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Duplicate records for a master data for BI 7

Shamane Citadin
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Hi BI experts,


I have a problem with a datasource ( source system : CRM) 0bpartner, which returns duplicate records in the same datapacket.


I would like to know where is the option to filter this duplicate records, I know that it was possible in version 3.xx in the IP, but now with BI 7, this option deseapear. It's normal, because the IP is only used to load PSA... but nothing identical in the DTP... There is a field about the duplicate records, but it's impossible de change it.


I read this article below, but nothing about the field name which receive 1 or 0 ...





This indicator gives information on how the DataSource behaves within a request with regard to duplicate records:

' ' The status of the DataSource is unknown.


'0' The DataSource does not deliver any duplicate records within a request, with reference to its key.


'1' The DataSource can deliver duplicate records within a request, with reference to its key. However, no duplicate records are delivered in a data package.


This indicator is particularly important for delta-capable attribute tables and text tables.


For the settings '0' and '1' you also have to define a key for the DataSource. This can be either in the DDIC using the maintenance for the corresponding field property of the extract structure fields, or (alternatively or additionally) in the metadata of the Datasource. A field in the DataSource also has the additional attribute ' DataSource Key Field', which transfersor corrects the DDIC property where necessary.




DataSources can, for a key, transfer time-independent master data or time-independent texts from multiple data requests in one request to BW. If data records within a request are transferred to the BW more than once, in some circumstances this can be explained as application relevant and is therefore not considered to be an error. BW provides functionalities for handling duplicate data records that can handle such an ambiguity.




The DataSource transfers the information concerning whether it is transferring potential duplicate data records. This information is given to the scheduler when creating new InfoPackages. In the scheduler you can determine how the system responds to duplicate data records.



Thx in advance for your answers !


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