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What is period indicators (Split indicators) in Wage types ???

rajneesh mittal
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Hi SAP HR Experts .


May u plz tell me What is Split indicators in Wage types , which we can remove by opeartion


Where we maintain the  period indicators (split indicators) for wage types ?

What is purpose to remove thees  period indicators (split indicators) for wage types in Rule ?


Kind Regards : rajneesh

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    Pallavi Salunke Saini
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    This is something for what is wage type split , more inforamtion you can get in SAP Library - Payroll Austrilia

    Following are just basics, hope this will help you.



    Wage Type Split




    Links from a wage type in table RT (results table) to other tables of the payroll result.




    The wage types and some relevant information are stored in table RT. They can be linked with additional information in other tables using wage type splits. These links are created using a two-character split indicator.


    The wage type split defines changes to infotypes for the exact day and indicates these periods in the payroll results using the split indicator.


    The Work Center-/Basic Pay Split (WPBP-Split) provides a link to table WPBP:




    The system uses the following wage type splits:


    Wage Type Split



    Work Center-/ Basic Pay Split (WPBP-Split)

    an employee's work center and/or basic pay change within a payroll period


    Cost Accounting Split (C1 Split)

    an employee's assignment to a cost center changes within a payroll period


    Split for Different Payments (ALP Split)

    an employee carries out substitution during a payroll period and is remunerated differently than normal.


    Absence Split (AB-Split)

    an employee is absent once or several times (for example, leave or illness) during a payroll period.


    Bank Transfer Split (BT Split)

    A transfer exists for a wage type. Information on this transfer is found in table BT


    Variable Split (VO Split)

    there is special information available for an employee for a payroll period, for example, information on a garnishment, a loan, or a company car


    Country-specific splits

    there is country-specific information available for an employee for tax, social insurance and so on.


    Payroll (PY)

    A division of the payroll period due to changes to entries in the following infotypes:


    Actions (0000)

    Organizational Assignment (0001)

    Planned Working Time (0007)

    Basic Pay

    Cost Distribution (0027)

    A WPBP split enables a calculation of remuneration that is accurate to the day.




    If an employee receives a pay increase within a payroll period, the Basic Pay infotype (0008) is changed and delimited as of a specific date. Two data records exist for one payroll period.


    During payroll, the system writes the Basic Pay wage type to the results table with two different indicators. These split indicators are a link to the WPBP table that contains the relevant values. The system takes into consideration both data records for the corresponding partial periods when calculating remuneration.