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FI posting through IDOC - ACC_DOCUMENT03

Sushil Joshi
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We are using idoc ACC_DOCUMENT03 to post data available in a 3rd party system into SAP


The 3rd party system does not have a corresponding accounting document which can be used in the reference key of the

header record (awkey or obj_key).

We are using the following details for the idoc header record:


obj_type = 'ZBKPF'

obj_key = '$'

bus_act = 'RFBU'


The idocs get posted and accounting document created successfully, however we are facing the following issues:



1) The reference key in the header record shows '$"

2) consolidation document is not created in FI.

3) We are not able to reverse the document created this way, the error message says:

    "Document '400000021' in company code '1000' should be reversed. However, this document was not posted in the Financial Accounting module, IDOC is, rather, of type '' "



We checked the entries in table TTYP and created the following entry by copying the entry having ref transactn - BKPFF:


Ref. Transactn     ZBKPF

Structure             BKPF_AWOBJ

Function module  FI_DOCUMENT_SENDER

Remote Name     Accounting document



Any pointers to the solution for this problem will be extremely helpful.



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    Kimmo Sirpoma
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    Hi Joshi, your problem is very old, but we are facing the same problem when reversing a document posted with BAPI. How did you solve your case? We are thinking there might be bug in fm FI_REVERSE_POSTING_ALLOWED while when I_AWTYP='ZBKPF' then it checks an entry in table TTYPT but does not set variable RC to zero even if it finds an entry.


    br: Kimmo

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      Kimmo Sirpoma
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      One correction to my previous statement. There is no bug in standard fm FI_REVERSE_POSTING_ALLOWED. The select on TTYPT is just for getting AWTYP description in user language to be used for later raised error message outside this fm.


      Thus if I_AWTYP has a Z-value, the reverse check always fails and no reversal is possible. In fact that should happen also in the case when I_AWTYP = IDOC because I_TCODE is probably different that FB05.


      But how did you solve your case Joshi?