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Unfinished e-mails

Lyda Osorio
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Hi Gurus,


I have a problem in Interaction Center Web Client. I want to save email and time after, recover this email.


Hi can save the email and the system show the message "Draft message saved", and after I search the email in the Option "Unfinished e-mails", but I obtain the next error "Type= APPLICATION_ERROR, ID= GET_PENDING_MESSAGES_FAILED, description= 16AA9A3937A9BB56E10000000A11447B  "


Any idea?


I need something special for save the email??





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    John Burton
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    Hello Lyda,


    Well, you could try applying notes 1125727 and 922319 to suppress the display of the message.


    However, I guess the real issue is that the "Unfinished Email" functionality does not actually work the way you are hoping. When I asked about this feature, I was told that the "Unfinished Emails" actually only display "Recovered Emails" that have been recovered in e.g., the event that your Web browser crashed while you were typing an email. After restarting the Interaction Center in a new browser, you could then go back and retrieve the the unfinished (recovered) email.


    However, apparently the Unfinished Emails are not associated with the "draft" feature in the Interaction Center E-Mail Editor. Meaning, if you start typing an email in the IC Email Editor, you have to finish and send the email (or delete the draft) before you can press End and end the interaction. Hence, there would never be a draft email displayed in the Unfinished Emails unless your browser crashed before you could send or delete the draft.


    By the way, just curious since you didn't mention it in your description -- but I guess you are using ICI rather than Agent Inbox (SAPConnect) as your email provider? If so, you should check that you have a working CMS configured which passes a connection test in SM59.


    Best regards,


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    Lyda Osorio
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    Thanks for your answer.


    SAP Notes not apply, because I have the last support package. I also review this notes before.


    I am using SAP Inbox, but possible my problem is I don't know how work "Save email functionality". I saved my emai, and the system show the message "Draft message saved". My question is how I can obtain again this draft message later(for example, in 2 days)??


    I have active transactions type for  incoming E-Mail and outgoing and and I review in help sap and,  I theory should found the saved email in "Interaction Record", but I can not found it.


    Any idea?



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      Micha Van Nijen
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      Hi Lyda,


      Normally the draft email is always linked to an Interaction Record. Based on that IR, you will find it in the business context.


      Over the last 2 months we have raised some oss messages, which resulted in a lot of oss notes and changes made by support. So before you want to use draft emails, please look on oss for subjects as draft email + save + business context.


      Problems occured with saving draft emails, getting them back, showing them in the business context of Service Tickets and interaction Records, having multiple drafts on 1 service ticket etc...


      You will find a lot of notes from april and may 2008.



      Kind regards,