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Tare weight specific to HU level - how calc. total Tare ?

Nick W2
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Working on 4.7 ext. set 200


Wish to implement Handling Unit Management.


When a HU is generated the system appears to only take in to account the packaging specific to that level when calculating the Tare weight.


For example


Gross weight of carton + content = 1.5 kg

Tare weight = 1 kg

Content (loading) weight = 0.5 kg


10 cartons (+content) are packed in to one Shipper (weight 2 kg)


SAP will calculate the weights for the 'Shipper' HU as:

Tare weight 2 kg

Loading weight 15 kg (10x1.5)

Gross 17 kg


We need to declare the total weight of packaging so the weights/calculation we require per Shipper (and same logic at higher levels e.g. pallet) are:


Tare weight 12 kg (10x1 + 2)

Loading weight 5 kg (10x0.5)

Gross weght 17 kg


I can sort of see SAP's logic but many bodies e.g. EU, want to know the weight of the packaging, in total and not simply of the highest level. Does anyone have a solution or ideas on how to address this ? For example make use of a particular Badi/Exit and two of the 'free' HU customer fields is one thought I've had.