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Print parameters

Roddick Redy
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hi to all...!


Can any one tell me, where can we maintain Print Parameters for Output determination?




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    Murali Mohan
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    Dear Reddy,


            You can maintain the printing parameters in the output programe,that out put program you can assign to the output type.


    You can maintain the condition records to the respective print medium through these transactions.


    VV11-For sales orders output

    VV21- For Deliveries output

    VV31-For Invoice output


    I hope it will help you




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    VV11-For sales orders output> out put type >

    AF00     Inquiry

    AN00     Quotation

    BA00     Order Confirmation

    BAV0     Order confirm.  VMI

    ESYM     Internal Output

    JEXC     IN:Excise Invoice

    KO00     Contract

    KRML     Credit Processing

    LP00     Scheduling Agreement

    MAIL     Internal Output

    RD03     Cash Sale

    SDB     MatSafetyDataSheet



    VV21- For Deliveries output


    CANO     Forwarding Notific.

    CFPR     Frgt plann. shippng

    ET01     Material label

    KEP2     Express serv. label

    KRML     Credit Processing

    LALE     ShipNotifctn to SP

    LAVA     Outg. ship.notifica.

    LD00     Delivery Note

    LD01     Delivr Note DIN4994

    LDS0     Delivery note (SMFS)

    LQCA     Q cert. goods recip.

    LQCB     Q cert. sold-to par.

    LRUE     Decentr.Confirmation

    PL00     Packing list

    SDB     MatSafetyDataSheet

    SHOR     Shipping Order

    SPAT     Forwarding Order

    TPS0     Delivery to Ext. TPS

    TRM     Tremcard output

    WA00     Material Tags 4902/3

    WABS     GR/GI slip

    WMTA     Automatic TA

    WSOR     Stock order


    VV31-For Invoice output


    AES1     Autom. Export System

    AES2     AES - Option 2

    AES3     AES - Option 3

    AES4     AES - Option 4

    AUS1     Sample - EDI

    AUS2     Sample - Export dec.

    AUS3     Sample - Mvmnt cert.

    AUSJ     Sample ExportRep. JP

    CMSF     CMS Outgoing Invoice

    FEAG     Req. Export License

    FEAN     Nat. Export License

    FECO     Cert. of Origin EU

    FEEA     EU export refund

    FEEU     EUR1 document

    FEEV     VAR (Switzerland)

    FEEX     Export declaration

    FET1     Shipping decl. T1

    FET2     Shipping decl. T2

    FET5     T5 Document

    FETR     A.TR. document

    FIN0     Send Link Immediat.

    FIN1     Send Link per Job

    FIN2     Send Link per Job

    FJCI     Export Invoice - JP

    FJCO     Cert. of Orig. Osaka

    FJCT     Cert. or Orig. Tokyo

    FJEP     Pack. List Export JP

    FJER     Export Report Japan

    FKIV     Intercompany Billing

    FUCI     Commercial Inv. USA

    FUCO     U.S. Cert. of Origin

    FUEP     Export Packing List

    FUPI     Proforma Inv. USA

    FUSD     Shipper's Exp. Decl.

    FUSI     Ship. Letters Instr.

    J1I0     Excise Invoice IN

    LR00     Invoice list

    RD00     Invoice

    RD01     SingleInv.f.InvList

    RD02     Invoice VDA

    RD04     Invoice Receipt MM

    RDES     POR invoice



    Out put for picking

    EK00     Picking List

    EK01     Picking Label

    EKSU     Subsystem Pick List


    THEN  SELECT THE CONDITION TYPE .THEN CLICK ON key combination, then enter the sales organisation , enter the customer number, enter the parnter function , enter medium


    if u select the medium internet, give the  email addres in customer master




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    OmSakthi Shakthi
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    Use T.code  VP01

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    Rajeshwar Rao Gadiraju
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    Hi Roddick Redy ,


    Print parameters and setting for printers is maintained in

    T-Code SPAD .



    Hope this may solve your problem.


    Please reward points if ound helpful.


    Thanks and regards,