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Insert watermark into background of Crystal Report

Neetu Dhami
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Hi all,


How to insert watermark into background of Crystal Report.






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    Tim Forster
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    How can you design a report so a pre-printed form or a watermark underlies the data on the report?






    Use the 'Underlay following section' formatting option to achieve this.



    1. Create an additional Page Header section:



    · Right-click the gray area to the left of the Page Header section


    - Select 'Insert section below'



    This inserts a second Page Header, so you now have a Page Header - a and a Page Header - b.



    2. Re-size the Page Header - a section so it is the height of the page.



    3. Insert the bitmap image (a .BMP file) of the pre-printed form or logo for the watermark into the Page Header -a section.



    4. Go to Format | Section to open the Section Expert window, and select the Page Header - a section.



    5. Select the 'Underlay following section' option.



    6. Close the Section Expert.



    The bitmap image in Page Header - a now appears beneath all the sections that come after it, up to the Page Footer.



    The Page Headers and Page Footers cannot exceed the vertical size of the report.



    NOTE: =====



    Ensure that you suppress the Page Footer of the report because the Page Header cannot underlay the Page Footer.






    More Information





    If you have lines or boxes that disappear under the bitmap, see article number c2009716 for a solution at our support site:


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    Falk Liebezeit
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    to use watermark, divide your section, put the image in the first one and the datafields in 2nd, open section expert and select "underlay following section"


    Best regards

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    Brian Gosselin
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    I have also been trying to insert a watermark to a report with lines to no avail. I am still using Crystal 8.5, and so templates appear to not be an option for me. Actually, I'm not sure because our Admin still hasn't installed the help files so I can't use the help.


    Anyway, I have come up with a workaround:


    - Create a text field

    - Make the width as wide as the line needs to be.

    - Make the height as small as possible.

    - Then, apply a bottom (or top, left, or right) border to suit.


    Of course, this is not a good solution if you have a ton of lines/boxes on the report, but ok if you have one or two. And there may be some formatting limitations but it's better than nothing...

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    Pankit Sheth
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    Dear Neetu Dhami,


    I tried to find this article (c2009716 ), but not able to find it.


    can you provide me the link


    Best regards