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APD & Description Text

Standa Jager
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Hi everybody,


is it possible to generate Data via APD, Analyseprocessdesigner, from a Query or a Query View with description texts?


If yes, how, if no, how to create an CSV or a XLS File (not htm=xls!!!) via Information Broadcasting?


Any other alternatives to create a data list including description texts?


I would appreciate if the creator of APD would take a statement to this topic as well.




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    MBA Consultants
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    Hi Jager,


    With the APD you can user a query result as datasource.



    Hope it's help

    Greg COJA

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      Standa Jager
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      Hi Greg,


      nice of you that you answered so fast, but I have one specific request:


      Generate per APD from a Query or better from Query View (but this doesn't work) a CSV-File, which contains characteristics and text to the characteristics.


      APD-standard can generate only characteristics but not texts, or at least I didn't find it.


      Is there a FM or some similar solution to get this work?


      Thank you


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    Siva Chidambaram
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    It is possible to get the description text through APD.


    you can write a routine to get the description of the text for the corresponding infoobject.


    Process flow is like below :


      Query -  Routine - APD (ODS).


    In the routine, you can do the following things..

         1. select all entries from text table (/BIC/TXXXX) for the corresponding infoobject and put into internal table .

        2. Read the internal table with key(infoobject) equal to source data(from query) .

        3. If the data found the text table and update the target field with text.


    Hope it will help.




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      Standa Jager
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      Thank you very much, Siva,


      this solves the problem. It's a little bit complicated, if there are some changes in the query - you have to change all the routines as well, but it works.


      Now we are working on another solution as well and we are almost finished -> FM RRW3_GET_QUERY_VIEW_DATA delivers description text and key characteristics -> we will concatenate them into one field, save as csv, read it via excel pivot table and there make the analysis available for offline purposes.


      100 points.


      Have a nice day




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      Nabil Zebbar
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      can you provide me please the code of ABAP Routine code according the changes of some characteristic technical name to his description name.

      I encountoured the same requirement when using using query via APD en running it to Pc file.

      Your help would be highly appreciated

      Kinds regads.



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    Sree Ramya Lanka
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    Requesting to post the ABAP code for the same.

    Our requirement is similar too...


    We are currently generating a .csv file through an APD, from a query source.

    It gets us all customer fields, except the customer description.


    Please suggest how to achieve this, greatly appreciate, if we can get the ABAP code for the same.



    Sree Ramya Lanka

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    Heiko Waldner
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    you can use this snippet as a starting point:



    *--------- Begin of transformation code -----------------------------
    DATA: ls_source TYPE y_source_fields,
    TYPE y_target_fields.

    DATA: ls_infoobject TYPE /bic/tinfoobject, “text table
    TYPE TABLE OF tinfoobject.

    * get texts from text table
    CLEAR lt_infoobject[].
    SELECT * FROM /bic/tinfoobject
    INTO TABLE lt_infoobject.

    LOOP AT it_source INTO ls_source.
    CLEAR ls_infoobject.
    READ TABLE lt_infoobject INTO ls_infoobject
    WITH KEY /bic/infoobject = ls_source-/bic/infoobject.

    * add text information to target structure
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
    CLEAR ls_target.
    MOVE-CORRESPONDING ls_source TO ls_target.
    -apd_target_field = ls_infoobject-/bic/infoobject.
    APPEND ls_target TO et_target.



    Hope this helps,

    best regards