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refund letter to customer

Nik Wallace
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Hi all my client wants ability to send a letter to the customer when their credit card has been refunded. That is when the customer is returned his money he should be sent a letter saying that.


Is there any standad functionality in SAP like this or we will need customisation.

(i guess it will need customisation)




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    Sarma Bhamidipati
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    Go to respective customer master record, correcpondence tab and select 2 in Bank Statement field for the customers you require for refund letter.


    Then go to F.27 transaction and select Company Code, Account Type, Customer Codes (if require range), Indicator in master record, Key dates for acct statement, correspondence type from the drill down list and execute.


    System will generate spool request file take print and send it.


    Try once, assign points if useful.

    Sarma BH

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    Horst Reppenhagen
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    Hello Nik,


    I am not sure whether an account statement is the optimal solution you need. There are much more possibilities to obtain correspondance letters i. e.


    1. Create a letter while posting a incoming / outgoing payment.

    If you have a return from the customer please choose while posting the payment in the open items screen Environment / Correspondance. Choose the document you want to create i. e. paymentnotice with line items or account statement.


    2. Create a letter for a customer

    You are in  the customer line item display.

    choose Environment / correspondance / request

    Select the document you want to create


    In both cases the system gives a message: (Document) was requested (Message no. F5451)


    Now the documents are ready for printing. Go to periodic processing / print correspondance the receivables (payables) menu.


    Maybe this is a little help for you, you can create your own correspondance types and forms.You will find the customizing in

    Financials/Accounts receivables & payables / customer accounts  / line item / correspondance (only one path in the IMG).


    I guess the customizing is self explaining if you are not completely new in SAP.


    Best regards.