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When releasing PO error  occured Express Document " Update Terminated"

sachin sharma
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hi all

     i am getting a strange problem ,


while doing release of PO(purchase order) by t.code ME29N, i am able to release  and SAVE it properly with out any error.

But when returning back to ME22N t.code to see that PO .


i am getting this error :


Note : - this error is coming for a particular TYPE of PO's and with

            in that TYPE all PO are not giving ERROR,

            Please tell me what can be reason,



Express Document "Update Terminated"


Runtime Error          POSTING_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT                           

       Occurred on     15.07.2008 at   11:03:24                                                                               

Statement "CALL DIALOG" is not allowed in this form.                                                                               

What happened?                                                                               

Error in ABAP application program.                                                                               

The current ABAP program "SAPLSTXW " had to be terminated because one of the

statements could not be executed.                                                                               

This is probably due to an error in the ABAP program.                      






Information on where terminated                                                                               

The termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLSTXW " in "DISPLAY_OTF".

The main program was "RSM13000 ".                                                                               

The termination occurred in line 82 of the source code of the (Include)  

program "LSTXWU02 "                                                     

of the source code of program "LSTXWU02 " (when calling the editor 820). 

The program "SAPLSTXW " was started in the update system.                                                                               


000720     if ( sy-binpt = false and                                             

000730        ( ( cl_gui_object=>www_active = true or                            

000740            itcpp-tdscreen = 'ITS' ) or                                    

000750          ( cl_gui_object=>javabean = true and                             

000760            itcpp-tdscabap = false ) ) ).                                  


000780       perform cc_display_pdf.                                             


000800     else.                                                                 


>       call dialog 'DISPLAY_OTF'                "ABAP-List-Preview         

000830              exporting otf itcpp 0                                        

000840            importing itcpp.                                               


000860     endif.                                                                




shall i concern this with BASIS person , coz every PO not having this problem,

i think it is related to time taken by SERVER for UPDATE is more then this error comes .

OR is there any technical issue related to ABAP.