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Invalid report file path Error (Crystal Reports 2008)

Samitha Dharmarathna
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We are doing some reports in Crystal reports 2008 using the designer tool. We have a web application (C#) which loads one of those report files. In development machines and also on one of our internal test servers (windows 2003 32bit) it works fine. But on our deployment server(windows 2003 32bit) report Viewer shows a message "Invalid report file path." Looking at the exception we can see that it throws "Load report failed" error.


we have checked the version numbers on the webconfig and they all seem right.

Reading the threads posted on this matter, we did a windows application to load the same report and it seems to be working fine on the deployment server as well as on other PCs.


We had Crystal Reports 2005 runtime (which comes with VS 2005) installed on the deployment server prior to installing 2008.


Web application uses forms authentication. Logon information to the database required by the report is passed from the code.


Any help in getting this sorted is really appreciated.




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    Ted Ueda
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    Hello Sam,


    First thing I'd try would be [Filemon|http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896642.aspx] to see if it's looking for the right place for the rpt file.




    Ted Ueda

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      Ludek Uher
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      Three possible reasons that may lead to this issue come to mind immediately:


      1) The report is not where the code expects it to be. E.G.; trust the error for what it says

      2) The app does not have the neccessary permissions to read the report from the folder it is in

      3) Crystal Reports needs to use temp files to process the report. The temp folder does not have read / write permissions


      As Ted mentioned, filemon will be a good utility to use. Once you have run it, look for Access denied messages. A quick list of steps on how to run filemon:



      1) Load Filemon

      2) Press Ctrl + L. This will bring up the filter window.

      3) In the 'include' text box, put the name of the aspnet worker process, without the full path. ie: aspnet_wp.exe (ok)

      4) Click <OK>

      5) Press Ctrl + X to clear the display.

      6) run your application, get it to the point where it errors.

      7) Save the filemon log. File -> Save as

      8) Look for files where the 'result' column is not successful (E.G.; access denied in this case)