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How To Create Ibase And Component

nidhi gupta
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Hello Experts,

                      Can You tell me how to create ibase and component .


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    Raguraman Chandrasekar
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    1. Create a solution.

    2. Include Systems to solution.

    3. Go to menu Edit --> Initial Data Transfer for IBase.

    4. This will check if IBase exists, if it doesn't it creates IBase.


    This will solve your problem.


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    Dear Nidhi,


    Initially Create and Assign the Component Systems as iBase Components





    You have defined your system landscape in the Solution Manager System Landscapes(transaction SMSY).





    1. In transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER,  open a solution.


    2. Choose Edit -> Initial Data Transfer for iBase.


    The data is copied automatically. The iBase systems for the solution are automatically assigned to SOL_MAN_DATA_REP (installation "1"). An iBase component is created for each system installation number (which can be displayed by choosing System  ->  Status).

    For each solution repeat these steps.


    Manually Create and Assign the Component Systems as iBase Coomponents




    1. In transaction Change Installed Base (IB52), choose iBase No. 1 (SOL_MAN_DATA_REP).

    2. Create under the IBase Header (SOL_MAN_DATA_REP) an IBase component, for example the SAP component system (SAP WEB AS) or use an existing one.

    3. To assign the systems as iBase components, go to the Text item tab.

    Three components are included in the standard package.

    4. Add all the satellite systems as text items to the table:

    Column Short text: Description of the system

    Column Identification: System ID, space, installation number, client

    5. Save.

    After changes have been made to a solution, repeat these steps to update system landscape data for iBase.




    Every system is only listed once in the iBases. That means a system is not listed in an iBase if it has been listed in another iBase before.


    IMG Path for this is

    SAP Solution Manager->Iniitial Configuration->Service Desk & Issue Tracking.....




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    Anand Rangarajan
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    Hey Nidhi,

    Ibase and Ibase component can be automatically created using transaction DSWP......

    I assume that you have made necessary settings in SMSY.. ie Defining Systems, RFC conncetions, Servers and so on.....

    Also i assume that you have one solution created in DSWP tcode....If not done.... then do it right now....


    Now execute Dswp and select the solution if prompted...Then on the subsequent screen, on the menu bar.. click on edit and then say " Initial Data Transfer for Ibase".....This creates the ibase and components for the satellite systems connected to solman automatically and only if these satellite system are also maintained in SMSY with the required RFC connections...However it can also be created manually...


    Follow SPRO path follow, SAP solution Manager-> configuration->Basic Settings->Standard configuration->Solution Manager->System Landscape...


    And follow this path:

    SAP solution Manager-> configuration->Basic Settings->Standard configuration->Solution Manager->Ibase..


    Just read the the related documentation the above path...


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