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Define Sales organisation

Srinivas Ch
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Hi gurus,


On which basis we will define the sales organisations?

for eg: few clients having only one sales.org and few are having 3,4 s.org, why?




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    Sales organization is an organizational unit that sells and distributes products, negotiates terms of sale, and is responsible for these transactions.  It is also responsible for business daily operations as well as legal obligations also.


    One company code can have number of (many) sales organizations. It means one sales organization should be assigned to only one company code. So the relationship between company code and sales organization is one to many.


    A sales organization cannot share any master data with other sales organizations. The master data must be created separately. The data for a distribution channel or a division can, however, be created for several distribution channels or divisions.


    Sales Org is the highest summation level.



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    it is based on client business process.

    the goods are sent to costumer on the basis of retail,whole sale or import export..etc

    so these are config with different sales area.


    only one sales org or sales area is maintains when the business process is limited


    ALES ORGANISATION: A sales organisation is an organisational unit that sells and distributes products/services, negotiates terms of sale and is responsible for carrying out day to day business transactions.


    One or more sales organisation is assigned to a company code but the number of sales.org should be kept to a minimum i.e. one per company code.


    Every sales organisation carries its own (customer and material) master data and NO two sales organisations can share a single master data.


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    Sadhu Kishore
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    when the nature of the product being sold and the policies like gurantees, warranties any legal implications are governed in a different way then it is recommeded to go for second sales orgranisation.


    But it should also be kept in mind that clients may different business requirments that vary and may need to more sales orgs at times. An example of a second sales is a business engaged in domestic and export can have two sales orgs.



    sadhu kishore