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Diff  between  Configuration And customization

shruthi sv
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Please Breafly explain Difference Between Configuration And customization

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    Santosh Kanta
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    Please note the differences


    Configuration - It is the process of mapping your business process / requirements with already existing SAP standards i.e. by going in SPRO (for eg)


    Customization - It is the process of mapping ur business process with some changes (as per ur requirement) as against existing in standard SAP & thereby developing your own customized screens / reports i.e. Z reports


    Customization is oftenly termed as a development or developed report (Z report).


    Reward points if it is useful to u.



    Santosh Kanta

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    Venkateshwarlu alwala
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    this is  venky,


    configuration is that configure two master datas for ex.shipping point determination.plant,shipping cond,loding group


    customization is that define new fields for ex.define new shipping conditions (imme,normal,speed)

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    Deepak Aparanji
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    The words Configuration and Customization are widely used in SAP area.


    Pretty much Configuration is consistently used for any kind of IMG activity I mean for example to configure the std sap system to meet the customer requirements/business process. For Ex: Creation of New Plants, Changing the settings in the Order types, Configuring the message outputs etc etc. We can generalize any activity that is done by Functional team is configuration.


    Customization - is also used for above mentioned Configuration activity. Also some people use it whenever there is any new program/ std SAP program is modified to the SAP system which is also called as Development work performed by ABApers.


    But widely seen both the words mean the same I eman the functional very few people use for any kind of development work


    Hope this helps



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    karthick PP
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    there are features predefined in SAP...


    Using the standard features or designing the standard features as per our wish so that our business process is mapped successfully is called configuring...



    Changing the standard features or adding something to the standard features as per our wish is called customizing..



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    Yogesh Sane
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    is called as external structure.


    customization means

    acting on the structre


    and implementation guide is a combination of customization and configuration, as it have organizational data, transaction data, system data, so you have to synchronize this data as per your business transaction need, or need base solution developement, and if you are unable to satisfy with your standard business configuration or customization object then you have to apply system modifications as per the scenario in user exit, and secondly you have to follow protocol based approach first you have to configure, then customize, user exit, modifications, developement of new ABAP program. so the standard IMG guide is designed in such a way that if you configure and customize it with fullest potential and functionality then you will have just five to ten percent requirement out of that. and already the routine answers were give to you, so i did given the other factors which were not mentioned by my colleagues, see you soon bye hope to hear from you

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      Prasannakumar RVR
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      1. In configuration you use all standard functionalities...i.e.. adapting the existing BC sets.


          whereas in customization BAdis, user / customer exits etc are used in addition to the configuration.


      2. In configutation we normally use the pre-configured application area scenarios like aero space package / defence / retail / process manufacturing etc...we use these standard nearest package and configure to use the package.


      whereas, in configuration there are additional functionalities added to the above application packages / to the base line package.




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    Ravi P
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    Hi Shruthi,


      Configuration in Simple Term, Means,the Process of making required settings in SPRO, to meet Clients

    Business Process requirement.

    The Configuration Part of Implementation, Generally will not be of much Complications and Time Consuming,

    if the requirement is clear to a Consultant.


    Where as, Customization is a Process where we have to do some developments in the Application,

    to meet some Specific Business process requirements of Clients, which cannot be Configured.

    As Compared to Configuration Part of Implementation, Customization is a bit Complicated process,

    unless the requirement is more common and Consultant is clear with the same.


    Hope, this will solve you doubt.

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    Shobhit Garg
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    Configuration is standard SAP, Customization is anything that is customer specific and non-standard.




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    Amit Patil
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    CONFIGURATION: The process of tailoring SAP software by selecting specific functionality from a list of those supported by the software, very much like setting defaults. It is what you do to have the system be able to execute your business processes the way you want to be (configures the system to meet the needs of your business by using the existing data). It uses the inherent flexibility of the enterprise software to add fields, change field names, modify drop down lists or add buttons.


    CUSTOMIZATION: To customise or adapt the system to your business requirements, which is the process of mapping SAP to your business process. It involves code changes to create functionality that is not available through configuration. Customization can be costly and can complicate future upgrades to the software because the code changes/modifications may not easily migrate to the new version.