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Configuration of MRP

shruthi sv
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Please explain breafly? How to configure MRP?

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    Swaroop Shekhar Shinde
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    Following steps need to be follow for configuring MRP


    1.     Plant Parameters for MRP (SPRO)     

    2.     MRP type     (MM)

    3.     MRP controller (MM)     

    4.     Procurement Type(MM)     

    5.     Special Procurement Type if applicable (MM)

    6.             Lot Sizing Procedure     (MM)

    7.     Scheduling Margin Key(MM)     

    8.     Scheduling Parameters for planned orders  through  (SPRO)     



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    karthick PP
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    Prerequisites for Consumption-Based Planning

    The following prerequisites must have been fulfilled in order to carry out requirements

    planning for a plant:

    Requirements planning for the corresponding plant must be activated in

    Customizing for Materials Management under Consumption-Based Planning u2192

    Planning u2192 Activate Material Requirements Planning.

    T-code - OMDU

    The plant parameters for the corresponding plant must be activated in

    Customizing for Materials Management under Consumption-Based Planning u2192

    Plant Parametersu2192 Carry Out Overall Maintenance of Plant Parameters.

    u2022T-code - OMI8


    In the material master record, you have to maintain the MRP data of the materials

    that are subject to automatic planning.




    thia may help u !






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    Yogesh Sane
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    you can configure MRP in implementation guide and in sales and distribution you have to take care only following parameters

    means when the material is transferred from production planning to SD

    and to decide the MRP we are not authorized for the same it is the work of MM/PP/

    we can configure only CIN Setting for india





    Transportation cost

    Departure country

    Destination country

    Material price group

    Customer price group

    Customer-material group and combinations of all groups described above

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    Sreenivasulu Gurijala
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    1.  Activate MRP for Plant

    2.  Plant Parameters for MRP (SPRO)

    3. Carry out over all maintenance for MRP group

    4. Number Ranges for Planning

    5. MRP type

    6. MRP controller

    7. Procurement Type

    8. Special Procurement Type if applicable

    9. Lot Sizing Procedure

    10. Scheduling Margin Key

    11. Scheduling Parameters for planned orders

    12. Maintain Planning calendor

    13.Define Order type for Conversion

    14.Define Planning Horizon





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    Santosh Kumar Mishra
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       To Configure MRP you need to do following:

    1. Activate Plant Parameters for MRP(in SPRO)

    2. MRP Type Customization(E.g, PD, M1,M2,, -in SPRO - But need not suposed to do without client's permission)

    3. MRP Controller (in SPRO)

    4. Production Scheduler Profile (in SPRO)

    5. Order type Dependent Paremeters(in SPRO)

    6. Plant Parematers(in SPRO)

    7. Scheduling Parameters(in SPRO)


    Important T-Codes - OPL8,OPJH,OPKP


    If you have any doubt then ask.

    Thease are the least configuration requirement and aprt from that you can do some activities like planning calender etc.



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    K.N Madhava
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    Go to SPRO, select reference IMG,


    Select Production - Material Requirements Planning.


    Here you will get What are all the setting needs to be done.


    Before making any configuration, First read out the details by clicking at the left side of each setting. (There is Square icon). This gives what you have to do.



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    Dileep Kumar S
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    Hi ,


    Please go throuhg the following path for configure MRP:


    SPRO->IMG->Material Master->Consumption-Based Planning->MasterDate.



    Dileep Sk