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List of WM T Codes

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Can anyone post the list of WM Tcodes?

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    OmSakthi Shakthi
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    1.LB01     -  Create Transfer Requirement

    2.LB02     -  Change transfer requirement

    3.LB03     -  Display Transfer Requirement

    4.LB10     -  TRs for Storage Type

    5.LB11     -  TRs for Material

    6.LB12     -  TRs and Posting Change for MLEat.Doc.

    7.LB13     -  TRs for Requirement

    8.LD10     -  Clear decentralized inventory difference

    9.LD11     -  Clear differences for decentral.sys.

    10.LI01     -  Create System Inventory Record

    11.LI02     -  Change System Inventory Record

    12.LI03     -  Display System Inventory Record

    13.LI04     -  Print System Inventory Record

    14.LI05     -  Inventory History for Storage Bin

    15.LI06     -  Block Storage types for annual invent.

    16.LI11     -  Enter Inventory Count

    17.LI12     -  Change inventory count

    18.LI13     -  Display Inventory Count

    19.LI14     -  Start Inventory Recount

    20.LI20     -  Clear Inventory Differences WM

    21.LI21     -  Clear Inventory Differences in MM-IM

    22.LL01     -  Warehouse Activity Monitor

    23.LLVS     -  WM Menu

    24.LN01     -  Number Ranges for Transfer Requirement

    25.LN02     -  Number Ranges for Transfer Orders

    26.LN03     -  Number Ranges for Quants

    27.LN04     -  Number Ranges for Posting Changes

    28.LN05     -  Number Ranges for Inventory

    29.LN06     -  Number Ranges for Reference Number

    30.LN08     -  Number Range Maintenance: LVS_LENUM

    31.LP10     -  Direct picking for PO

    32.LP11     -  WM staging of crate parts WM运

    33.LP12     -  Staging release order parts (WM-PP)

    34.LP21     -  WM replenishment for fixed bins WM

    35.LP22     -  Replenishment Planning for Fixed Bins

    36.LQ01     -  Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt

    37.LQ02     -  Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt

    38.LS01     -  Create Warehouse Master Record

    39.LS02     -  Change Warehouse Master Record

    40.LS03     -  Display Warehouse Master Record

    41.LS04     -  Display Empty Storage Bins

    42.LS05     -  Generate Storage Bins

    43.LS06     -  Block Storage Bins

    44.LS07     -  Block Quants

    45.LS08     -  Block Storage Bins per Aisle

    46.LS09     -  Display Material Data for Storage Type

    47.LS11     -  Change storage bins (multiple proc.)

    48.LS12     -  Block Storage type

    49.LS22     -  Change Quants

    50.LS23     -  Display Quants

    51.LS24     -  Display Quants for Material

    52.LS25     -  Display Quants per Storage Bin

    53.LS26     -  Stock of Material

    54.LS27     -  Display Quants for storage unit

    55.LS28     -  Display storage units / bin

    56.LS32     -  Change storage unit

    57.LS33     -  Display storage unit

    58.LS41     -  List of control cycles for WIP loc

    59.LT01     -  Create Transfer Order

    60.LT02     -  Create TO for Inventory Difference

    61.LT03     -  Create TO from Delivery Note

    62.LT04     -  Create TO from TR

    63.LT05     -  Process Posting Change Notice

    64.LT06     -  Create TO for Material Document

    65.LT07     -  Create TO for mixed storage unit

    66.LT08     -  Manual addition to storage unit

    67.LT09     -  ID point function for storage units

    68.LT0A     -  Pre-plan storage units

    69.LT0B     -  Stock Placement of Shipping Units

    70.LT0C     -  Stock Removal of Shipping Units

    71.LT0D     -  Stock Transfer of Shipping Units

    72.LT0E     -  Create Removal TO for 2-Step Picking

    73.LT10     -  Create Transfer Order from List

    74.LT11     -  Confirm Transfer Order Item

    75.LT12     -  Confirm Transfer Order

    76.LT13     -  Confirm TO for storage unit

    77.LT14     -  Confirm preplanned TO item

    78.LT15     -  Canceling transfer order

    79.LT16     -  Canceling TO for storage unit

    80.LT17     -  Single Entry of Actual Data

    81.LT1A     -  Change Transfer Order

    82.LT21     -  Display Transfer Order

    83.LT22     -  Display Transfer Order / Storage Type

    84.LT23     -  Display Transfer Orders by Numbers

    85.LT24     -  Display Transfer Order / Material

    86.LT25     -  Display Transfer Order / Reference

    87.LT26     -  Transfer orders for storage bin

    88.LT27     -  Transfer order for storage unit

    89.LT28     -  Display Transfer Order / Reference

    90.LT31     -  Print TO Manually

    91.LT32     -  Print transfer order for storageunit

    92.LT41     -  Prepare TRs for Multiple Processing

    93.LT42     -  Create TOs by Multiple Processing

    94.LT43     -  Forming groups for deliveries

    95.LT44     -  Release for Multiple Processing

    96.LT45     -  Evaluation of reference numbers

    97.LT51     -  Maintain Missing Stock

    98.LT63     -  Control: Single Entry of Actual Data

    99.LT64     -  Single Entry of Actual Data

    100.LT72     -  Determine 2-step relevance

    101.LT73     -  Display 2-step

    102.LU01     -  Create Posting Change Notice

    103.LU02     -  Change Posting Change Notice

    104.LU03     -  Display Posting Change Notice

    105.LU04     -  Selection of Posting Change Notices

    106.LX01     -  List of Empty Storage Bins

    107.LX02     -  Inventory List

    108.LX03     -  Bin Status Report

    109.LX04     -  Capacity Used

    110.LX05     -  Block Bins in Bl.Storage w .Time Limt

    111.LX06     -  Inventory List for Fire Department

    112.LX07     -  Check storage

    113.LX08     -  Accident Regulations List

    114.LX09     -  Overview of All Transfer Requirements

    115.LX10     -  Activities per Storage Type

    116.LX11     -  Overview of Documents

    117.LX12     -  Document Overview: Landscape Format

    118.LX13     -  Analysis of Differences

    119.LX14     -  Analysis of Material Transfers

    120.LX15     -  Selection of Bins for Annual Inventory

    121.LX16     -  Selection of Bins for Continuous Inventory

    122.LX17     -  List of Inventory Differences

    123.LX18     -  Statistics of Inventory Differences

    124.LX19     -  Inventory Data Takeover by Batch Inp.

    125.LX20     -  Generate interim storage bins

    126.LX21     -  Pick List for Several Transfer Order

    127.LX22     -  Process Inventory from Overview

    128.LX23     -  Stock comparison IM - WM

    129.LX24     -  Display of Hazardous Material numbers

    130.LX25     -  Inventory Status

    131.LX26     -  Inventory in WM via cycle counting

    132.LX27     -  Stock levels by shelf life expiry date

    133.LX28     -  Relevant TO item for ext.system

    134.LX29     -  Fixed bin supervision

    135.LX30     -  Overview of WM messages ext.system

    136.LX31     -  Analysis of print control tables

    137.LX32     -  Archived transfer orders

    138.LX33     -  Archived transfer requirements

    139.LX34     -  Archived posting change notices

    140.LX35     -  Archived system inventory records

    141.LX36     -  Archived inventory histories

    142.LX37     -  Linked objects

    143.LX38     -  Check Report Customizing Strategy K

    144.LX39     -  Evaluation Reference No. for 2-S.Pck

    145.LX40     -  Material Situation Prod. Storage Bin

    146.LX41     -  Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface

    147.LX42     -  Evaluation PP Order from WM View

    148.LX43     -  Consistency Check for Control Cycles MCL9     

                       WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selection

    149.MCLD - WM: Material flow - Selection 

    150.MCLH - WM: Movement types - selection  -

    151.OL01      -  Display / change LDK34 (bins)

    152.OL02     -  Display / change RLPLA (bins)

    153.OL03     -  Display / change LDK33 (stock)

    154.OL04     -  Display / change RLBES (stock)

    155.OL05     -  Display / change LDK30 (mat.whse)

    156.OL06     -  Display / change LDK31 (mat.type)

    157.OL07     -  Data transfer stor.bins LDK34->RLPLA

    158.OL08     -  Data transfer stor.bins RLPLA->B.I.

    159.OL09     -  Data transfer stor.bins LDK34->LAGP

    160.OL10     -  Test storage bin data transfer

    161.OL11     -  Data transfer stock LDK33->RLBES

    162.OL12     -  Data transfer stock RLBES-> B.I.

    163.OL13     -  Data transfer stock LDK33->LQUA

    164.OL14     -  Test stock data transfer

    165.OL15     -  Data transfer material whse no.view

    166.OL16     -  Test mat.master data transfer (MLGN)

    167.OL17     -  Data transfer material storage type

    168.OL18     -  Test mat.master data transfer (MLGT)

    169.OLVS     C SD     Menu for Master Data

    170.VM01     -  Create Hazardous Material

    171.VM02     -  Change Hazardous Material

    172.VM03     -  Display Hazardous Material



    Decentralized Warehouse Management


    1.DZ00 -      Introduction to Decentralized Systems

    2.LD01 -      Repost Communication Document

    3.LD02 -      Reposting multiple comm.records

    4.LD03 -     Display Communication Document

    5.LD04 -     Evaluation of Communication Doc

    6.LD05 -     Check LDK01 Records (internal call)

    7.LD06 -     Check LDK02 Records

    8.LD07 -     Check LDK03 Records

    9.LD08 -     Check LDK04 Records (internal call)

    10.LD09 -     Check LDK05 records

    11.LN07 -     Number Ranges for WM Communic.Rec.




    1.LS10 -     Generate Storage Bins

    2.OLML -     IMG structure Warehouse Management

    3.OMK0 -     Link to PP interface

    4.OMK1 -     Batch search method for Whse Mgmt

    5.OMK2 -      Customer exits for strategies

    6.OMK7 -     Batch WM..... (will be deleted)

    7.OMKW -     Stock removal strategy "SLEDu201D

    8.OMKX -     Automatic Transfer Orders

    9.OMKY -     Link to External System via ALE

    10.OMKZ -     Automatic Transfer Orders

    11.OML0 -     MM: User Profile for Whse Mgmt MM:

    12.OML1 -     Overview of Critical Whse Monitor Obj

    13.OML2 -     Var. Report RLLL01SE: TOs

    14.OML3 -     Var. Report RLLL02SE: TR Items

    15.OML4 -     Var. Report RLLL03SE: Post.Chge Doc.

    16.OML5 -     Var. Report RLLL04SE: Deliveries

    17.OML6 -     Var. Report RLLL05SE: Negative Stock

    18.OML7 -     Var. Report RLLL06SE: Interim Stock

    19.OML8 -     Var. Report RLLL07SE: Stock Product.

    20.OMLA -     Putaway Near Picking Bin 邻

    21.OMLB -     MObj.01: Critical TOs:

    22.OMLC -      MObj.02: Critical TRs

    23.OMLD -     MObj.03: Critical Post. Chge Notices:

    24.OMLE -      M.Obj.04: Critical Deliveries

    25.OMLF -      M.Obj.05: Negative Stocks

    26.OMLG -     M.Obj.06: Stocks Interim Stor.Bins

    27.OMLH -     M.Obj.07: Critical Stocks in Prod.

    28.OMLI -     Report Variant: Single Entry ActData

    29.OMLJ -     Movement Types for Whse Management

    30.OMLK -     Default Values for Inventory

    31.OMLL -             WM Movement Type: Clear Invent.Diff.

    32.OMLM -     Definition Empty Bin Index

    33.OMLN -     Warehouse Control Link

    34.OMLO -     Sectioning of Storage Bins

    35.OMLP -     Plan Jobs for Whse Activity Monitor

    36.OMLQ -     Stock Removal Strategy FIFO

    37.OMLR -     WM Interface to Inventory Management

    38.OMLS -     Stock Removal Strategy LIFO

    39.OMLT -             Stock Removal Strat. Partial Qty

    40.OMLU -     Stock Placement Strategy Empty Bin

    41.OMLV -     Print Control for Whse Management

    42.OMLW -     Number Ranges for Whse Management

    43.OMLX -       Confirmation

    44.OMLY -     Storage Type Search

    45.OMLZ -             Storage Section Search

    46.OMM0 -     MM: User Profile for Whse Management MM:

    47.OMM1 -     Storage Bin Type Search

    48.OMM2 -     Haz.Material Stock Placement

    49.OMM3 -     Stock Placement Strat.for Pallets

    50.OMM4 -     Stock Placement Strat. Bulk Storage

    51.OMM5 -     Storage Type Definition

    52.OMM6 -     Storage Type Definition

    53.OMM7 -     Storage Type Maintenance

    54.OMM8 -     Stock Removal Strat. Stringent FIFO

    55.OMM9 -     Stock Removal Strat. Large/Small

    56.OMMA -     Print Assignment per Storage Type

    57.OMMB -     Inventory No.Ranges for Whse Mgmt

    58.OMMC -     Printer Assignment per WM Mov.Type

    59.OMMD -     Confirmation Ctrl per Storage Type

    60.OMME -     Confirmation Ctrl per Movement Type

    61.OMMF -     Number Ranges per Warehouse

    62.OMMG -     Number Ranges for Inventory

    63.OMMH -     Type Search per Movement

    64.OMMI -             Section Check per Storage Type

    65.OMMJ -     Storage Unit Check per Storage Type

    66.OMMK -     Stock Placement Strategies

    67.OMML -     Hazardous Materials Storage Type

    68.OMMM -     Storage Type Maintenance

    69.OMMN -     Stringent FIFO Storage Type

    70.OMMO -     Consistency Check for MM-WM Tables

    71.OMMP -     Decentralized Warehouse Management

    72.OMMQ -     Pre-Allocated Stock

    73.OMMR -     Reference Numbers

    74.OMMS -     Reference Number Documents

    75.OMMT -     Reference Number Documents 2

    76.OMMU -     Link to Decentralized Unit

    77.OMMV -     Accumulation Decentralized

    78.OMMW-       Error Recovery Decentralized

    79.OMMX -     Printer Search

    80.OMMY -     Print Code

    81.OMMZ -     Spool Parameters for WM Print Ctrl

    82.OMN0 -     Control of Transaction Codes (MM-WM)

    83.OMN1 -     Print Reference Number

    84.OMN2 -     Stor.Type Control, Block Storage

    85.OMN3 -     Storage Classes Allowed

    86.OMN4 -     Storage Section Search

    87.OMN5 -     Storage Units Allowed

    88.OMN6 -     Storage Bin Type Search

    89.OMN7 -     Storage Type Search

    90.OMN8 -     Difference Indicators

    91.OMN9 -     Block Sectioning

    92.OMNA -     Assignment for Bin Sectioning

    93.OMNB -     Assignment PF Status

    94.OMNC -     Control of Subsequent Screen

    95.OMND -     Field Selection for Whse Mgmt

    96.OMNE -     Control of Transactions in MM-WM

    97.OMNF -     Requirement Types for Whse Mgmt

    98.OMNG -     Queues Warehouse Management System

    99.OMNH -     APPC Interface per Warehouse Number

    100.OMNI -     Print Program per Warehouse Number

    101.OMNJ -     Link to Warehouse Control Unit

    102.OMNK -     Inventory Control per Storage Type

    103.OMNL -     Warehouse Number Maint./Inventory

    104.OMNM -      Define Mail Recipient

    105.OMNN -      Conversion Exit SU Number

    106.OMNO -     Define Mail Recipient

    107.OMNP -     Authorizations in MM-WM

    108.OMNQ -     Special Movement Indicators

    109.OMNR -     TO Print Control with SU Management

    110.OMNS -     Print Code for TOs with SU Mgmt

    111.OMNT -     Printer Pool for SU Management

    112.OMNU -     Print Control with SU Management

    113.OMNV -     Number Range Intervals for Whse Mgmt

    114.OMNW -    System Parameters for Dec.Whse Mgmt WM

    115.OMNX -     Block Storage Indicators

    116.OMNY -     Access Strategy for Stor.Type Search

    117.OMNZ -     Parameters for Activity in WM

    118.WAP1 -     Appointments worklist

    119.WAP2 -     Maintain goods receipt appointment

    120.WAP3 -     Display goods receipt appointment

    121.WAP4 -     Appointment, arrival

    122.WAP5 -     Appointment, departure

    123.WAP6 -     Maintain individual appointment

    124.WAP7 -     App., planned/actual comparison

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    Kunal Ingale
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    Not sure, if these tcodes are important.....

    but you can try these......


    LCO1 Set Up Warehouse Co/Material Docs.

    LCO2 Set Up Warehouse Co/Transport Orders

    LL01 Warehouse Activity Monitor

    LS01 Create Warehouse Master Record

    LS01N Create Warehouse Master Record

    LS02 Change Warehouse Master Record

    LS02N Change Warehouse Master Record

    LS03 Display Warehouse Master Record

    LS03N Display Warehouse Master Record

    LS26 Warehouse stocks per material

    MB52 List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand

    OLML IMG structure Warehouse Management

    OMLN Warehouse Control Link

    OMMF Number Ranges per Warehouse

    OMMP Decentralized Warehouse Management

    OMNG Queues Warehouse Management System

    OMNH APPC Interface per Warehouse Number

    OMNI Print Program per Warehouse Number

    OMNJ Link to Warehouse Control Unit

    OMNL Warehouse Number Maint./Inventory

    EC09 Org.Object Copier: Warehouse Number

    FMFG_WAREHOUSE Warehouse Report Transaction

    J1A5 MM Warehouse stock report (Arg.)

    LI20 Clear Inventory Differences WM

    LLVS WM Menu

    LN07 Number Ranges for WM Communic.Rec.

    LP11 WM staging of crate parts

    LP11W WM Staging for Crate Parts (IAC)

    LP12 Staging release order parts (WM-PP)

    LP21 WM replenishment for fixed bins

    LP24 WM Replenishment for Random Whse

    LPIN Info: Material Stock WM-PP

    LPK1 Create Control Cycle for WM

    LPK2 Change Control Cycle for WM

    LPK3 Display Control Cycle for WM

    LS51 Create Batch Search Strategy - WM

    LS52 Change Batch Search Strategie - WM

    LS53 Display Batch Search Strategy - WM

    LX23 Stock comparison IM - WM

    LX26 Inventory in WM via cycle counting

    LX30 Overview of WM messages ext.system

    LX41 Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface

    LX42 Evaluation PP Order from WM View

    LX46 Transmission WM perform. data to HR

    MCL1 WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. Selection

    MCL5 WMS: Flow of Quantities Selection

    MCL9 WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selection

    MCLD WM: Material Flow - Selection

    MCLH WM: Movement Types - Selection

    OMCR Inventory Sampling: St.Mgmt Lvl: WM

    OMK3 Conditions: field catalog (WM)

    OMK4 CondTable: Create (Batches, WM)

    OMK5 CondTable: Change (Batches, WM)

    MCL1 WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. Selection

    MCL5 WMS: Flow of Quantities Selection

    MCL9 WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selection

    MCLD WM: Material Flow - Selection

    MCLH WM: Movement Types - Selection

    OMCR Inventory Sampling: St.Mgmt Lvl: WM

    OMK3 Conditions: field catalog (WM)

    OMK4 CondTable: Create (Batches, WM)

    OMK5 CondTable: Change (Batches, WM)

    OMK6 CondTable: Display (Batches, WM)

    OMK7 Batch WM..... (will be deleted)

    OMKR Search Types: Optimize Access WM

    OMKT Strategy Types: Batch Determin.WM

    OMKU Access: Maintain Batch Determin.WM

    OMKV Batch Determination: Proced.for WM

    OMLL WM Movement Type: Clear Invent.Diff.

    OMLR WM Interface to Inventory Management

    OMMC Printer Assignment per WM Mov.Type

    OMMO Consistency Check for MM-WM Tables

    OMMZ Spool Parameters for WM Print Ctrl

    OMN0 Control of Transaction Codes (MM-WM)

    OMNE Control of Transactions in MM-WM

    OMNZ Parameters for Activity in WM



    reward if helpful




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    Jürgen L
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    dont you have them in the SAP menu?

    with the first two button in the application toolbar above the Easy Acess menu you can switch between user menu and SAP menu.

    Click SAP menu.

    Then make sure that the menu displays the transaction codes.

    Choose from top menu EXTRAS > Settings

    and tick the box for Display technical names.


    Now open Logistics > Logistics execution > warehouse management .... and you will find all WM transactions