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Diff between Campaign and Trade prorogation

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can you pls explain me what is the difference between Campaign and Trade prorogation


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    Ashish Nagpal
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    see both are an integral part of the marketing planner ,the main difference lies witin the fact that campaign is an operative tool to manage the interactio with the customers


    trade promos is for specific purpose that is like increasing sales for particular quarter etc, but ca,mpaign are launched as a part of broader startegy ,this is the basi fact


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    Srikantan J
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    Hi Sateesh,


    Campaign serve operative marketing planning. They describe actions that are carried out, for example mailing actions, product promotions, and telemarketing. Crieria such as target groups, products, documents, people responsible, and the budget are defined in the campaign for these activities.

    Campaign are basically used for operative marketing planning and execution.


    Trade Promotions are Marketing activity used by industries that sell into the retail channel or through brokers or wholesalers. A trade promotion takes place within a specific time period and aims to increase brand capital, brand awareness, and market share. It is also used to increase sales volume or to launch new products or product lines.

    Trade promotions are structurally similar to other marketing objects, except that trade promotions are targeted at a key account.

    A trade promotion has a header that provides overview information about the trade promotion, such as the intended key account, the product planning basis, the trade promotion objective, funds plan details, and trade promotion status.

    Assignment blocks contain specific information pertaining to, for example, trade promotion dates, products, and causals.


    For more information on Trade Promotion please go through the following link:



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    Deepak Ahuja
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    Srikantan and Ashish have explained the difference very well, however to say it in basic terms Campaign is used when you are contacting customers directly either B2C or B2B while Trade Promotion is used when you are selling through various distribution channel like wholesaler, retailer etc. Secondly, Trade Promotion is complex with several touch points in BW, SEM, ECC etc.





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    Manohar R
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    Hi Satish

    Campaigns are the ways and mediums which helps in communication, increasing awareness, increase sales and wide range of activities. It can be done through mailing list, product promotions, telecalling etc. Meaning you are trying to reach your customers for increasing customer base, entering new markets or increasing sales or product awareness.

    For ex: Product demos or stalls in an exhibition


    Trade Promotion Management is an activity which is done with the help of your channel partners. The check here is "trade", which means distributors, retailers, wholesellers, re-sellers etc. The purpose remain the same like to increase customer base or sale revenues but here the incentives are given to your channel partner.

    For ex; Commision to the wholesaler/distributor for selling 100 cartons for a particaular month.


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