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difference between value(assortment) and materia value contract

Sreenivas Kankanala
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Hello all,


what is the difference between value contract(assortment module) and material value contract.




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    Prasanth Vijayan
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    With Assortment Module:

    You can specify a product hierarchy or a assortment module for value contracts with contract type WK 1. The system will always propose this type of contract, if you want to create a contract for several materials or a certain group of materials. All the materials in the relevant assortment, or belonging to the specified product hierarchy are then relevant for release.


    Assortment Module:This function enables you to define a list of materials that can be released from a value contract. Materials can be assigned to more than one assortment module.An assortment module is an entry tool and can be called up from the value contract. It is valid for a certain time period


    Material Related:


    You can create contracts for one material (usually configurable) with this type of value contract. A software company is an example of where this kind of contract is often used. There, a contract for the value of INR 500,000 is made with the customer for one specific software product. You can also agree on the length of the contract for this type. The contract duration can be agreed at item level and can be different from the contract duration specified at header level.