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Lumira 1.17 Running Sum Idea Place Idea Implemented Plus New Ideas

I was notified that my Running Sum idea on Idea Place was implemented.  But I couldn't see how to do it and thankfully Joanna Denford  helped:




Above I am doing this using Lumira Cloud, showing unique visits to those using the tutorials at (or Official Product Tutorials – SAP BO BI Suite ).  You can also do running sum using Lumira Desktop.  Below is the result of the running sum:


This lets you see the running total throughout.


I have two more ideas on Idea Place (please logon and vote if you agree):


Adding tutorials to Lumira Idea

Add Tutorial Link to Lumira Front Page or make it part of the Help Menu : View Idea


Having easy access to the tutorials is something Crystal Reports, Mobile BI, and the other BI tools have. 


(FYI here is the Lumira 1.17 Tutorial List on YouTube): SAP Lumira 1.17 Tutorials - YouTube


Related Visualizations Idea

Adding on to Related Visualizations : View Idea

One of the new features in 1.17 is related visualizations; I am suggesting if you have a geographic dimension to also suggest map visualizaitions.


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