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ABAP Code Review

Anshuman Das
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Hello Experts--


I have query where I will require your expert comments. I would like to check the quality of ABAP code with reference to


(a) Program logic

(b) Performance issues

(c) Table joint

(d) Buffer being used

(e) Index etc etc


Is there any tool in SAP or any third party tool which can help to check the quality of code.


Thanks in advance for your reply.




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    Madhumitha Vasudevan
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    Mukul Sharma
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    U can check your code by going to:

    Program->Check->Extendeed Program Check


    Hope it helps you.




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    Shruthi R
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    Do an extended program check

    code inspector check

    run trace analysis on ST05



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    Venugopal T
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    Dear Anshuman,


    Look at the transaction code SCI- Code Inspector and SLIN- Extended program Check - These both together will definitely help you in to a large exten check in your code review and which can help to check you ABAP Code Quality.


    There also can be some obsolete statements which need to be take care of and also some SQL queries which are not longer supported in OOPs context.


    So hope this will help you to a lot extent in determining the Quality Code.

    There are additional Transactions like SE30, ST05 which may help you to know about the performance or time consumption of your programs as such.


    Hope this too helps you.


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    Siegfried Boes
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    no there is no such tool which you are looking for.


    You can so some automated tests on the coding, by using SLIN, Code Inspector, etc. But the results are restricted, many properties can noot be tested at the code but only by execution.


    For performance ( joins, buffers, index etc. relate to performance) you must define test cases (program executed with certain parameters in a real system with enough data). You must execute the program

    + measure runtime and oher KPIs

    + and check the traces SE30 and ST05 for bugs with join, buffer or indexes.


    Details about the traces are expalined in the blogs which I have written: Links were given above.



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    Hi ,

        There is a utility " IBM Syntax Checker " which checks performance of the report as far as joins are concerened.

        you can also use code inspector to solve all issues related to indexes,buffering etc.