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LC in Sales Order & BOL (Bill of lading)

anjali sap
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Dear All,


I would like to know about of LC. LC no we need to maintain on billi of lading output document. As per users requirements LC no  is the different for every order. So we need to maintain LC no as text or can we maintain in VX11N. If we can maintain VX11n how to maintain. Please explain detailly. and how it will trigger.

In our bill of lading output, we need to maintain Vessal name and ship to part bank name. But here shipt to party bank names always different to orders. There is no consisten bank name. Depends on the order shipt paty bank name will be change so we cant maintain in ship to party customer details right. But this baname should be come on Bill of lading output (print documesnt) so could u pls suggest me to where we can able to maintain for everyorder. As well as vessal name also same like this. Alwasy vessal name is shoube different for every oder. Could you please suggest me to maintain this both details. Then only i can able to prapare program spec for Bill of lading output.


Thanks in advance,


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    Akash Apte
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    Hi Anjali,


    for the first part LC, nyou can maintain it in VX11n , it includes all the details such as amount bank name , validity etc . it is comprehensive document as such therfore it is better than to sue text .


    once u have created a LC document , it should be entered in the sales order Billing tab FI documents .by doing so

    the value of the LC will be updated and hecne you will be able to track the invocies done against it


    for the second part of Bank name and Vessel number, you can define 2 texts ID and the user can give the details in the tetx IDs for the same.


    if the bank name is the same everytime , you can create a partner funstion with bank name and enter in invocie


    i hope this answers both ur queries




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      prakash hadimani
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      Letter of credit is created for the customer with all the relevant data like the bank details and the amount allowed.


      You can enter the LC number in the Sales document --> Header ---> Billing under FI documents.

      This will enable the amount to be updated with the LC.


      As far as the ship-to details and the LC nubmer to be picked in the BOL... Use the partner function and the LC details fields mainted in the sales document when develop the program for the BOL output.



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    jude xavier
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    There are plenty of textx you can maintain at each and every place in SAP. Use them whenever there is a unique requirement and do the text determination.


    Becasue whenever you have changes occuring in each and every transaction for the same customer or reference field its dificult to use std procedure.


    As to the LCs they are in SD-FT. You can maintain LCs and financial docs in FT under documentary credits but remember FT is SAP is not suported fully.


    We are having a similar problem for a client for DEPB/Adv licence and so we are going for developemnt of our own programs.