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OBYC - General Modification PSL in the KDM/KDV/PRY/PRV  transaction key

Alexandre Juliano de Andrade
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Dear SAP Frineds, How Are You  ???


See if can you help me, please ...


We applied Support Package up to #29 and a some notes from #30 was applied for Material Ledger (see below). After that, during the ML closing, errors happened in some key transactions (KDM, KDV, PRY and PRV), within the Automatic Posting Determination - OBYC transaction.

The error occurred in General Modification PSL. It never happened before, and to continue the tests, we sent notes 732561/1077957 and error was resolved !!!


We know that the PNL revaluate Next Level differences and PPL revaluate Lower Level differences. The PSL revaluate the Single Level differences, and as explanined above, we never needed it.


Our questions are:


Please, provide an explanation of why the PSL entries are really

needed, especially since the PNL and PPL entries already exist? Is it possible to use the existing account determination instead ???


Anybody knows how desactivated this reavaluation PSL ???  How make SAP use only blank, PNL and PPL general modification only ???



We will planning to apply Support Package up to #29 in our production environment, we would like a feedback as soon as possible to continue this process.


Can you help me, please



Thanks in advance and Best Regards,



Alexandre Andrade

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