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How to use MF60

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Dear Frndz,


The following is my clients scenario,


1.They will raise the production order, before executing the production order they will move all the required raw materials to the shopfloor storage location from the normal storage locations .On confirmation of the production order they want the raw materials in the shopfloor storage location to be backflushed.


For the above mentioned scenario will MF60 be useful.IF so, kindly expalin me the step by step procedure to do it.




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    Pradeep Kumar
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    I hope u have created production  order for Header Material and components of Header material needs to be staged.


    If there is no enough stock at production storage location (issue storage loc of components ) for components , using Pull list u can transfer stock from replenishment storage loc to prod storage loc.


    Please ensure the following settings at Initial screen of pull list,


    Staging Type: "stor.loc.leve "selected

    Selection periods for req: Finish date of production order.

    Global settings:-> Dialog control->

    create Rep.propsal= Automatic

    Stage rep .propasal= Automatic,


    Assign the production order number .


    Along with standard settings of pull list, if u do above settings, and access with production order number, system will give missing part overview and replenishment proposal .


    Assign replenishment storage location from which stock should be transfered to prod storage location and execute.

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      Oh...thanks alot pradeep, it has solved my problem....also pls tell me how to default the replenishment storage location in MF60...it will be a great help for me.




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        Pradeep Kumar
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        System will select the storage location automatically if u assign the stock determination Gruop at MRP view.


        Create stock determination group & rule and assign the default storage location & priority  at stock determination item Table"  at OSPX.


        Now system will propose the replenishment storage location by automatically.


        Please try and comeback.



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    Srini N
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    MF60 is for the Pull list.


    Pull list is used to withdraw the components from Main storage location to the issue storage location. Issue storage location is Prod. storage location.


    Pull list used to control the flow of components required for in-house manufacturing.


    It is assumed that the components required are already ( procured or produced ) made available in the Main storage location and to be transferred now to production storage location.


    Pull list takes into account the dependent requirements generated from the planned orders of the parent parts and stocks of the child component is checked at the production storage location.


    Pull list calculates the quantities of the missing parts.


    The issue storage location is the place from where the components are going to back flush , at the time of confirmation ( GR ) of parent.


    Replenishment storage location for Externally procured part is the ‘storage location for EP -

    on MRP 2 view.

    The main storage location is also called as replenishment storage location. System calculates the replenishment elements for the missing parts.


    The Process of executing the Pull list and getting the material is known as Material staging. 


    The issue storage location should come from the master data to the dependent requirement which has come from the planned order. Issue storage location needs to be maintained in BOM or Material master.


    Global settings,

    General  Missing parts calculation  Include all the requirements


    Indicator Take all requirements into account,


    The system is to include the requirements of all orders that influence the missing parts situation. If this field is not selected, the system only includes requirements for the specific order that you entered in the missing parts calculation.


    This indicator controls whether:


    The system only takes the requirements calculated in the missing parts calculation in the pull list into account which correspond exactly to the selection criteria.

    Or whether the system should also take other requirements into account that influence the missing parts situation.

    Select the field if other requirements are also to be taken into account.



    In the initial screen, only enter one order. However, other orders also exist that require the same components at the same location.

    If you do not select this field, the system only compares the requirements of this one order with available stocks.

    If you select this field, the other requirements are also included in the missing parts calculation.