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RE: Valuation Grouping Code

Ashok Raj
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What neccessary to create Valuation Grouping Code in Automatic Account Determination?

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    Priyanka Paltanwale
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    The main necessity is to activate the valuation grouping code....its done from SPRO setting...

    Then only you can maintain these values..






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    rahul tyagi
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    to understand this u need to understand how the systme hits the g/l account automatically then only u will  be able to understand the concept

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    Pankaj Singh
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    Valuation grouping code: - Indicates a grouping of valuation areas to facilitate the administration of the table of standard accounts by minimizing the number of entries.


    For e.g. There are 3 plants 1000, 2000 and 3000. If you assign single valuation grouping code "0001" (OR any as per your requirement) to all these plants in OMWD. Then in OBYC, for this valuation grouping code "0001", do the necessary Account Determination, it will get applied to all the 3 plants.

    If you want different A/c determination for the plants then assign different valuation grouping codes to the plants and do account determination for all the valuation grouping codes in OBYC.


    In short, valuation grouping code reduces the effort of Account determination

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    Ashok Kumar Telugu
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    Hi Ashok,


    I think there is No Functionality to create Valuation Grouping code. You can give your own grouping code.


    Main purpose of Valuation grouping code is to reduce the number of enteries of G/L a/cs and to group the similar/same accounts under one umbrella.


    Make sure that Valuation grouping code is active , u can chk the same via SPRO>MM-> Valuation and Account Assignment>Account Determination->A/c Determination w/o wizard--->Define Valuation control.


    Then u can group together valuation area under one Valuation group code, if they have the same G/L A/cs for their postings.


    For Eg. Check in OBYC Click on GBB Acct Key there Debit & Credit GL account will be same.