calculation of credit discounts

    P0372     HR-MX: Reading of integrated daily wage infotype (0372)

    P0377     Process Miscellaneous Plans Infotype

    P0379     Process Stock Purchase Plans Infotypes

    P0386     Function P0386 - Read VHI Infotype

    P0387     Function P0387 - Read Starter&#146;s Details Infotype IE

    P0388     P0388 : HR JP: Process infotype 0388, Unioin Due Deductions

    P0389     Reading of data from infotype Income Tax

    P0392     Social Insurance preparation (Argentina)

    P0399     HRMS-VE: Reading of infotype 0399 (Income Tax)

    P0400     HRMS-VE: Reading of infotype 0400 (Social Insurance)

    P0401     HRMS-VE: Reading of infotype 0401 (Severance Payments)

    P0416     Process Quota Compensation

    P0422     SSS Infotype

    P0423     Read HDMF Infotype

    P0442     Payroll Function for Company Car

    P0480     Read contracts processing (Spain)

    P0483     Read Infotype 0483

    P0505     Holiday payment (last employer)

    P0507     Reading Superannuation infotypes

    P0509     Data read part of Higher duty allowance

    P050P     Reading data for extra legal pensions

    P0511     Cost-of-living allowance Switzerland

    P0521     Provision of semiretirement data

    P0525     Read child care (NL)

    P0527     Read Payment Upon Leaving A

    P0530     Read PHF data from IT0530 and relative tables

    P0531     Read data about tax from IT0531

    P0532     P0532: Processing SI data

    P0533     Read service fee from IT0533 and calculate service fee

    P0548     Reading function Infotype 548 ( Supplementary Social Security - IT)

    P0554     Processing request for different payment and cost assignment

    P0559     Commuter allowance calculation JP

    P0560     HR-JP: Process infotype 0560, Overseas pay

    P0567     HR AU PS:Payroll function to read in data container

    P0578     Download from Infotype 578 (Authorization of PBS Accumulators)

    P0579     Processing requirement for external salary elements

    P0580     Previous Employment Tax Details

    P0581     Housing (HRA / CLA / COA ) India

    P0583     Car & Conveyance  - India

    P0584     Income From Other Sources

    P0587     Provident Fund contributions

    P0588     Employees' State Insurance Contribution -India

    P0590     Hard Furnishing Scheme - India

    P0593     Rehabilitants: Store interim and reimbursement wage type

    P0596     Read PhilHealth Infotype

    P0632     Function (Payroll)  P0632

    P0634     Read Philippines Previous Employer Infotype

    P0645     Compensation processing in case of termination. Venezuela

    P0654     Work termination processing

    P0661     Termination Brazil

    P0694     Read Infotype 649(Previous Employement Details)

    P0713     Termination: Get all severances

    P0718     Processing benefit point requests

    P0725     Foreign Incomes South Africa

    P0751     Function (Payroll)  P0751

    P0756     HR-MX PS: Process Loan Infotype

    P0757     HR-GB: Working Tax Credits (as of April 2003)

    P0793     GB Payment in Error

    P0808     Read wage return data

    P0817     Read Income Tax Withholding Variation Infotype (0817) Data

    P0818     Read new pension data from I0818

    P0848     Bursary Payments SA

    P0854     Read savings scheme data

    P0865     Mobility

    P0874     Predetermination TAX & NIC Adjustment

    P0879     Read adjustment calculation data

    P0980     (Further) Training Costs (Switzerland)

    P0R11     Create wagetypes for Remuneration code 11

    P185I     Read ID Details (Superannuation Gratuity)

    P2002     Processing request for attendances

    P2003     Processing request for substitution

    P2010     Processing request for employee remuneration information

    P9ZNC     Zero net checks, check existence of IT9

    PAB     Absence valuation (international part)

    PAIT     Processing the alternative input table AIT

    PALP     Process alternative payments

    PARTT     Loading the basics for partial period factors

    PC359     Function (Payroll)  PC359

    PCDFT     Processing the cumulated difference table

    PDT     Process difference table

    PFD00     Payroll Integration With Pension Fund

    PFUND     HR-Thailand: Compute Provident Fund Contribution

    PGM     Identifying a schema by program type

    PGRT     Processing results table at end of gross calculation of pay

    PHHIC     PhilHealth Contributions Calculation

    PHPBE     PHPBE HDMF Employee/Employer Premium Contribution calculations

    PHSSB     SSS Benefits

    PHSSC     SSS Contributions

    PHSST     SSS Benefits

    PHT     Process Higher duty table

    PIT     Process input table

    PITAB     Processing internal tables

    PLRT     Processing the last results table

    PMACC     Process all entries in MACC


    PNAB     HR-PT: Split absences for SS advance payments

    PNAN     HR-PT: Split absences for coverage rules

    PNT     Process nominal adjustment salary of Higher duty allowance

    POGRT     Process table OGRT

    POOT     POOT: Process table OTWOT

    PORI     Transfer of data from previous period's retroactive payroll runs

    PORO     Transfer of retroactive changes from previous payroll

    PORT     Transfer of data from the previous payroll

    PORTS     Process results table

    PP005     HR-PT: Determine leave entitlement from IT0005

    PPSP     Processing personal shift plans

    PPT     Processing parking table

    PRART     Process Table OARRRS

    PRBEG     Deductions: Preparation of V0, OV0, ORT etc. for Retroactive Accntg

    PRDNT     Processing of table DDNTK (Deductions Not Taken)

    PREND     Modify DDNTK table after last loop

    PRI     Transfer of data from retroactive payroll runs

    PRINT     Print the table or structure

    PRPRI     Processing of the priorities tables

    PRT     Processing the results table

    PSMUL     PS-SG: Generate Daily Rate for Make Up Leave

    PSRT     PSRT

    PSS00     PY-PT: Calculate Social Security contributions

    PSSD0     HR-PT: Calculate Social Security working days

    PST00     HR-PT: Process stamp tax

    PTCRT     Process TCRT

    PTX00     HR-PT: Determine IRS deductions

    PVACA     HR-PT: Adjustment of the vacation allowance already paid to the EE

    PVACE     HR-PT: Determination of annual estimated amount for vacation allowance

    PVACG     HR-PT: Get VA grouping and generate VA payment data

    PVACO     HR-PT: Retrieve payment data in table VA from previous payroll period

    PVACR     HR-PT: Building and storing the reference remuneration components

    PVACT     HR-PT: Valuate vacation allowance for leave days on termination

    PVACV     HR-PT: Determination of amounts for VA and taken leave days

    PW1     Processing individual incentive wages data

    PW2     Processing group incentive wages data

    PWMT     Process wage maintenance table

    PZL     Process table ZL

    PZLOV     Copy internal table ZL to OV (overtime records)

    QACZL     Take only those records from ZL during which employee is active.


    QAVBS     Determine the base gross amt and base tax amt for LSP and Bonus pym



    QCUGT     Cumulate Gross and Tax from previous results of current period

    QCURD     Delete currency from payroll tables

    QLBSP     Create Lump Sum & Bonus pym for single Pay period




    QLVLL     Aust. Leave Loading

    QLVPR     Leave Provision






    QPDNR     Processing the dnrct table

    QPFDT     1042-S fill differences

    QPNTP     Nonresident tax and payroll preparation

    QPNTX     1042-S tax calculation

    QPTAB     Move nonresident tables

    QPTAX     NRA Tax and Payroll Process

    QPWCT     Function for Payroll Tax and Workers Compensation

    QRADF     Add Differences in Director's Fee & Allowances in /RLL to /A11 in DT

    QRDT1     Function to avoid tax processing for superannuation wagetypes (LSPA)





    R0057     Process membership infotype (SG)

    R3CML     Calculation of Benefit Salary for 3rd Child Maternity Leave

    RAB     Read absences

    RADDF     Calculation of additional funds

    RCALC     Calculation of Lump sum payment and lump sum for CPF


    REMIT     Withholding remittances for third parties

    REMWR     Storing the remittances to be withheld for third parties

    RFRSH     Refresh internal tables

    RGPML     Calculation of ECPF amount to be claimed by the employer towards GPML

    RGRTE     Regular Rate of Pay (FLSA Overtime Valuation)

    RSCPF     Calculation of CPF contribution for citizens, PR and FWL-days

    RSMRT     Function for the dynamic semimonthly payroll

    S0057     Function (Payroll)  S0057

    SECN0     Employer contribution calculation Sweden

    SEJT     Taxation in old period necessary due to JUPER change

    SETCU     Process previous cumulations

    SETSW     Setting switches on the basis of data from the PSP and CABC

    SFACT     Function (Payroll)  SFACT

    SGAR0     The function calls func. module HR_SE_DEDUCT_GARNISHMENT, from

    SGERA     Extension Of Retirement Age....

    SGPRA     SG-PS: Pensions - Calculate the Pension Refund amount (Difference amt)

    SGPRF     HR PS Singapore: CPF Refund Calculations

    SNAB     SNAB

    SORT     Sort internal tables

    SPA     Process special payments

    SPAVG     Calculate average monthly salary of previous year

    SPB     Evaluation (automatic special payment)

    SPC     Administration (automatic special payments)

    SPU00     Period and year for special payment transfer

    SRPKM     Number of kilometers with Fuel-compensation for a benefit-car

    SRPTR     Travel allowance

    STAX0     Function used in subschema STAX in the Swedish payrollschema S000.

    SUPER     sk        This function is called after reading in the


    SVACS     Payroll transfer for capacity utilization level


    TAXCA     Tax Calculations Function

    TAXWT     Tax Wage Types.

    THIMP     Import Last original payroll result - TH

    THREP     THREP: HR-Thailand: Process wagetypes for Tax Reports.

    THRNT     Rounding function for Thailand payroll

    THSS     THSS : HR-Thailand: Process Social Security data

    THTAX     THTAX: HR-Thailand: Process Tax.

    THTRM     THTRM: HR-Thailand: Process Termination Pay

    TRANS     Transfer of wage types from T558A to IT

    TWESF     Calculate Employee Stabilization Fund

    TWEWF     Calculate Employee Welfare Fund

    TWNHI     TWNHI : Calculate NHI premium

    TWNP     Calculate new pension premium

    TWOT     TWOT: Carry out cutoff date and overtime hours taxable limit

    TWSAV     Calculate saving plan provision for employee and employer

    TWSI     Calculate Labor Insurance premium

    TWTAX     Taiwan Tax Calculation

    UACGF     Calculate Month End Accruals

    UCPFI     Conc. Employment Common Paymaster posting to FI

    UCQRC     US Tax Reporter cross quarter retro monitor

    UDTX0     Initialization for the BAL rebuild function

    UDTX1     Compare BAL/UNB tables

    UDTX2     Update new BAL/UNB

    UFRSH     Refresh Internal Tables - US

    UGARN     Garnishments

    UGTLI     HR-US: Process US Group Term Life Insurance Plans

    UGUPD     Gross up cost distribution

    UMOD     Determining modifiers

    UNAB     US Absence Processing

    UNMEX     New Mexico Workers' Compensation Tax

    UOTX0     PY-US-TX: Freeze existing taxes during cross-year retrocalculation

    UPAR1     Override tax method for current payments or retro differences (USA)

    UPD     Performing database updates

    URSA     Cap tax withholdings for separate aggregate method

    USTAX     Process BSI tax calculation (USA)

    UTIPS     Tip processing

    UTOUT     US Tax table process for Outsourcing

    UTPRI     Tax priority (USA)

    UTRST     US  Tax Reporter Employee index builder

    UTWE     Payroll function for simulation of taxing when-earned

    UTXCE     CE US Tax final calculation and prioritization

    UTXOR     US Tax Authority Override via IT0221

    VAAV0     Calculation of employer's contribution (NO)

    VCRET     Clear internal payroll table RETT

    VEAB2     HRMS-VE: Generation of legal absences valuation bases.

    VEABC     HRMS-VE: Calculation of seniority with reduction of absences

    VEABS     HRMS-VE: Absence valuation

    VEADV     HRMS-VE: Wage advance for monthly-paid employees

    VEAIN     HRMS-VE: Calculation of interest on seniority

    VEEVS     HRMS-VE: Generate switches related to employee personnel actions

    VEGAV     HRMS-VE: Generate average wages

    VEINC     HRMS-VE: INCE contribution calculation

    VEINT     HRMS-VE: Calculation of interest on seniority

    VELPH     HRMS-VE: Calculation of RPVH contributions.

    VEMIN     Function (Payroll)  VEMIN

    VENAB     HRMS-VE: Split between absences paid by the company and the IVSS

    VEPIN     HRMS-VE: Tranfer of interest on seniority

    VEPPF     HRMS-VE: Determine partial period factors.

    VEPS     HRMS-VE: Profit share pro-rata calculation

    VEPS0     Function (Payroll)  VEPS0

    VEPS1     HRMS-VE: Profit share adjustment calculation

    VEPS2     HRMS-VE: Calculation of profit share advances

    VERBP     HRMS-VE: Adjust basic wage due to rounding of valuation bases...

    VERET     Function (Payroll)  VERET

    VESBG     HRMS-VE: Generate Calculation Bases Composed of Gross Pay.

    VESBT     HRMS-VE: Generate Calculation Bases Composed of Planned Wages.

    VESEN     HRMS-VE: Calculation of Annual and Monthly Length of Service Totals.

    VESPL     Generate split to calculate prewarning basis in termination

    VESSO     HRMS-VE: Calculation of Contributions to SSO and SPF.

    VESVB     HRMS-VE: Wage Processing Valuation Basis.

    VETAB     HRMS-VE: Prepare Internal Tables.

    VETAX     HRMS-VE: Total Deduction Calculation for Income Tax (ISLR)

    VETER     HRMS-VE: End of Work Contract.

    VETRA     HRMS-VE: Processing of Transfer Bonus.

    VETRN     HRMS-VE: Transfer of Data from Outside Systems.

    VEVCD     Function (Payroll)  VEVCD

    VFP01     Transfer of accumulators by year end

    VFP02     Payment of holiday allowance / settlement of days

    VFP03     Calcultion of holiday allowance / payment termination

    VFP04     Tax handling in connection with holiday pay

    VFPU0     Calculation and outpaying of holiday allowance (NO)

    VNAB     Norwegian absence processing


    VPKW     Company car benefits (Norway)

    VPSH1     Creating wagetypes for work capacity (Norway PS)

    VPSH2     Comparing Holiday allowance with salary (Norway PS)

    VPSP1     Pension Calculations (Norway PS)


    VRETT     Process RT / ORT adding to RETT

    VRMBS     Reimbursement solution

    VRPKM     Number of kilometers with Fuel-compensation for a benefit-car

    VTAX0     Processing calculation of tax for Norway

    VTOFD     Fill payroll tables FDRT and FDRETP - results last time this period

    VTR57     Processing union dues and garnishment Norway

    W0011     W0011

    W0014     W0014

    W0015     W0015

    WAUT     Calaculate final company car fringe benefit.

    WCAR     Function (Payroll)  WCAR

    WDEEM     Calculate Last Year's Deemed Remuneration

    WHOUS     Calculate annual value for housing

    WONUS     Function (Payroll)  WONUS

    WPBP     Import work center and basic pay data

    WPFAR     Read Surplus Arrear Pension from Previous Tax Year

    WPRRT     WPRRT : Process retro RT table (RRT)

    WRET     Set closed tax year indicator

    WRSC     Calculate RSC Levy

    WSDL     Calculate skill development levy

    WTAX     WTAX

    WTPAE     Set MA and PF applicable earnings if total package

    WUPM     WUPM

    XCAEV     Divide schema into payroll and evaluation parts

    XDEC     Distribution of Employer's Costs

    XDECI     Convert amounts to standard decimals

    XDIST     Exchange Wage Types bet. Personnel Assignment and Person Levels

    XEDT     Print payroll form

    XGP     Payroll for Global Employees

    XIT     Change table XIT

    XLTI     Process Awards

    XNAB     Refinement of Absences

    XNET     Calculation of Net Amount

    XPA     Start and End of Processing per Personnel Assignment

    XPAY     Determining Payments

    XRETR     Retroactive accounting

    XSKIF     Compare Results With Earlier Periods

    XSPLT     Split wagetype according to date (BPO payroll)

    XWPBP     Compare WPBP Splits for Concurrent Employment

    ZLIT     Importing wage types from ZL to IT







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