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Packing in SAP SD

North South
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would like to know the packaging configuration to be done and steps to be able to pack a material in delivery.


reply would be much appreciated





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    Murali Mohan
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    Hi Vj,


    First you create material master in MM01 transaction with material type VERP then


    Go through this IMG path Do the packing related settings,


    SPRO>Logistics Execution>Shipping>Packing> here you cjeck the fallowing settings


    -->Define packaging material type

    -->Define material group for packaging material

    -->Define allowed packaging Materials


    Maintain the Packaging Material data in the material master Basic data


    Now you can able to pack the material in the delivery



    I hope it will help you,



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    SAP SDian
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    Basic Process of how Packing Works


    Let's say you want to pack a material shirt_jai in test_pack.


    Using MM01, create material type=packaging  test_pack




    1. SPRO > IMG-Logistics Execution > Shipping > Packing >

    Define Packaging Material Types


    Let's say JPAC. The settings that I chose:

    Plant determ. - Plant is entered manually in handling unit

    Pack. matl. cat. - Packaging materials

    Generate Dlv. Items - blank

    Number assignment - Number range interval 'HU_VEKP'



    2. SPRO > IMG > Logistics Execution-Shipping-Packing > 

    Define material group for packaging material


    Let's say JGRP


    3. SPRO > IMG > Logistics Execution > Shipping > Packing >

    Define allowed packaging materials



    4. MM02: Check settings for the materials

    First, test_pack


    Sales:General/Plant -> Matl. Grp. Pack. Matls: JGRP (Note)

    Sales:General/Plant -> Packaging Mat. Type:  JPAC (Note)

    Basic Data 1 -> Material: JMAT 


    5. Then, shirt_jai


    Sales:General/Plant -> Matl. Grp. Pack. Matls: JGRP

    Sales:General/Plant -> Packaging Mat. Type: -

    Basic Data 1 -> Material: JMAT



    6. VL01N Outbound Delivery -> Packing 

    Enter the materials at top and at bottom 

    (Select shirt_jai and

    Edit - Pack)


    This is how the basic process of packing works.


    The "Packing Process" with an Example



    You created a order for a material(R-1160 - hard disks) for a qty - 120 pieces. 


    You need to create a delivery and 


    A)pack 40 pieces each of the material are grouped together into larger cardboard boxes (PK-100 - shipping/packing material) and 

    B)these 3 cardboard boxes are put into pallet (PK-095).




    A)Packing 40 pieces each of material (40 x 3 = 120 pieces)


    1)Goto [VL02N] to change the delivery, you already created. 

    Or you can do the following steps while you are creating a delivery also.


    2)Go to "pack" icon.


    3)In the upper section, enter the "packing material" (PK-100)


    4)In the lower section, change the "partial quantity" to 40 of material R-1160.


    5)Select both the lines of upper section and lower section and click the green ok.  It generates a shipping unit/handling unit number.


    6)Now, select both lines of upper & lower section & click the button "per part. qty" (New HU per part qty of material)


    Check:  click "General Overview" icon to see whether it packed 40 pieces of material in 3 cartons.


    B)Packing all 3 cartons in one big carton(PK-095)


    1) from above screen, click "pack HUs" (pack shipping unit)


    2)enter the packaging material (PK-095) in the upper section and select this line.


    3)select 3 lines of PK-100 in lower section since you want to pack them in PK-095.


    4)selecting both lines, click "pack" icon.


    5)Now all the 3 cartons(PK-100 with 40 pieces each of material) are packed in one big carton (PK-095).

    Check:  "General overview" icon.


    Then "save" the delivery.

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    AnilKumar N Parameswaran
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    Create packing material in VERP and give the details in Sales General Plant Data.

    Give input of Matl Grp Pack.Matls


    After you create material go for pack in delivery document and give the packing material there select your main material and packing material.



    Do Reward with points if this helps. Rewarding encourages the SDNers to reply and answer your queries in a clear way and fast





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    Allabaqsh Patil
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    Before creating the packaging material you have to go to:

    IMG-Logistics Execution-Shipping -Packing.

    1. *Define packaging material types-* it can be anything like boxes crates, etc. in this you have to maintain the output determination procedure, output type, plant determination, packaging material category, generate delivery items, number assignment. you can copy from standard also.


    2. Then go to define material group for packaging materials - here you maintain the four digit code and the description. Actually, this group is nothing but similar products which require similar packing products. For Ex. Nokia Phones all types they are basically packed first into a polythene bag. So here nokia phones can become a material group for packaging materials and polythene bag can become the packaging material type which can include different sizes and types of polythene bags.


    3. Define Allowed Packaging Materials - Here you assign the shipping group for packaging materials to the packaging material type. This is related to your mterial master data of the packaging material which you create.


    4. Now go to MM01 to create a packaging material. use material type as Packaging material then inside the system will take the item category group as VERP. Then in the Basic Data1 screen you have the material group for packaging material (MGPM). Slect the proper one. Now in the Sales:General/ Plant screen you have to maintain data regarding the packaging. you select the MGPM same as the basic data 1 screen, then select the packaging material type, the allowed pkg weight, allowed pkg volume (if required in your business process). This is important because if the weight of your finished item is 2 KG and in the allowed pkg weight you enter only 1.5 KG, then while you carry out the packing process in delivery, the system will give you error*," packaging weight exceeded."* The assignment in the IMG creen for Define allowed packaging materials should be same as u mention in the material master. Then save your material master for packaging material.


    5. VA01 create the order, save it.


    6. VL01N enter shipping point, go to *edit - pack-* you will face a screen with 2 parts. In the top part you select your packaging material in which you want to pack your finished item, enter the system will assign a number to that material (if in configuration you have specified an internal number range). Now select the Material in the top part and the finished one in the lower part and click on the Icon Pack. Here one thing has to be taken care of. Suppose if you want to pack only one finished item in one packaging material, then in the lower part of the screen you have a field for partial quantity here you chnge it to 1. system will prompt quantity changed. now you select the material in the top part and the one in the lower part and click on the PER PART. QTY ICON. In this way the system will pack only one finished item in a single packaging material. Packing is done go back, select the picking and do the PGI. save the delivery and create the invoice.


    This completes packing.


    Hope this gives you a brief explanation about packing.


    Reward points if solution helps.




    Allabaqsh G. Patil

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    North South
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    Thanks guys