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The difference between an action and an activity

iris shadmi
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I am a little a bit confused:

What is the difference between an action and an activity?

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    Manohar R
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    Actions are important for maintaining and improving business relationships. You can schedule and start predefined processes with the Actions component by means of user-definable conditions from transaction and marketing objects.

    You can tailor the type and time of actions to the requirements of your customers and the processes in your company. This component enables you to match your service, sales and distribution management, and your campaign management even more closely to customer needs, and, simultaneously, to automate them



    An activity is a document used to record information or plan actions at any time during the customer relationship life cycle.

    Activities can include appointments, interaction logs and tasks, for example, telephone calls, customer visits, general preparatory tasks, or private reminders.



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    Venkat Mallela
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    is basically used in Sales force Automation for Sales Executives scenario either for Business Activity(In Bound) No interaction with customer employees of of a particular co will discuss about task assigned and completed this you can view in Activity Monitor how much of work is completed

    Task is out bound sales executives will interact with customers for complete the task




    Actions are used to automate your processes. For Eg:

    1. You want the status to set to completed, when the contract validity gets over

    2. On start of every month an order should get generated from a contract

    3. Send an e-mail whenever the SLA's are breached



    Action are defined to let some activity to take place with out any manual interaction. like account Manager has pproved a Campaign Budget and the Same mail has to be sent to the Campaign Manager informing about the same.

    Or some thing like I have a sales order saved with out any errors and action defined will trigger the Print of the Order.


    1)Define an Action profile and assign it to a Transaction type.

    2)For action a Schedule condition,Start condition should be fulfilled and Processing types(Smartforms,Workflows, Methods(BADI) are used to carryout the objective.

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    Ashish Nagpal
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    hi there





    Actions are operations that must be triggered if the conditions set in a rule are evaluated to true. Actions are one of the defining components used when creating rule policies. A rule can have any number of actions.


    You can define actions in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management by choosing  E-Mail Response Management System  Define Repository .



    When you create an action, you must determine the following:


    Action IDs


    There are standard delivered actions you can use such as invoking a policy, routing e-mails, sending automatic responses, and creating interaction records.


    Action Service IDs


    These are the fact gathering services that determine the behavior of the action when executed. The action service IDs linked to the action IDs are configured in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management by choosing  E-Mail Response Management System  Service Manager  Define Services .


    Action Parameters


    Action parameters are used to pass values that are to be used in the action, for example, Mail Form and Organizational Object. The available parameters depend upon the context you are working in, for example ERMS, and which action ID you selected.



    Conflict Resolution Type


    This determines how conflicts are resolved if the same action is invoked more than once during rule execution. For more information, see Conflict Resolution.


    Execute Immediately


    You can determine if an action is executed immediately or only after a policy has been evaluated.


    i have tried explaining Actions using an instancewhereas an Activity is the utility which is perofremd whethere in response of transaction or a normal routine activity,like u can create activity before lead or after lead or in between creation of lead


    whereas action is something that u set some condition against which something happen when that condition is met.


    like it may be an activity or any other transaction creation or any thing that is decided by the parameters in actions



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    Deepak Ahuja
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    In simple words.


    Activity is a business transaction and is handled almost same as any other business transaction like Sales order, quotation etc.


    Actions are automatic actions that are configured to occur in business transactions (activity, sales order, quotation etc.) as a result of particular condition like change of status to let us say "in process" from "open".