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Intercompany assets transfer using work list

Cecilia Gatto
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I am doing intercompany asset transfer using work list (AR01, AR31).

Creating one new asset per each asset in the receiver company code, using gros method.


My question is: Is there any report to view the new assets created in the receiver company code and the document posting numbers as well?


In the work list I can only check he assets retired in the origin company code, but not the new created.


Thank you!

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    Jagdish V
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    You can check your newly created assets in s_alr_87012048 filling in appropriate parameters. Also, you can view the documents for the newly created assets in AB03.




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    Michael Esslinger
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    Hi Cecilia,


    Unfortunately, there is no such report which displays to you only those assets created during a mass transfer via worklist.


    For a single asset you can check the retirement posting on the sending asset, and you will see to which receiving asset that posting was done.


    Another option is to look for the asset document headers in table ANEK (transaction SE16 / SE16N).

    By using the appropriate selection parameters, you will be able to find all those documents posted to a receiving asset during a mass transfer.


    You have to specify:

    BUKRS (company code)

    GJAHR (Fiscal year)

    USNAM (user name)

    TCODE (transaction code)


    USNAM contains the name of the user who performed the worklist, or "WF-BATCH" if you use workflow for processing of worklists. The TCODE will be AR31 in you case.


    Another criteria can be field VORGN = "UMZU" (this way you will only select postings resulting from an aquiring transfer). Or SGTXT, which will contain the text you entered when creating the worklist in capital letters.

    (You can also fill in additional information like posting dates, if you want to)


    By choosing the correct criteria, SE16 will display exactely those documents posted for the created assets during mass transfer. As the document header always contains the asset information, this is exactely the information your looking for.


    Best regards, Michael