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Sending IDOC error. Status 30

Christian Riekenberg
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I fill and send an IDOC with ABAP. But in we02 status 30 is given:


IDoc: 0000000000000160 Status: IDoc ready for dispatch (ALE service)

Receiver exists , No filters , No conversion , No version change


In partner profile it is define to trigger the IDOC immediately.


SM58 shows following error:

The current application triggered a termination with a short dump.


In ST22 follwing short dump is given:

Unable to read RFC destination WORKFLOW_LOCAL_001


This destination is non of mine and it isn't used directly in my ports.

Is this a standard port?


What else can I debug this problem?




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    Amit Gujargoud
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    just refer:

    Error when trying to activate ODS





    you can find sap notes - if you're expiriencing problems with idoc import (SAP Notes 677732 (authorizations), 672745 (missing function modules), 212011 (access to IDoc metadata), and 718320)


    also "Authorizations Required to Import from Systems Based On SAP Web Application Server"


    take a look at this page

    and read if carefully it may help you with your problem:)



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    hi the status is 30 means that the port of the otherside is to be assigned to this port  through the rfc destination , there might be a problem in the configuration of the receiver system

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    Uwe Schieferstein
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    Hello Christian


    A few months ago I had the same problem (inbound IDoc should automatically trigger an outbound Idoc under certain conditions) and the solution provided by a workflow expert was to check the settings using transaction SWU3.


    Probably the setting Workflow RFC destination configured completely is not yet correct. If I remember correctly I used function Automatic Customizing to generate the missing RFC destination for the local workflows.


     Workflow RFC destination configured completely
         The workflow runtime system always carries out its tRFC (transactional
         RFC) calls on the logical destination WORKFLOW_LOCAL_xxx. (xxx stands
         for the three-digit number of the client.)
         The workflow runtime system only operates within one client; by
         assigning a name to the logical destination, the system-wide uniqueness
         of the logical destination is ensured.
         Standard Settings
         There is no logical destination for the tRFC calls of the workflow
         system as standard.
         Carry out the Customizing activity.
         The logical RFC destination "WORKFLOW_LOCAL_xxx" is created
         automatically. If this logical destination did not yet exist, a user is
         requested (including password). Specify the background user WF-BATCH,
         which must have been created in the current client.
         Create a user with the name WF-BATCH.
         Create this user with the user type System.
         Assign this user the authorization profiles "SAP_ALL" and "SAP_NEW".
         Maintain the user address for this user.
         Further Notes
         You need to maintain a logical destination in each client of your
         Configuring the RFC destination is part of the settings made in
         Execute "Auto-Customizing" completely so that additional important
         settings are made. You can find "Auto-Customizing" in the implementation
         guide by choosing SAP Business Workflow -> Maintain Standard Settings
         for SAP Business Workflow.
         If the RFC destination "WORKFLOW_LOCAL" still exists from earlier
         maintenance levels (up to and including 3.0D), it is copied during
         "Auto-Customizing" and the user already specified retained.