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Annual Physical inventory at WM

shalini tripathi
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Hi All,


Please confirm,if my understanding is right.


Once we have entered the count(LI11N) and than run LX17  to see variance, we find for example the  reason for variance of a stocks in bins as to  why the stock is showing more e.g. as not PGied to less as not received or some other reason than what do we do next:


We match the count by changing the figure in LI12N  or make the diff less based on analysis and than CLEAR at WM and IM once Inventory over.


Once PI over and bins unblocked than carry out the movement in bins with difference analyzed to match the count as was changed in Li12n by PGI ing the excess quantity or receiving the less qty in bins than ground .


So in nutshell once we have analyzed the reason for diff, we match the ground and book qty in count so that we do not have NO DIFF and we do not to clear diff thru 711/712 and than later carry out the process to issue to receipt qty as this will add / remove the stocks if we do it after 711/712.


As per my understanding if we clear thru 712, stock may be added to bin and it may be that there are open stocks in 902 or any other reason thus after PI , once  we analyze we may end putting  more stock. same for 711, were the issues are pending and if we remove clear thru 711, than once PI is over we will again issue form that bin and stock will go further down.


So what is the step,:


See variance in LX17 , analyse and see if it can be matched from book and ground.If yes match the count in LI12N so that no clearing difference.


Once PI over , make necessary movement in SAP to actually match the book qty with physical count.







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    Frenchy .
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    Shalini Hi

    This sounds very complicated to me.

    The way I believe it should be done is prior to the count ensure that all TR,s, TO's posting changes etc are processed and that all of your interin storage types are cleared (901, 902 etc etc) and then initiate the count. Then when counts and recounts are complete and you are happy that what you have counted is correct then clear difference in WM and then in IM and the job is done.

    Could I also suggest that annual inventory is pretty out of date in these days. What about continuous inventory in WM which means that you can decide waht to count and when and there are reports to show how much of the warehouse you have counted and you can ensure that you count every bin at least once a year.

    The counts are based on counting bins not materials and also if you really want to do an annual count this method can still be used because when you create the count docs you just include all bins in the warehouse.

    If you let me have your e-mail address I will send you a training document I have used in the past. That is if you want to!

    Of course there is some configuration to do which takes about 30 minutes

    I hope that this helps

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      shalini tripathi
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      Hi Frenchy,


      I am taking a statement of your reply only:


      "Then when counts and recounts are complete and you are happy that what you have counted is correct then clear difference in WM and then in IM and the job is done"


      I know we need to have the open TO, TR and interim bins clear before count. Once we start count LI11N and see a major diifference and know the reason for difference, than how to correct it while doing PI.


      If we clear the difference by LI20 and LI21, than stock will be automatically added or decreased by 711/712.


      My question is if we know the reason for difference ,how do we correct it? Only way is 711/712 movement or we balance the count in LI12N for ground count and book count so that THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT OF CLEARING DIFF and later do required transaction to build up the correct stock.


      I beleive Forum does not allow to send personal email address. I tried by it does not allow.Can the document be attached on this.





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    Frenchy .
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    I will try to break it down for you.

    Ist.  the count is against bins so wnem the count has been completed you must clear your differences in WM with LI20 to unblock the bins and allow you to continue operating.


    2nd. If yo have increased the stock in the bin you will have a negative in 999 and if you have 'lost' some stock there will be a positive in 999.


    There will be a time lapse between clearing in WM and IM I accept that so if you subsequently find your stock then simply create a manual TO using LT01 and ensure that your source st type is 999 and then the stock will move back to the bin and when you clear the differences in IM this stock will no longer be there so it will not be written off.

    The other option is to clear your differences and if you subsequently find some stock then simply create a new count for that bin only and add the stock you have found and bring it back.

    There are some things to consider when deciding how long you wait before clearing differences in IM

    Most importantly is that the inventory is WRONG and IM does not know and all sales, production etc is done in IM so it needs to be correct as soon as possible. Also for MRP purposes which is run at sloc level in IM you will not order stock you need and you may order stock you do not if the inventory is wrong. The beauty of WM Continuous inventory is you can count as many or as few bins as you want when you want as often as you want.

    I hope that this helps you.


    NB I have cut and pasted the doc below but the screen prints are missing.

    I have seen people leave their e-mail details below but hopefully this will help

    Continuous Inventory Process




    We need to be able to count the stock within the warehouse for different reasons,


    1.     To be able to check that the stocks are maintaining an accurate level

    2.     To satisfy any outside audit requirements.


    The main method to do this within the WMS system is u2018Continuous Inventoryu2019

    This process counts the bins as opposed to specific materials; this means that as you complete a count of the entire warehouse you will automatically count all materials.

    It also means that if there is any areas that are causing concern in terms of stock accuracy then you can revisit them as many times as required to investigate the issues.

    Because this process is real time counts can be carried out at any time.

    The following process explains how to carry out a continuous stock take.


    Create the count document.


    Prior to counting you need to ensure that there are no outstanding actions against the bins that you wish to count such as:-

    u2022     Outstanding TOu2019s the system will ignore any bins that have outstanding TOu2019 against them.

    u2022     Outstanding Posting change notices, if you are in the middle of status changes to materials these need to be completed.



    The Transaction for this is LX16



    On the initial screen you enter the following details.

    Warehouse u2013 GA0

    St Type - In this case 001 which is the racking that contains large and medium parts.

    St Bins u2013 In these fields which are from and to you can count as few or as many bins as you want.

    In this case I have selected 4 bins in the racking area.

    The date will default in automatically

    In the box that says u2018Only bins not yet countedu2019 remove the tick by clicking in the box. This is because SAP WM expects you to count every bin in the warehouse before you recount a bin that as already been counted. Removing this tick will allow you to count the same bin over and over again if required.




    This screen shows the 4 bins that you specified on the previous screen and automatically selects them all because as you specified them it assumes that you want to count them. If you do not want to count them you can remove any or all of the ticks by clicking on to them.

    It also tells you how many u2018Quantsu2019 are in the bins, in this case just one in each but if you had two materials in the same bin this would show 2.

    You now have to decide if you want to carry out the count now or later.

    To carry out a count the count must be u2018activatedu2019 but you can just save this and you will be given a document number which can be activated later. This allows you to plan ahead for the counts you want to do and this will not have any effect on the stock.

    If you want to carry out the count then you select the u2018activateu2019 icon 

    This will create the count document and you will see the doc number at the foot of the screen.


    The activation of the count does a number of things.




    Firstly it places an X in the IA column; this means u2018Inventory Activeu2019 which is that there is an outstanding count that has not been completed.

    It also u2018Blocksu2019 the bins that are being counted so that no movements can take place in or out of those bins until the count is completed.


    Print the count document.


    Transaction LI04

    This transaction is where you print off the count document.



    Ensure that the inventory record is the correct doc number and select u2018print immediatelyu2019 and press enter.



    This is what the count doc looks like. This can then be handed to the operator that will carry out the count and they go to the specified bins and enter the count in to the space allowed.

    Once this is done the count needs to be entered in to the system.


    Entering the count.


    Transaction LI11N




    Ensure that you have the correct doc number and press enter.



    The counted quantity can now be added in the field specified.

    If the bin is empty then you enter 0 and tick the Z field to confirm that this is zero.

    In this example I have entered one zero and two of the others are a loss and a gain.

    Once you have entered the results press enter.



    This is the line that was zero and the system is telling you that as far as it is concerned there should be something in the bin if you are happy that zero is what you wanted to enter then press enter to continue.

    The system then moves on to the next count it does not agree with.



    This is telling you that the system thinks that this count represents a loss compared to the book value which is the qty that SAP thinks it has. For the material that is over you will get a similar message but with a plus instead of a minus. Press enter each time to progress through the messages and then save.

    The count is mow added.

    You now have the option to carry out a recount.


    Recount Transaction LI14



    Ensure that you have the correct count doc number that you wish to recount and press enter.


    SAP assumes that you wish to recount all lines that where not a match to SAP and so defaults in the tick. You can accept this or de allocate the ticks for lines you do not wish to recount. Once you have decided click on u2018start recountu2019

    This will become count 2 > recount version 01.

    To enter the count results the transaction is the same LI11N.



    Ensure that you have the correct count number and make sure that you type in the recount version number and press enter and enter the counts as before. If the counts are the same as last time you will get the same warning again and press enter to go through them and save the count at the end.


    We now need to clear the differences to put the stock right.

    We have to do this in two transactions one for WM and one for IM.

    Firstly WM




    This is the stock situation for the 4 bins before we start to clear the differences.

    WM Transaction LI20



    Ensure that you have the correct count number and press enter




    SAP will assume that you only want to clear the counts that are 100% correct so you need to select all of the lines.

    Click on clear.




    This will do three things.

    1.     It will make the bins that you counted correct to what count you entered

    2.     It will remove the u2018Xu2019 out of the IA field which will unblock the bins and allow you to now locate or pick stock from these bins and

    3.     It will move the differences in to Interim st type 999 with the st bin being the count doc number.


    These are shown below.




    The bin 01-01-01 has now disappeared; this is because we said there was zero stock in there.

    Because in WM you are counting bins what you are actually saying when you count is that this is the qty in these bins. What you are not saying at this stage is that the stock is lost, just that they are not in these particular bins.

    What WM does with this information is to say OK if there is less in the bin that I thought I will accept what you say and I will move the u2018differenceu2019 in to 999 and make the bin correct, however if there is more in the bin than I thought I will accept what you say but I need to find the extra stock from somewhere and so I will take it from the difference bin in 999 and as there is not any stock in the difference bin then I will create a minus as above.

    In real terms the qty of stock as not changed as the changes in the bins are balanced by the differences in 999 and therefore we now have to clear the differences in IM which will clear 999.


    Clear differences in IM Transaction LI21



    St Type 999 is the ONLY st type from where you can clear differences.

    Ensure that you have the warehouse number and st type 999 and execute.



    In this transaction SAP assumes that you want to clear everything out of 999 and so defaults a tick in to all lines. The storage bin is the count doc number and therefore if you only want to clear count number 2 then you need to deselect the ticks from the other lines. Click on clear 


    This transaction will clear the differences out of 999 and adjust the stock in IM and produce accounting documents for the gains and losses



    The box above shows the number of the accounting document that has been created and at the bottom of the screen you will see a message as below.



    If there are error you go back to transaction LI20 and se which ones did not clear and investigate why.

    In Transaction MB51 in IM you will see the following entries



    All stock take movement types begin with 7 and no other movement types begin with 7.

    711 is a stock loss and therefore shows as a GI which is a Goods Issue and 712 is a gain and therefore is a GR which is Goods Receipt.

    The document number is the one that you created when clearing the differences.


    This completes the process.

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      shalini tripathi
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      Hi Frenchy,


      Thanks a lot for your explanation. This means if we have a block stock (S) in x bin on ground and in SAP it shows on Y bin (AFTER ANALYSIS) . Than in that suituation, first we clear the WM stk through LI20 from X bin and than create TO manully thru LT01 and move that stock from 999 to Y bin. Later do LI21 for x bin to clear IM block stock.



      Hope so my understanding is righ.


      can u send the document on








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    Frenchy .
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    The blocks are probably there because of the counts, Clear the counts in WM LI20 and the blocks will dissappear.

    I will send the docs via e-mail


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    Frenchy .
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    You said that you could not move stock to specific bins because they where blocked. We need to establish why they are blocked. If you have outstanding counts active in WM the the bins to be counted willl be blocked until you have cleared the counts

    Take one material and using transaction LS24 display the stocks of this material

    In the two blue lines above the stock there are a lot of headings

    the three we want to lok at are PB, RB, and IA

    If the 'X' against your bin under IA this means there is an Inventory Active which is a count. If the 'X' is under PB there is a placement block and under RB a removal block.

    The IA is removed by clearing the differences in WM and the PB and RB can be removed with either LS06 or LS07 depending if it is the material or bin that is blocked.

    Once these blocks are removed you can move stock in and out from or to 999. If the blocks are not from the count then when you have sorted out your stock quantities with 999 yoi should put the blocks back on again

    I hope that this helps

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      shalini tripathi
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      Hi Frenchy,


      I am carrying out the Annual Inventory. In Annual Inventory,*There is a Block set at STORAGE TYPE level by LI06 for PA and RB. There is no block at bin level by LS06. or material  level by Ls07*

      I tried working the way u had metioned and went to LS24 with a material and saw the IA with "x" against a batch.There was no block at RB or PA level. Removed the IA "X" same by clearing the difference by LI20. The stock for that respective batch moved from 999 to  bin .


      Now when I try to move the stock from bin back to 999 again it gives message that the bin is blocked for stock removal.


      As explained earlier there was NO BLOCK set at bin level and the same did not reflect at Ls24.Further once I went to LS06 for that bin, there was no block to remove.


      So I believe we need to remove the block at storage type level after clearing the material at bin level (seeing ls24), but than my question is buisness will approve to remove block at storage type level when the inventory is going for the WH with that storage type to correct the difference analysed.






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    Frenchy .
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    I now understand your problem exactly. I think you have answered your own question, you will need to remove the st type block but only the removal block as you are taking stock out and not putting it in. You can wait until thye business is quiet and then remove the block, make your transfer from bin to 999 and then put the block back on.