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Table's for Survey in SAP CRM2007

Rajesh Banka
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We require to create a report in BW for CRM Survey, based on Survey Questionnaire.


Please guide which are tables related to CRM Survey in CRM 2007, which could help us to create the required report. We actually require to pull in only some question & its response in the form of Text, RadioButtons & Check Box into report with other Standard fields.



Rajesh Banka

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    Cheney Cai
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    Hi, Rajesh Banka:


       I check the table of the survey in CRM, the survey content was stored as  xml string in the table ,i think you could not get the useful information from the table , you should parse the xml string .


      My method , when save the survey , i enhanced the pai FUNCTION, save the value i want to get in Z table (customer table ) .

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    Manish Mittal
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    Hi Rajesh,


    Please find the process to get the survey details :


    Take the guid of your activity document and put into the table CRMD_SURVEY


    Pick value guid guid from this table and pass it to the class CL_CRM_SVY_SURVEY_TEXTS

    you can use the different methods of this class to get the required texts.



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      Uday Kumar
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      Use the FM's


      By passing GUID and get the et_survey_ui


      Pass the et_survey_ui-applicationid and et_survey_ui-surveyid and get the survey_texts and survey_version.


      Pass et_survey_ui-surveyid et_survey_ui-surveyversion and get the lt_crm_svy_db_s.


      For reading the XML data of the survey.

      To get Answer text use the FM 'CRM_SVY_GET_SURVEY_TEXTS.


      By using above function modules you can get the survey details.