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Table Name : OINM

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Dear all,


   I don't know the table OINM in SAP B1.

   Which table is OINM in frontend.


Thanks in advance,

Mohamed Asan

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    David Nussböck
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    the OINM table is the Whse Journal table.


    go to the Item Master Data - choose one Item.

    and "right-click" with the mouse

    Choose "Stock Posting List"


    EDIT: there's a bug with the context menue

    better choose "Goto in the Toolbar" and then "Stock Posting List"


    thats it


    lg David


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    George Christodoulou
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    The  OINM table it is like the journal entries not of the GL accounts but for the items registered in the OITM table and have created a transaction within the system.

    I believe that In the front end isn't shown anywhere, however is a very important table


    For more check the SDK help

    Kind Regards


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      Alejandro Mor#
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      hi all,


      OINM is a table that stored all stock moving (for example: sales invoices,sales delivery note, purchase invoice,  goods receipt, good issue,etc..)


      a Field OINM.TransType indicate a transaction type.


      In other words: OINM have all movements of the items and de oirigin of that!!


      for more information about this table you should use SAP SDK Help


      I hope help, and sorry for my poor english


      Kinds regards