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Triggering of maintenance notification automatically

arun thomas
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Hi friends,


I have a scenario which needs triggering a maintenance notification automatically. I have 3 measuring points for a equipment. I take measurement readings for these 3 measuring points using 3 measurement docs( say the measurement readings  be x, y and z).I need to trigger a notification when (x+y-z)/z >2%. This is very much similar to condition based maintenance where maint. notifications are triggered when the upper or lower limits of the measuring point are reached . But here the problem is

I have 3 measuring points for the equipment and one by one I am creating the measurement docs for the measuring point. The system should calculate using the formula as soon as the last measurement doc is saved and based on the value. ie if >2% trigger a maintenance notification .(The challenge is 3 measurement docs are involved and how to link these 3 measurement docs and calculate value using the above formula).

The client will be taking readings every day twice for the 3 measuring points based on which he will decide if the machine needs to be recalibrated. Hope the scenario is clear.


Thnaks and best regds