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Migration of Classic gl to NEW GL

Manuel Marambio
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Hola Gurus !!!

Iu2019 m involved in an R3 upgrade project, 46c to ECC6.0. During this migration, our client will migrate from Classic GL to New GL.

After that, they will implement Bi with SEM BCS for consolidation purpose. Here is the question, they are asking us if is recommended perform the consolidation implementation after new gl come in production or if we can implement SEM BCS with classic gl and after 6 months perform a migration to new gl in ecc and then works at the sem bcs side in order to adapt the ERP changes into consolidation module.


I would like to know if you have some documentation or some guide regarding sem bcs side.




Any help will be appreciated.

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    Eugene Khusainov
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    Hi Manuel,


    IMHO, the main challenge in implementing BCS with ECC (especially with a matrix consolidation) is a setting up the system in order to get the trading partners. New GL gives you more flexibility in it.


    So, IMHO, I would start implementation of ECC  with the new GL and blueprinting for BCS simultaneously.


    Otherwise, most likely, you'll have to reconfigure ECC.

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    Chemicala Srimallikarjuna Reddy
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    If you are already upgrading to ECC6.0( only  new GL), then you should have the SEM 6.0  add-on this.In the new general ledger concept from ECC6., the special ledger concept is withdrawn and the GL itself will have consolidated data for GL requirement as well as Special ledger requirment. Then why you want the old GL ??


    All you have to do an BI add-on for this.( also you can go for BI with SEM add-on)The installation of SAP NetWeaver components/usage types BW/BI, XI/PI, EP, MI, and/or DI together with SAP ECC in the same system instance (the same SID) is technically possible but some restrictions apply: Refer SAP Note 855534 @ service.sap.com


    Installation guide of SEM/ECC 6.0 on BI NW04´s.

    SAP Notes:


    -852446 for FINBASIS 6.0 on NW04s

    -852447 for SEM-BW 6.0 on NW04s


    Overview: Notes on Add-On FINBASIS - 438520

    Overview: Notes on Add-On SEM-BW - 186299

    Installation FINBASIS 600 on SAP NW AS 7.0= 852446

    Installation SEM-BW 600 on SAP NW AS 7.0-852447

    Installation SAP SEM 6.0- 855383


    Hope this helps,


    CSM Reddy


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      Patricio Ferrer von Frankenberg
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      How are you, I belive i wrote you both; I'm having a similar issue and the thing is, I need to have Classic and New GL coexist ,for different company codes, at the same Client, is this possible ?. If tis not possible I create new issues like:


      1) 2 Fiscal year variant for 3 different Company Codes: - Year end closing and Balance are not going to be possible

                                                                                      - Posting at diferent Ledgers neither


      2) AA: - Different valuation areas at different currency

                  - How to post in different ledgers for different valuation areas




      I've been looking on the web and I haven't found a positive answear...


      Kind regards,